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  1. I’m surprised by that. From the communications from my dentist I understand they have a huge backlog of patients to see. I think I would prefer dentists to concentrate on using their specialist skills to help people with dental problems and there are enough alternatives for vaccinations elsewhere.
  2. The new variant is more transmissable but I agree that there are other factors also driving this wave which are being conveniently overlooked.
  3. The rules are less strict than the first lockdown but apparently the majority of people are sticking to the rules. Apart from the most important one by a country mile - self isolation with symptoms. Many people just cannot afford to do this and so continue to go to work. This is big big problem but the government focuses on queues for takeaway coffee instead.
  4. No that isn’t how it being spread. That’s not just my opinion; it has been stated by many scientists and Chris Whitty said the same the other day. I have suspicions that all the debate about limits of exercise and going for walk with a friend having a coffee is all a bit of a distraction from schools being kept open when they were advised by scientists to shut them, mixing at Christmas, borders and quarantine, failure of test and trace (i.e. just some the real reasons for the current nightmare) If covid really did spread easily from fleeting outdoor contact, then it would be running far, far more rampant than it already is and indoor contact wouldn’t be safe without full PPE (not just a thin cloth mask).
  5. BJ ought to be setting an example. This kind of thing sends out mixed messages.
  6. Ah, but did Johnson really need to visit Bristol in person? I suppose the visit falls under ‘work related’ travel so is not breaking any rules but there’s a lot of talk about acting in the spirit of lockdown and, to me anyway, that journey and meeting people in person in Bristol was not essential. I don’t believe there is any limit on how far people can travel during outdoor exercise and if they are genuinely exercising I can’t see much point in there being a limit on time or distance as the risks are tiny when done within guidelines. This government has done a lot wrong in the pandemic but one thing they have got right is recognising the importance of exercise.
  7. More jobs fall into the ‘essential/critical’ worker category. It is mentioned in this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55627864 I do have sense that a lot of people are being more blasé about the lockdown than in March. Partly through lockdown fatigue and partly through a sense of complacency as the vaccines start being rolled out. But, the most significant difference is I think that more people are having to go to their workplaces and more places are open such as takeaway food/coffee, click and collect etc. The government are making noises about tightening up restrictions in supermarkets but what about all this non-essential stuff!! We all need to buy food but we don’t need a lot of the other stuff that is open.
  8. How to make the locker stricter? Do garden centres really need to be open? Do takeaways really need to be open? These are Just a couple of examples, I’m sure there are many more. From what I’ve seen these are just encouraging people to go out and come into contact with others much more closely and for longer than they would taking exercise. Of course that’s tough for businesses and economy. But the trouble is that while ever we carry on to trying to compromise and tread a middle ground, the less effective the lockdown will be. So the lockdown goes on longer, the economy suffers more in the longer term.
  9. There is growing concern that vaccination programmes will be disrupted by health workers off sick with covid or having to isolate. The availability of vaccines is key in this pandemic but it still feels like some people are in la la land when it comes recognising the challenges ahead. This lockdown is more relaxed than the March one and yet despite the vaccines starting to roll out we are in more critical situation than we were then. I have seen big, not very well socially distanced, queues waiting for takeaways in my local area for example. The amount of traffic yesterday was less than usual for a Saturday but not massively less and still quite busy. I don’t think those were all essential journeys on a Saturday afternoon. The definition of critical worker has widened and as a result a more children can attend school and more people are travelling to work. It will most likely draw the lockdown out longer and sadly more people will become victims of covid.
  10. Without going into whether this right or wrong, I thought people were supposed to wait for their gp to contact them about the vaccine not the other way around?
  11. Yes, and that is why it should be called out and those responsible named and shamed to keep it as minimal as possible.
  12. This is so grubby https://metro.co.uk/2021/01/08/property-firm-offered-100000-in-bribes-to-gps-for-covid-vaccines-13873957/ I’ve had a look at the website of this luxury property development company and it appears that Justine is not shown as being a ‘Health Officer’ on there.
  13. The people cramming onto trains to get out of London before Christmas was so irresponsible. I think that complacency has crept in more subtle ways too. Some people are already anticipating things being ‘back to normal’ within a few months. Hopefully that will be the case but we need to be realistic about challenges ahead and act accordingly. Even though we are supposedly in lockdown some people are being far more relaxed than in the first lockdown.
  14. True! I wouldn’t fancy that commute much. I did a similar commute but in reverse in the past. Which I thought would be doddle but during school term time was very very slow progress in the approach to Meadowhead roundabout.
  15. Oh, that doesn’t bode well ☹️ On a slightly different note, I’ve been wondering if there’s been a bit of complacency since the vaccinations have started to roll out and maybe that’s contributed a bit to the increase in cases? It’s just something I’ve noticed with some people, who perhaps haven’t fully appreciated the challenges of rolling the vaccinations out, particularly in light of the new variant (not to mention future variants for which the vaccine could be ineffective).
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