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  1. Yeah that's fair, to be honest I'm speaking as someone who wasn't around then so it's good to get clarification on things i think, sometimes history can be exaggerated that's all, my point wasn't so much that it never happened. What i meant by that was for instance if you're someone who walks into the middle of a group of away supporters and starts causing trouble, you may see more violence than someone who makes the effort to go to quieter pubs etc. - also you may see more trouble at a game between two teams with a fierce rivalry than one where the supporters are quite friendly towards each other.
  2. To be fair i think things like that tend to be quite subjective depending on where you go, who you go against etc. - that's definitely not to say it didn't occur but was it as widespread as is portrayed generally?
  3. Never too early for Christmas decorations! Haven't got any up myself but why not eh?
  4. With respect, would a supermarket like Lidl cause a bottleneck? The ones I've seen tend to be quite small and low maintenance on the traffic side of things from how i understand it.
  5. I think when things like this happen it's better to look at the systems around them rather than just pointing the finger, good point. Thoughts and prayers with everyone involved.
  6. Really interesting concept, I think a lot of perception of British WW1 veterans seem to be that they were white working class people (and have to admit it was the same in my mind also) - great work Tony!
  7. Maybe get the unemployed generally on board with this yeah, but let's not start going down the road of using stuff like this as conditions for people to have their benefits paid on time - there's enough people who have had benefit sanctions apparently without adding to reasons to delay payment.
  8. Is the Travelmaster more expensive Andy? I think that's what i was getting at, albeit worded it a little ranty
  9. Been a while since i was in Sheffield but are any of the bus services you mentioned ran by different operators at different times of the day? There was one in Wigan that ran with one operator until around 9pm, then switched to a different one, making the earlier tickets invalid. Not sure if that's the case in Sheffield now but i'm not really sure that type of thing puts the bus user first.
  10. Hi all, I'm currently doing some research into the care field and I was hoping that anyone who either cares for a relative, knows someone who has or even just people in general could answer a couple of questions? Obviously no need to go into any greater detail than necessary, the aim of this exercise is not to pry, but to gain insight into why people care for their relatives as opposed to giving the responsibility to care workers. 1) How did you become in a position where you were caring for your relative? 2) Would you trust a care worker to care for your relative? If not, why? 3) If you are currently a carer or have been a carer for a relative, why did you do take on this responsibility as opposed to having a care worker? Thanks in advance - any insight is really appreciated. Also feel free to ask any reasons, detail etc. around the research.
  11. On the original topic, i saw an article last night about food bank use increasing recently, so there does seem to be need out there. Not sure if anyone has experienced this but could it be anything to do with the introduction of universal credit, benefits being stopped etc? I'm not suggesting it is, just asking the question hoping someone with a bit more knowledge might be able to answer it.
  12. Wouldn't say i'm particularly paranoid about stuff like this but i wouldn't mind knowing what it was you cooked
  13. I'm not sure we should be so cynical about him, if it is mental health issues then let's be fair they can be up and down, so if he feels he should resign one minute and the next he feels fine to continue, I'd call that a manifestation of the condition. As for maximum financial gain, can't blame him for not wanting to be out of work - what's the alternative, to be on benefits? And if someone has firsthand experience of how reliable they are I'd appreciate it, but there has been quite a bit of noise regarding payments getting stopped for people etc.
  14. Yeah to be fair it could be a fair point but I'd say taking into account the big picture, 12th in the league, lost less than half the games as a newly promoted side, so far so good in terms of staying up. Only lost by a goal in each of those games so not getting battered either. As you say though, onwards and upwards if they keep this start up.
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