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  1. That is spot on! More damage is done in the longer term through lost trust when this happens. Treating adults like children is not the way to do things! I think it’s quite possible the full reopening scheduled for 21 June may have to delayed due to variants and increasing cases (definitely not a certainty but not completely unlikely either) But recent spin says otherwise.
  2. Anyone spouting rubbish like that belongs in the same category as those claiming ‘Covid is a hoax’. Both bonkers, just at different ends of spectrum.
  3. I’ve been sick of hearing about all the hugging nonsense in the media personally. Especially ‘hugging with caution and restraint’ 😂 The person you are talking about though is presumably Prof Cath Noakes. I’ve heard her talking about the importance of ventilation of buildings during the pandemic and below is some info on her research interests from a quick search. Noakes specialises in airborne infections and the transport of airborne pathogens. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Noakes served on the Government of the United Kingdom Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). Research interests: Ventilation, CFD, Indoor Air, Airborne Infection
  4. The target is for all adults to be vaccinated is 31 July 2021. It is now 17 May 2021. Those few weeks between those dates are critically important particularly with the risks from Indian variant. Why rush things, now of all times, when we are in the brink of getting over this and potentially setting us back again? I don’t think people would stand for another lockdown if this goes wrong again. And rightly so. I think some people haven’t quite understood that we are in a very different position to last year as we now have vaccines and we are getting close to the point of preventing exponential growth. But we are not there QUITE YET! It not about being locked down indefinitely!! There will be minority who do not take up the opportunity for a vaccine but they are too few to stop the vaccine programme working effectively once it has been fully rolled out. The UK came close to getting Covid under control last summer but blew with it with foreign holidays, eat out to help out etc. The fallout from that caused so much more damage to the economy with subsequent lockdowns last autumn and winter that anything I’ve suggested. I wouldn’t even be in the position of suggesting it in the first place if these mistakes hadn’t happened. We would probably be open now with minimal restrictions.
  5. As stated before, the end is sight due to vaccinations. But not enough people have been vaccinated yet to prevent exponential growth. So no, ‘a couple of weeks’ would not go on ‘forever’. It may be we would need more than a couple of weeks but it would not go indefinitely. The trouble with pressing ahead now is that there is a risk of causing a third wave at a point when the vaccination programme is incomplete. Tempting as it is to press on unlocking it increases the risk of being under restrictions for more time in the the long run. Who wants that and why take the gamble? The gamble may pay off but it’s one that shouldn’t be taken on peoples lives and health.
  6. A couple weeks or so as stated before. The important point is that the end is in sight but until we get to the point of getting enough people vaccinated to stop exponential growth it would incredibly stupid to create a third wave by opening up just a few weeks too early after all we’ve gone through so far. I think most people would prefer to ride out restrictions a bit longer than take a gamble now. As for new variants, a great way to develop more of those is to let the virus rip through unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people. Once most people are vaccinated the development of new variants reduces and booster vaccinations can be given for greater protection against variants.
  7. Lol! I think I have come authoress before but it is very quaint and old fashioned. Never heard of doctoress but I have heard older people say ‘lady doctor’. Also ‘manageress’. I have also heard older men use ‘woman driver’; often as a derogatory term. It is all very dated now. I can’t imagine anyone at work referring to the Chair of a meeting as being the Chairman even if this person was male. It’s before my time but I know people once considered the term ‘Chair’ ludicrous. Times change.
  8. The end IS in sight. When enough people have vaccinated to stop exponential growth. We are not quite there yet. We ought to pause the next stage of the road map by a couple of weeks or so to buy time to get more people vaccinated and assess the risks of the Indian variant. Clamouring to unlock quickly has made things worse before and required longer lockdowns.
  9. If some plants are growing on some loose soil that has been tipped somewhere that doesn’t make all the other irresponsible fly tipping ok. I don’t think the people trying to offload the remains of cannabis farms are generally too concerned about enriching the environment! After seeing all those bin bags full of soil dumped in the countryside I did wish they had just emptied out the soil loose but come on, they are only interested in getting rid of the stuff quickly and are not going empty out 40+ bags. Not to mention all the plastic bottles etc that were dumped with it. Just google cannabis farm fly tipping and look at the images. Mostly huge piles of filled bin bags.
  10. Regarding the fly tipping. Yes, I’m sure other plants could thrive in the dumped soil. BUT the cannabis fly tippers don’t dump loose soil from what I’ve seen. It’s all inside tied up inside black plastic bin bags. Sometimes spilling out where they have split or come open but still inside plastic bags which would take many years to degrade and contaminates the environment. I’ve twice seen 40ish of these dumped in a river. Please don’t claim this somehow benefits the flora and fauna of the river. And the plastic fertiliser bottles and plastic plant pots will harm the environment if left. I personally absolutely hate the stink of cannabis and have seen some very bad effects it has had on people. But realistically people will take it whether it’s legal or not. And at least if legal some the criminal activity would stop.
  11. But most builders don’t fly tip and the fact that a few dodgy ones do doesn’t make cannabis farm fly tipping and all the other criminal activity involved with illegal cannabis farming ok. The cannabis farm fly tipping is only one issue among many on the criminal activity involved with this. And unfortunately not even the worst. I’m sure if cannabis was legalised it wouldn’t eradicate all the problems but it would certainly help a lot. The cannabis farm fly tipping also seems to be becoming more of a problem lately and I’ve certainly seen more examples of this than builders waste being fly tipped recently.
  12. There is a big problem with fly tipping from cannabis farms. There have been several incidents recently of 40+ bags of soil, fertiliser bottles and plant pots getting dumped in the countryside outside Sheffield, damaging the environment and costing the taxpayer money for the council to remove. It will carry on while ever big £££££ is to be made growing the stuff illegally. All the old cliches about cannabis users being harmless and chilled out are on here I see. I’m sure there’s some truth in that but there’s also a lot of criminal activity and all the problems that come with that so yes legalise the stuff.
  13. Yes, I couldn’t agree more about caution with releasing restrictions. After the length of time this has gone on, why take risks opening up just a few weeks too early rather holding out a bit longer. This article explains why.. https://inews.co.uk/opinion/chile-covid-vaccine-success-holidays-uk-travel-restrictions-985916
  14. I don’t think it as simple as ‘claiming national pride’ in these individuals or feeling shamed by their actions. They lived in a different time, with different values. Why not acknowledge their achievements but at the same time acknowledge that some of their actions are abhorrent by modern standards. We should learn from history, move on and evolve.
  15. My thoughts are that simply that we learn from history and evolve. I’ve no doubt the conduct of some modern day prominent individuals that is deemed acceptable now will be deemed abhorrent in generations to come. Should we expect our descendants to feel ashamed of this?
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