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  1. Well said. Quite frankly I bored of people being outraged by anything that could possibly by any stretch of the imagination be a criticism of a religion.
  2. If any apparently intelligent pharmacist wishes to live their life according to myths and fairy tales from the distant past that’s their business. But if they want the benefits of modern life, such as a career as a pharmacist, they need to keep their beliefs to themselves when dealing with the general public and be professional.
  3. A pest control company put it down saying that rats will avoid traps if they see one of their own caught in one. You can buy poison in shops but I don’t think it’s as as powerful as the stuff pest controllers can use. I really hope this is resolved but any tips for n getting rid of them are welcome.
  4. And back on to the topic of rats................thank you for suggestions, I will use a trap if there are more signs of rat activity. A neighbours cat has also had a wander around the house. Nothing caught but apparently just the scent of a cat will discourage rodents.
  5. So, a rat has been seen in the attic bedroom. Any advice on the best way to get rid of it (them??) I'm sure it was attracted up there to begin with by some nuts that were dropped there and forgotten about. It was only when these were all cleaned up it made it's presence known scurrying around and climbing on the bed no doubt looking for food. The likely entry point is sealed off now and bait has been put down but I'm worried about the smell of dead rats trapped in the house in this heat
  6. Having seen someone develop a serious mental health condition, almost certainly as a result of a cannabis habit that started as a teenager, I would strongly disagree that cannabis is harmless. Sure, alcohol carries it own, different, health risks but that’s not a reason to advocate cannabis use. More people drink alcohol sensibly than are ‘loud, aggressive with liver damage and end up sparked out in the gutter’, just as more cannabis users are chilled out and have cravings for crisps and chocolate bars than end up with serious mental health issues.
  7. Yes. Some blokes seem to prefer going for slash around a back alley of a pub rather using the toilets in the pub. I really can’t understand this. Recently I saw a man get off a bus on Ecclesall road and go for pee against a wall in full view. He ended up peeing all over his shorts and hands though with so many people around barging past. Justice was done 😂
  8. Allergies are linked to kids not having enough exposure to dirt and germs. We need good bacteria in our gut as well which junk food won’t provide. Basically kids should play outside, get dirty sometimes and eat real food with lots of fruit veg and fibre (and nuts!). Eating processed rubbish now and again is OK but we shouldn’t live on it.
  9. I’ve seen lots of reports of MALE (dangerous) driving offenders recently getting light sentences due to impact of a more severe sentence on their family. Pathetic. What about the families dealing with a bereavement or life changing injury as a result of their actions?
  10. I’m not completely averse to card payments but I do find that I’m more aware of my spending if I pay using cash. Somehow handing over cash feels more significant that paying by card, especially contactless so my preference is to pay with cash for day to day spending but I’ll generally use a card for large purchases (and for small ones if paying cash isn’t an option).
  11. I like some of Debenhams merchandise and shop in there quite regularly. However, after a frankly ridiculous display by their ‘security’ staff on the Moor this week they are just driving their business into the ground making a good customer like me feel like a criminal! I picked a couple of online orders up the other day and had a quick look around on my way out. I spotted a couple of items that I thought I would come back for later in the week. I am very busy at work and didn’t have time on my short lunch break to browse sedately or buy them on that day (perhaps that made me ‘suspicious’ for the undercover wannabe cops🙄 ) Anyway calling in the next day, I was obviously marked out and followed by three, yes, three undercover security staff!! I am just an office worker, that is good customer buying stuff and I don’t appreciate this. I ignored them, even the guy who stationed himself on door on my way out (after BUYING the things I came in for!!!) but I’m not sure I’ll be going back in a hurry. Come on Debenhams, get a grip and stop employing numpties who have watched one too many episodes of police, camera, action!!!
  12. Yes, sadly it appears this was correct and it has shut 😫
  13. Is anyone aware of subsidence issues in the Greystones area and which road(s) these affect?
  14. I would be interested to know anything about the history of the old quarrying sites around Hunters Bar/Banner Cross, bordering Ecclesall Rd/Hunter House Rd/Marmion Rd/Psalter Lane.
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