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  1. What happens to all the nuclear waste - this is interesting read https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200731-how-to-build-a-nuclear-warning-for-10000-years-time
  2. I used the one at Tesco Abbeydale Road. As well as upload code, this one had an option to send the photo to yourself via email which is useful if you want to use it for anything else
  3. Dealing with an *abusive* customer is another kettle of fish to not saying please and thank you to your average joe. I do actually agree that they shouldn’t have to nice to an ignorant customer though. What I do object to, as a customer, is saying please and thank you and not getting the same in return. Which is rude. No excuses.
  4. Yes mine was super quick too, I renewed in the new year, there was a bit of a delay acknowledging receipt of my old passport which was probably just caught up in the Christmas backlog but after that I had my new passport in a couple of days. I think a lot of the horror stories are from people needing passports urgently. Can’t be avoided sometimes I guess but if you can renew early that’s probably wise!
  5. I agree. Please and thank you cost nothing and are basic good manners. If staff can’t be bothered with that it’s plain disrespectful and the excuses on here about ‘everyone having a bad day’ don’t wash and are just playing devils advocate. I think small talk with customers is optional - not everyone wants it - but not saying please and thank you is rude. I remember years ago at a pub (not a chain) the landlord ticking off the young lad serving us for not speaking to us at all! I don’t think that lad was having a bad day but a bad attitude! If someone can’t bring themselves to say please and thank you working with people they should find a different job that doesn’t require it. Like cleaning the bogs when the pub is shut!!
  6. Ha! A 17 year old thread resurrected last week!
  7. We got a smart meter about 8 years ago after being pestered by the energy company for ages about all the wonderful benefits of them. My OH finally agreed to shut then up. It made no difference to our energy usage or costs. But we knew that anyway. At some point last year the stupid thing stopped sending readings to the energy company. So we are now back to sending them readings. They don’t seem to be anxious to replace it. What a waste of time.
  8. I’ve certainly moved to making more payments but card than cash since lockdown but I do always keep some cash and use it for most small payments under £5. On a couple of occasions recently the card payment machine has ‘frozen’ when I’ve trying to pay but it’s not been an issue as I’ve had cash on me as an alternative.
  9. Well meaning people giving to beggars are a big part of the problem. Someone died in Sheffield recently after refusing to go to hospital because they wanted to beg to get money for drugs. That is the reality of giving money to beggars.
  10. Some things seem to be pushed aside. One is that no one knows what the long term physical consequences of Covid are. There’s some evidence for long term damage emerging. The other is new variants which will occur. They could be more or less dangerous. Vaccines will mitigate but not eliminate risk. Of course we can’t all hide away forever to avoid but pretending these things don’t exist is like an ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand.
  11. There’s going to be lots more of this.
  12. Yes mine too! I wouldn’t say go back to those days but there are some massive prams around now
  13. It’s just a bit of fun… ‘Meanwhile, Dicky Harrison, the landlord of the pub added: “The menu item was just meant as a bit of tongue in cheek. We live in a farming community with amazing women and men farming the land. “It's just a bit of fun and a nod to the amazing ladies who work the land here. I didn't think it would cause offence, but in reality, women plough too.”’
  14. They ought to but I suppose now the government don’t mandate it then their employers can’t enforce it either? That said, at my dentist they are still asking patients to wear a mask in the waiting room and all staff still wear one
  15. No not at my surgery and i know it was same at others pre-Covid. Only the option to call at 8 am with no guarantee of getting through usually only offered one appointment you could take or leave at some time mid to late morning
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