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  1. charliewag

    Horseshoe fisheries

    Is Horseshoe still open? It's been quite a while since I fished it but I heard the owner wanted to retire and was going to put the fishery up for sale.
  2. charliewag

    Bulls Eye

    I watched a bit of bully last night when I came in from work. Two Sheffield lads made the final winning some good prizes and a decent amount of cash. They didn't go for the star prize which was a skiing holiday. Jocky Wilson threw 340 in nine darts raising money for Sheffield Children's Hospital.
  3. charliewag

    Factory end of claywheels lane

    Before Abbey took over the site it was a company called APW that made safes and cash machines. I worked there for a while prior to it closing down in approximately 2006.
  4. charliewag

    Fave TV detective show

    I liked the Rebus series. If you've read the books by Ian Rankin, Ken Stott was made for that part.
  5. charliewag

    My epl rant

    Donachie joined Man City in the 70s. St. Petre is referring to the side that won the league in 1968 and the F.A cup the following season.
  6. charliewag

    Hospital choice for a hernia operation

    I had mine at the N.G.H nearly two years ago and it went fine. I was on the waiting list and they had a cancellation so I got in at short notice. Take a book as I got there around 7 am and had the op in the afternoon.
  7. charliewag

    RIP John Wilson

    I was told this tale by an acquaintance of John Wilson some years ago which I found quite amusing. He was part of an Anglers World Holidays team fishing for mahseer in India. The party had struggled to catch but Wilson was determined to hook a fish. One evening, as dusk fell, their guide said it was time to pack up. Wilson protested, saying it was the best time for the mahseer to feed. When the guide replied it was also the best time for the Bengal tiger to feed and a roar emanated in the distance, Wilson simply abandoned his tackle and would have given Usain Bolt a run for his money in his haste to get to the safety of their vehicle. r.I.p John. .
  8. charliewag

    Dam Flask - low water levels

    If the Flask drops any lower I might be able to retrieve some of the feeders i've lost over the years, not to mention a couple of plke lures.
  9. charliewag

    Hillsborough arcade salesmen

    Some years ago I was walking through the arcade with my then two year old son. I was stopped by a salesperson who asked me if I'd had an accident in the past three years. I pointed at my son and asked ' does he count?'.
  10. charliewag

    Mass brawl at Sheffield School

    My colleague was on his way to work and got caught up in traffic outside the school. He commented on the number of adults present and wondered the same thing.
  11. charliewag

    Garden turf MEGATHREAD

    I think a weed inhibitor fabric would prevent the grass roots from bedding into the soil. I just rotavated the area, removing any sizeable stones, weeds and other debris. I then raked it level before laying the turf.
  12. charliewag

    Garden turf MEGATHREAD

    I've turfed my back garden today. I ordered it from A1 turf supplies on Attercliffe and had it delivered yesterday. Quality turf at a reasonable price.
  13. charliewag

    The most expensive spliff in history?

    How did a thread about Elon Musk and a spliff turn into one about Newcastle United centre forwards?
  14. charliewag

    The most expensive spliff in history?

    I'm sure Micky Quinn scored a hat trick on his Newcastle home debut.
  15. charliewag

    R.I.P. Liz Fraser

    As a teenager in the 70s I had quite a crush on Liz Fraser when she starred in the Carry On and Confessions films.

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