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  1. The point is with regard to HOW restrictions are eased.
  2. The point is that consequences of lifting restrictions too early and too quickly are potentially horrendous and far worse than what has happened so far. Yes, of course it COULD be ‘just fine’, but no one knows if will be the case so we should consider the risks and act accordingly, not simply brush them under the carpet and say ‘it could just be fine’.
  3. Yes, we need to very careful about not easing restrictions too quickly. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/aug/13/lifting-coronavirus-restrictions-too-early-would-be-a-disaster
  4. I agree with the view in this article that lifting restrictions too quickly would be counterproductive. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/aug/13/lifting-coronavirus-restrictions-too-early-would-be-a-disaster
  5. The trouble is that if that was to happen, demand for parking would still outstrip supply. And so on if still more spaces were made available. It just isn’t possible for everyone who would like a parking spot in the most convenient place to have one but for anyone capable of walking 5-10 minutes the are parking spots in the area and as others of have said there are good bus links. Presumably anyone incapable of walking such a short distance is likely to be a blue badge holder so it’s only right places should be reserved for those that really need them. As for rat runs - if you wouldn’t like to live on rat run, don’t promote them!
  6. Yes, I wondered if it was something like that. Or possibly it was was formerly used as access to the cemetery? I have an Sheffield A-Z map from the early 1990’s and this section of road is still shown on that so perhaps it became overgrown relatively recently?
  7. On old maps Nichols Rd, Walkley extends up to Bole Hill Road but this part of the road is just a path now. If anyone has any history details of this road it would be interesting.
  8. My thoughts on this is that indoor, crowded environments are by a long way the biggest risk. Social distancing largely prevents this risk without adding other risks. A face covering can give some protection to others but can add other risks through improper use.
  9. For what seems like the trillionth time, I’m not ANTI fave coverings. I just worry about the way people seem to consider wearing one as being more important than social distancing and dismiss concerns about the risks of improper face covering use. And I particularly dislike the abuse some people with non visible disabilities have had to put up with for not wearing one.
  10. Because it very difficult for the virus to transmit at a 2m distance. What concerns me is the notion that wearing a face covering makes social distancing less important (particulary indoors and even more so in a crowded indoor environment). And touching/contaminating/unclean face masks add risks as I’ve previously said.
  11. I haven’t got time to start making references but of course one way of transmitting virus is touching the face after touching a contaminated surface. So putting a hand to the face to adjust a face covering/take a covering on or off/putting on a covering that has been in contact with a contaminated hand or surface is a risk. It is is evident reading this thread alone that some people think wearing a mask makes them safe which potentially makes them think that more important things (social distancing and/or hand cleaning) are not so crucial.
  12. Just bumping up this old thread in case anyone has any photos of this?
  13. Does anyone remember that one the reasons mask wearing was not recommended earlier in the year was that people would feel they would be ‘safe’ wearing one when in fact they only give (some limited) protection to others. Another reason is that incorrect mask use could worsen matters (think touching masks, wearing an unclean mask). Well, I do think that is exactly what has happened with many people. They have attached too much importance to masks. Personally I don’t think it will be too much of an issue during the summer but once kids are back to school, people start spending more time indoors and perhaps public transport gets busier it may well be.
  14. Confirmation basis!! The words pot, kettle and black come to mind. In the supermarket the other day, my face covering slipped a bit and I automatically put my hand (which had touched a basket and several items I’d picked up) to my face to adjust it touching my nose and close to my eye in the process. I wouldn’t have done that without the face covering. OK, that was my fault for not having a loose face covering and forgetting not to touch my face. Fair enough, I should have been more careful but in reality this kind of thing happens inadvertently all the time and is difficult to account for in a scientific study. And I’ve seen plenty of people pulling done face masks to have a chat. Like the fact they have a mask (even though it’s tucked under their) makes them responsible people protecting others from their germs. Face coverings are useful to some extent but they are far from being the most important aid to preventing Covid spreading.
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