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  1. I think it WAS getting better but I’ve noticed it starting up again😕
  2. It has happened to me many times 🙄 I had an oldish couple stop and turn to face a hedge in a gennel when I went past (it was not even a narrow gennel), an old lady on a river footpath in Derbyshire informed us that we were to pass ‘back to back’ and a woman with a pram stormed in a huff into the road because we didn’t do so before we were anywhere near close!! I understand some people find seeing people in masks distressing but I get far more bothered by this especially as it is so unnecessary.
  3. Yes, that is exactly what I meant and I have to admit it bothers me. I do feel sorry for people that are that anxious but at the same I don’t like being made to feel like leper and go to unnecessary lengths of social distancing!
  4. I will wear a mask on the basis that it may possibly be a small benefit in certain indoor environments and provide reassurance for some. From a selfish point of view though, I do like the fact that masks have stopped some people skipping out of my way like frightened rabbits in shops. That isn’t because I haven’t socially distanced properly it is just because some people are in a state of high anxiety. The same happens sometimes passing people (most often elderly people) on footpaths who expect me to risk getting run over darting into a busy road or to throw myself into a hedge when I’m still 200 yards away. I absolutely support social distancing but I do think more information needs to be communicated about it. I have heard many scientists say any possible risk of catching covid passing someone on the street for a couple of seconds is not really possible unless you were to cough or sneeze right in their face. Which I believe to be true as if covid was infectious enough to spread passing someone for a few seconds outdoors surely it would have spread much, much more quickly.
  5. It is no surprise cities are more badly affected in France as in other countries for obvious reasons. I posted the link as France seemed to be being hailed as a paragon of virtue with regards to mask wearing on here, and yet France as with the UK is still seeing infections increase exponentially. So I will make the point again either the mask wearing makes only a modest difference at best or perhaps things would be far worse without them 🤔 Whichever way they are clearly not the safety blanket many would have us believe.
  6. Well clearly the situation in France is not good.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-54535358
  7. My guess is that it’s nasal irritation caused by fibres or maybe dust on the mask. Or possibly even just the slight pressure on the nose. I think the smooth stretchy fabric ones might cause least irritation but I agree that they probably don’t actually do much other than reassure others. The suggestions of making an appointment with a doctor about something like mild nasal irritation from wearing a mask go some way to explaining why it’s difficult to get a GP appointment (and was even pre Covid)
  8. Infections started to rise significantly in September when kids returned to school, more people returned to their workplace and students returned to universities. Face coverings had already been compulsory in shops and public transport for many weeks. My belief is that much more emphasis needs to be placed on ventilating indoor spaces as much as possible and spending as little time as possible in indoor spaces with those outside our household e.g. airing classrooms at regular intervals and leaving doors and windows open as much possible.
  9. Realistically though that won’t happen. And I am unconvinced by the ‘protecting others’ argument. A person is not ‘protecting others’ if they infect themselves using a mask incorrectly and then pass the virus on. We are now in a situation where COVID is increasing exponentially even with mask use in place. Masks have been used as a tool to help release lockdown and clearly given the current situation it would appear their benefit is very modest if there is indeed any benefit at all.
  10. I agree. I will wear one where required so as not to cause a confrontation or anxiety in others but with no conviction that it does much good. Cases of COVID are skyrocketing even with mask use so either they don’t do much good or the number of cases would be horrifically higher if we weren’t wearing masks🤔
  11. I remain unconvinced that masks make a significant difference. That is just a personal opinion and I will wear one where required before I’m labelled anti mask and called out as being a terrible person 😏 If they actually do make a significant difference however, it doesn’t bear thinking about how much worse things would be than they already are. I believe the risk that is constantly overlooked is the risks of spending time in poorly ventilated indoor spaces with others, masks or no masks.
  12. Some big mistakes were made lifting lockdown. Too little thinking outside the box and too much of a rush to ‘let’s get back to normal’ in September. Remember all the nonsense about children not being a risk for SPREADING Covid (I think we all know nearly all children aren’t badly affected but why on earth would they not be capable of spreading it?). Then there was more nonsense encouraging people back to the office even when they could work effectively at home. And the impact so far of students mingling is only the tip of the iceberg. Of course can’t stay locked down forever and these things were done with the aim of kickstarting the economy. However, it has been handled so badly the economy will I suspect suffer more badly as a result.
  13. Last week I reported a pile of rubbish fly tipped. It was removed promptly by the council but this morning more rubbish has fly tipped in the same place. A massive pile of tyres this time.
  14. They might be exempt so I wouldn’t personally.
  15. I don’t think we should just dismiss COVID as something that just affects old people with health conditions. The effects of ‘long COVID’ affecting younger people are very debilitating.
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