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  1. I'm not a big fan of Devo but Mongoloid just does something for me. Echo Beach would be in one of my other top tens.
  2. They're both in my record cupboard and still playable.
  3. I helped my mother clear her loft and we found a copy of the Jailhouse Rock e p and Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel on a 78 disc.
  4. Ten of my favourite songs: A Song For Europe - Roxy Music See Me, Hear Me - The Who The Golden Void - Hawkwind Mongoloid - Devo A Love So Beautiful - Roy Orbison White Punks On Dope - The Tubes For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her - Simon and Garfunkel Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd Fire On High - E.L.O Pyjamarama - Roxy Music
  5. One thing that came as a bit of a shock to a football mad youngster like me was that the school only played rugby union and cricket.
  6. There's A Ghost In My House- R Dean Taylor
  7. I passed mine in 1970. We were living near Middlesbrough at the time and I went to Eston grammar school. There were a few of us from the same class in the juniors who passed the exam. I spent a year there before moving to Sheffield through my dad's job.
  8. The missus and me visited Enver's recently and the food was very good.
  9. Bubble and squeak again! We had family round last night for a lamb roast and there's some left over.
  10. Happy new year Mel. We spent Xmas in your neck of the woods and very pleasant it was too.
  11. To cut down on my working hours and to increase my fishing hours.
  12. I've had bubble and squeak again today with a couple of cold slices of pork and turkey with thick gravy. That's the xmas leftovers out of the way apart from a piece of pudding which is for later.
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