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  1. Personally I haven’t found it too difficult getting rid of stuff via the council facilities which is why it I find it so disgusting that someone can go to the trouble of driving up a country lane and spoil the environment dumping a load of rubbish that could have been driven to the tip. But the rubbish still gets fly ripped for the reasons stated by tinfoilhat.
  2. I was disgusted this morning to see a load of rubbish fly tipped, near the boundary to the Peak District. I can’t even begin to comprehend how anyone thinks it’s ok to dump rubbish in a beautiful place like this. I would like to see it dumped inside their house, maybe that is the only way they could start to understand how ignorant this is. But, it does make me wonder if it should be easier for rubbish to properly disposed of (ideally recycled)?
  3. Just as not everyone with a disadvantaged childhood ends up on the streets, there are people without childhood trauma and poverty who end up there for other reasons. Less likely, but it happens. Point being that these people have complex and varied issues which are not going to be helped by handing out bits of ‘spare change’. I also don’t oppose the idea of giving addicts drugs, provided it is part of a structured plan of rehabilitation and support to get them out of the cycle of addiction.
  4. But the reason they are on the street begging is because misguided folk think they are helping the homeless, not giving money to drug addicts with chaotic lifestyles stuck in vicious circle of begging and addiction made all the harder to break by people giving them money. The only people benefiting are the drug Dealers.
  5. A friend had a very similar experience in another city. He offered a hot dog he had just bought to a ‘homeless’ person only for it to be refused as he ‘didn’t know where it had been’. The amount of begging in the city centre is a disgrace. Yes, it’s partly down to tories and austerity but it’s also due to misguided people giving to beggars. The only people profiting here are the drug dealers.
  6. That’s right, there’s no excuse. If anyone really has to spit (and most of they time they do not) they should at least show some consideration.
  7. Certain types think it looks hard. Unfortunately, some runners do spit in races though. Some of the culprits will claim they have to spit when they run. It’s strange though that I have never, ever seen a woman spit in a running race but nearly every time there will be a spitting male.
  8. If the benefits of exercise could be given in a pill, it would be hailed as a wonder drug (with no nasty side effects, only good ones like improved mood). From what I’ve read recently, eating saturated fat doesn’t cause high blood cholesterol and statins, although important for people with predisposed heart conditions and high cholesterol, shouldn’t be dished out to everyone with borderline high cholesterol/ over a certain age. Get active and eat a reasonably balanced diet!
  9. Too right, spitting in public is a filthy, dirty habit. The minging scrubbers should be fined for this.
  10. Hmmm, a quick google reveals that 54% of gps are female and 61% are part time. And apparently the gps most likely to be planning to reduce their hours are male gps in their 30s and 40s. And who can blame them? I would rather see a gp with a sustainable work life balance than an overworked full time gp.
  11. There should be an online booking system and patients should be charged if they don’t turn up. To get an appointment at my doctors you have to try to get through the 8 .00 am scramble, if i do get through and there are actually any appointments left, the receptionist will hurriedly offer a late morning appointment which will mean taking the whole morning off work for a 10 minute appointment.
  12. Well, if it opens up positive discussion - good. I’m not convinced that this is best way of achieving that aim but time will tell. It does feel like discussion around race will always get closed down.
  13. It might not be arthritis!!! I’ve had random joint pain in the past but it mysteriously disappeared after living a healthier lifestyle; cutting right back on alcohol and exercising regularly. Eating oily fish sometimes and taking cod liver tablets seems too help too. If it doesn’t make any difference after a month or so, then go to the doctor.
  14. Too right! No wonder there so many overweight kids. Not to mention pollution and climate change from people making too many unnecessary short car journeys for convenience. If it’s not possible for children to walk to school or use a bus then parents should at the very least park a few minutes walk away from the school, to avoid congestion around the school gates and give the kids a little bit of exercise.
  15. Well I have a lot of respect for bus drivers. I don’t know how they keep their patience with certain passengers, let alone the traffic congestion. The vast majority do a brilliant job; there is the odd bad apple but that is the same in all occupations. Back in the 90s though it was a different story in my experience. Lots of rude drivers, aggressive driving and it wasn’t a rare event for drivers to not stop for customers hailing a bus (clearly not full to capacity) in good time. I do think things have improved since then and fares are probably comparatively cheaper for monthly/weekly tickets.
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