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  1. I used to fish Crookes Valley Park regularly and I remember in the90' s one of the volunteers who tended the flower beds caught Weils disease. He was ill for a long time but thankfully made a full recovery.
  2. Dam Flask is known more for it's bream and pike fishing though there are also some big chub. I've never seen or heard of any carp being caught from there. Underbank reservoir at Stocksbridge holds a few carp but they are very elusive. I believe they were stocked by the association that used to run the water.
  3. When I was made redundant in the late 90's I did a couple of months working for Sunblest bakery delivering bread to factories making pre packed sandwiches. The money was rubbish and the hours strange but I always came home with a bag full of various freshly made sandwiches which my wife and kids would take as pack up.
  4. I used to tell my kids the worst job I had was shaving peaches to make them into nectarines.
  5. I'm afraid you're too late for this season as permits were issued during April when the pond is shut for maintenance. A notice was put up on the gate giving information on how to obtain a permit.
  6. Yes, Terry did a lot of field trips for Anglers World.
  7. Tintagel isn't far from Port Isaac either. The new bridge is open now, it was under construction the last time we went.
  8. I've been informed that Terry Smith, former co-owner of Terry and John's tackle shop ( later to become Gunnies ) on Parson Cross sadly passed away earlier this week. As well as being a fine angler, Terry was also a brilliant rod builder and repairer. I still have, and use, a spliced tip float rod he built for me in the 80's. r.I.p
  9. Thanks everyone. I'll look at the Kelham Island car park before I go next week.
  10. I've been called up for jury service at Sheffield Crown Court starting next week. I had planned to use public transport to get there but the court has informed me that they will pay up to seven pounds a day for car parking. I'm not very familiar with the West Bar area so can anyone tell me if there is a long stay car park nearby?
  11. It was a very good programme highlighting Jack's battle with dementia although it dwelled a bit too much on his time as Ireland manager. The programme showed that although Jack didn't suffer fools gladly he had a compassionate side, in particular with Paul McGrath and his problems with alcohol.
  12. Frank Worthington scored some brilliant goals including one for Bolton when he had his back to goal, played keepy uppy then flicked the ball over his and the defender's head before volleying into the bottom corner of the net. R.I.p Frank and thanks for the memories.
  13. I've been fishing all through this lockdown, albeit locally. I'm a member of two fisheries close to home plus the upper Don is only five minutes away.
  14. My son and me have tickets for the original date and are looking forward to whenever it takes place. We last saw them supporting Alice Cooper in 2019 and they were very good.
  15. Only two yorkshire puddings left for me to have with my dinner when I came home from fishing.
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