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  1. Howbrook used to hold some decent bream but they've not been seen for a good couple of years.
  2. Have you found out who now runs Howbrook? I did hear that the controlling club were facing a big rent increase and were considering giving it up. It did suffer badly from cormorant predation but it must have been re-stocked because I drove past a while ago and there was tape criss crossing the water. I have fished it a few times but not for a couple of years.
  3. I did the Star Walk twice in the 80s. The second time, as well as a certificate, we were given a small badge to commemorate the 50th race.
  4. I would lay a small patio for the table and chairs to sit on then lay the turf up the edge of it.
  5. It did open when allowed to do so but at that time you had to book a peg by phone. I don't know if it's still the same but the website will offer more info. Just google Loxley Fishery.
  6. Is this the Terry Smedley with brothers Les, Dave and Pat? If so, I worked with Les for a. while until his retirement a few years ago and he said then that none of the family had seen or heard from Terry for a long while.
  7. Probably Newbiggin and Westwood, both day ticket waters.
  8. I watched the EFL highlights last night and the programme host was saying that the new owners basically hadn't paid their dues. With it being a consortium, no one really knows who the new owners are.
  9. I watched this programme for the first time last night and couldn't believe how bad it was.
  10. I saw Roxy Music quite a few times but I did fall out with them when they made dross like ' Dance Away' and 'Avalon'. Thankfully in 2001, which was basically their farewell tour, the majority of songs were from the early days.
  11. I don't have a favourite celebrity but i've always wanted to ask Bryan Ferry why Paul Thompson, the drummer, wasn't included on the promotional posters for Roxy Music's 2001 world tour even though he'd been in the band since the beginning.
  12. My wife has always kept me at arm's length. Now it's two metres.
  13. My parcel was being delivered by Hermes to a local shop for me to collect. Two days after the due date I contacted the seller who informed me Hermes were having a few problems. Ten days later it's obvious my parcel isn't coming so i've arranged for a refund. This isn't the first time i've had issues with Hermes.
  14. I'm afraid you'll have to wait while next April to join. Membership is closed for this season.
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