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  1. Thanks for that. I absolutely agree that pollution needs to be tackled but picking on a small business like an ice cream van is wrong - it’s just an easy target and could drive them out of business. However, the photo in the article is Endcliffe Park and I do agree that the location it is parked in next to the playground maybe isn’t ideal - I think there are there are other locations around the park that could be used.
  2. Yep, I’m sure that’s right and there’s often a bit of laziness and entitlement before people grow up properly. Bottles and cans getting flung out car windows isn’t a new thing but driving to the countryside to eat junk food seems to be 🤮🤮🤮🤮
  3. What it is people who drive to the edge of the countryside with junk food, stuff their faces with it then throw all the packaging out of the window 😡 ??? McDonalds, KFC and Red Bull are all regular offenders but seriously who drives to a remote spot with a packet of Maltesers cake bars to admire the view then left the packaging I found behind? I’m starting to think them eating this rubbish causes brain damage
  4. It isn’t as black and white as that. This article summaries the situation very well https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2021/07/why-uk-s-new-covid-19-strategy-uniquely-dangerous Its not simply a case of hiding behind the sofa, bed wetting and paranoia OR ‘getting on with life’. Lots of us ‘getting on with life’ but without sticking our fingers in ears, going la, la, la…..
  5. I absolutely do not criticise anyone for going clubbing. There’s a very strong chance it won’t end well though and that is down to the government. Personally I am also very disappointed with Greg Fell. Yes, he’ll support sensible public health measures but it appears he’s a puppet. On schools in early Jan he did a video parroting ‘schools are safe’ hours before they were ordered to close. A few months ago he attended a online event for a large employer and discussed vaccines. At the time not many people were fully vaccinated and he described vaccines as ‘icing on the cake’ in workplaces as they just added ‘extra protection’ in ‘Covid secure’ workplaces. Sorry but that is utter tripe, and now the vaccine is available to all adults that line doesn’t get parroted anymore more. Funny that. At the end of meeting he actually said ‘I think that’s what ‘x’ wanted me to say’, with ‘x’ being the person in charge of said organisation. Now Mr Fell is parroting that he supports the government opening everything up now as it’s the ‘least bad’ option. No it flipping isn’t! How about waiting until all adults have had the chance to be fully vaccinated and keeping basic measures like face coverings non- optional until then for a start. He constantly goes on about how important face coverings are - so why make it optional? I hate the flipping things but at the end of day it’s a small inconvenience.
  6. I got on a bus one day last week and already it seems like some people aren’t bothering to cover their faces. One of these people also kept sniffing and snorting loudly. I know that might mean they had hay fever or a bit of a cold or just were disgusting with bad manners but it doesn’t inspire confidence about using public transport. I’m no big fan of wearing a mask but can see no logic in leaving it up to passengers to decide whether they cover their face. Covid cases are going up a lot now and of course vaccines will help massively but they are not 100% effective and not everyone is fully vaccinated yet. 50k + cases a day will not be without consequences.
  7. I agree and think we are creating conditions which would be favourable to a vaccine resistant variant developing. Lots of unvaccinated young people in schools and a still partially vaccinated adult population. We will see. Hopefully it will all come good but if it does it’s more through luck than the judgement of this government. Relying 100% on the vaccine to get us out of this mess is a risk.
  8. Great as vaccines are I’m not sure how many of the public know that having the first vaccine has only 33% efficacy for the Delta variant. With the AZ vaccine its also concerning that even two weeks after the second vaccine it has only 60% efficacy. The government are pushing for second vaccines to brought forward. And indeed my gp has brought my second vaccine appointment forward, proudly announcing that ALL their appointments have been brought forward. My appointment has been brought forward by ONE day 🙄 https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n1346
  9. That is spot on! More damage is done in the longer term through lost trust when this happens. Treating adults like children is not the way to do things! I think it’s quite possible the full reopening scheduled for 21 June may have to delayed due to variants and increasing cases (definitely not a certainty but not completely unlikely either) But recent spin says otherwise.
  10. Anyone spouting rubbish like that belongs in the same category as those claiming ‘Covid is a hoax’. Both bonkers, just at different ends of spectrum.
  11. I’ve been sick of hearing about all the hugging nonsense in the media personally. Especially ‘hugging with caution and restraint’ 😂 The person you are talking about though is presumably Prof Cath Noakes. I’ve heard her talking about the importance of ventilation of buildings during the pandemic and below is some info on her research interests from a quick search. Noakes specialises in airborne infections and the transport of airborne pathogens. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Noakes served on the Government of the United Kingdom Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). Research interests: Ventilation, CFD, Indoor Air, Airborne Infection
  12. The target is for all adults to be vaccinated is 31 July 2021. It is now 17 May 2021. Those few weeks between those dates are critically important particularly with the risks from Indian variant. Why rush things, now of all times, when we are in the brink of getting over this and potentially setting us back again? I don’t think people would stand for another lockdown if this goes wrong again. And rightly so. I think some people haven’t quite understood that we are in a very different position to last year as we now have vaccines and we are getting close to the point of preventing exponential growth. But we are not there QUITE YET! It not about being locked down indefinitely!! There will be minority who do not take up the opportunity for a vaccine but they are too few to stop the vaccine programme working effectively once it has been fully rolled out. The UK came close to getting Covid under control last summer but blew with it with foreign holidays, eat out to help out etc. The fallout from that caused so much more damage to the economy with subsequent lockdowns last autumn and winter that anything I’ve suggested. I wouldn’t even be in the position of suggesting it in the first place if these mistakes hadn’t happened. We would probably be open now with minimal restrictions.
  13. As stated before, the end is sight due to vaccinations. But not enough people have been vaccinated yet to prevent exponential growth. So no, ‘a couple of weeks’ would not go on ‘forever’. It may be we would need more than a couple of weeks but it would not go indefinitely. The trouble with pressing ahead now is that there is a risk of causing a third wave at a point when the vaccination programme is incomplete. Tempting as it is to press on unlocking it increases the risk of being under restrictions for more time in the the long run. Who wants that and why take the gamble? The gamble may pay off but it’s one that shouldn’t be taken on peoples lives and health.
  14. A couple weeks or so as stated before. The important point is that the end is in sight but until we get to the point of getting enough people vaccinated to stop exponential growth it would incredibly stupid to create a third wave by opening up just a few weeks too early after all we’ve gone through so far. I think most people would prefer to ride out restrictions a bit longer than take a gamble now. As for new variants, a great way to develop more of those is to let the virus rip through unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people. Once most people are vaccinated the development of new variants reduces and booster vaccinations can be given for greater protection against variants.
  15. Lol! I think I have come authoress before but it is very quaint and old fashioned. Never heard of doctoress but I have heard older people say ‘lady doctor’. Also ‘manageress’. I have also heard older men use ‘woman driver’; often as a derogatory term. It is all very dated now. I can’t imagine anyone at work referring to the Chair of a meeting as being the Chairman even if this person was male. It’s before my time but I know people once considered the term ‘Chair’ ludicrous. Times change.
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