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  1. Could help but picture Victoria Wood and Maxine Peake at the other end of the microphones.
  2. Are we all prepared to pay the price of removing drunken abusive street drinkers ... which will be the right of all of us to enjoy a quiet can in the sun on a comfortable bench or patch of grass?
  3. Green Leaves | Sheffield Markets
  4. I think that you are thinking of The Phillipines. With President Duterte's war on drugs involving encouragement of vigilante killings, bonuses and no prosecution of police killings, it has never been "legal".
  5. https://www.southyorks.police.uk/find-out/news-and-appeals/2023/december-2023/man-who-died-in-sheffield-disorder-was-good-samaritan-helping-stranger/
  6. While you all witter away, the information is all out there.
  7. Give over. Their post implied causality. I just pointed out that it is not as simple as that. Feel free to do your own homework.
  8. Does time on remand still count double when considering "time spent"?
  9. Ambulance bosses say: "At traffic lights An ambulance won’t want you to go through a red traffic light. So don’t break the law or take any risks by moving past the light. If you’re first in the queue at a red light, stay where you are, and leave the ambulance to find its way around you." Ambulance approaching? Safety tips for letting it past - aace.org.uk Personally? I try to always drive as instructed and leave a couple of yards before the white line at lights, so that I have a bit of wiggle room, if needed.
  10. If you have a good relationship with your local post office, you may be able to exchange the new, unwanted, bar-coded stamps for ones of your preferred denomination. There is also a market for unused stamps, but you would have to take a hit on that.
  11. It took fewer keystrokes to Google than you did to ask. 😜 https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/four-palestinians-including-two-children-killed-by-israeli-forces-west-bank-2023-11-29/
  12. That may be the DM rabid headline, but (as made clear inside the article) she did not say that masks don't work. She just said that it could not be proved that masking, as done during the UK pandemic, made any significant difference, overall.
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