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  1. Brilliant 😂 if you're not joking then well done on staying out of prison so far... 🙂
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing water taps around the city like they have in Amsterdam, along with some sort of recyclable cups for them perhaps?
  3. https://mysteriousfacts.com/taos-hum-new-mexico/ This might be an interesting read, doubt they're related though!
  4. Tough test but if there's a time to play Chelsea in recent times, it's now. Make no mistake though, they've got some serious quality. A bit of a free hit this one to be honest!
  5. I like the idea of companies using this method to advertise actually. Makes sense especially if appealing to more bohemian markets in a city. It's also similar to standard boards in that they could be painted over, they're just slightly more expensive in terms of having to pay an artist as well as advertising space.
  6. Tagging is an interesting subject actually, especially considering street art is something the city seems to be pretty known for. I think it can actually add value in terms of visitors by embracing it (within reason of course!)
  7. As much as it makes logical sense it's an elaborate way to book time off work i'd imagine!
  8. I wouldn't say it's sad to look at retailers from outside the UK particularly, I don't think it matters to be honest. In terms of British retail I'm not so sure all the big brands are going out of business so much as adapting and moving business online more.
  9. I enjoyed Barnsley when I was there a few weeks ago, it was a lot more modern and aesthetically pleasing than I remember it previously being. It seems a bit up and coming I think. I also like Sheffield centre though generally, so not generally a case of trying to compare them for me.
  10. Yeah after a quick glance I'm surprised at that, I thought she'd have at least had a weekend slot. Hopefully it's out of choice, she prefers slotting in or has other work on etc.
  11. You mean Becky Measures? I think she's doing a good job, lots of enthusiasm and engaging.
  12. Yeah hopefully they won't sign a big name for the sake of it, look at substance rather than crowd pleasing. It's the results that really please the crowd anyway.
  13. Just heard on the news that the netball World Cup is starting, with the team managed by Tracy Neville (Phil's sister for anyone who doesn't know). Think it could be a great opportunity to build on the exposure given to women's sport and women's football in particular. I know the netball Super League is televised currently so maybe a chance to increase viewing figures, spectators at games and particular (and also build on the Commonwealth Games gold Britain won recently).
  14. I was inclined to agree with this but I'd argue you could say the same for Manchester, and they seem to have nailed it to be fair.
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