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  1. The council are closing playgrounds from tomorrow. If people don’t start social distancing the parks will close be closed entirely. Going into the park is massively beneficial for mental and physical health. PLEASE spread the word for people to be responsible and follow social distance guidelines properly. I saw people in groups and families with elderly grandparents at the endcliffe park playground at the weekend. PLEASE use the park with consideration for others or we will all end up stuck inside for heaven knows how long!!!!
  2. Assuming that is recent, genuine photo, I believe that people congregating outdoors in full sunshine (with uv light which kills bugs) will be perhaps far better than them being crammed indoors in classrooms and offices....
  3. Parents should be teaching children good basic hygiene first and foremost. And if teachers spend just a few minutes to remind kids to wash their hands and cover sneezes that is time well spent. No one used hand sanitizer when I was at school but we were expected to wash our hands. It’s really not difficult and of course that applies to adults as well.
  4. Hmm there's no mention of needing to use specfic brands or types of soap in the advice from the experts at WHO and PHE so perhaps we should listen to that rather than from a pharmacist in a local chemist shop in Sheffield
  5. I hope hand sanitizer is provided to schools BUT I also hope kids are taught soap and is better when it’s available and that they taught good basic hygiene to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Not being obsessive or preventing normal play outside in the dirt but things like covering sneezes with a tissue, blowing their nose rather than snivelling snot everywhere, washing hands properly with soap and water after going to the toilet etc. It appears that many kids are not taught this. Soap simply provides a lubricant to help lift viruses etc from skin; being thorough with your handwashing is far more important than the brand of soap...
  6. I think certain people need to understand the two wrongs do not make a right. The fact that Jimmy Savile abused children and was white is irrelevant. ALL abusers are equally vile and disgusting. Covering up abuse because the perpetrators are in an ethic/cultural/religious minority is equally vile and disgusting.
  7. Whataboutery. Abuse is perpetrated by people of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures. ALL of it is sick and disgusting. The particular issues of grooming gangs is disproportionately done by men from a Pakistani background. They should be treated no differently than if they were groups of men from any other background. Instead it was swept under the carpet.
  8. That’s appalling. The sense of entitlement some people have to park wherever it’s convenient for themselves is staggering.
  9. Exactly. A few points that have come to my mind are: 1. Hand washing with soap and hot water is more effective than hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is good if you’re in a situation where you can’t wash your hands with soap and water but doesn’t have magical properties and there’s no need to panic buy it! 2. Buses. Open the flipping windows folks! Breathing in air on an overcrowded bus is disgusting and a perfect breeding ground for germs. But some people insist on the windows being shut. Is it not better to feel a little cold on a local bus journey than catch Coronavirus or even the common cold! 3.Spitting in public. This is not acceptable. Ever. It’s doesn’t look ‘hard’ or ‘manly’ it makes the perpetrators look like scrubbers. And that includes playing football, running etc. 4. There is no need to panic buy. I hope some people will enjoy eating pasta and tinned tomatoes for the next 2 years.
  10. How long will it be before the work done fitzallen square is ruined by idiots. I saw a street cleaner picking up little bits of paper off the new grassed area the other day. He don’t bother with the beer cans and plastic bottles chucked on the new flower beds though. He just put the fence back in place and walked off. Roadside litter is depressing too; I would like to gather up the rubbish people have chucked out of cars and throw it back into them.
  11. I don’t admire someone passing them self off as homeless and taking advantage of the generosity of well meaning, charitable people. And apparently using the money to buy drugs.
  12. It shut about a year ago. I miss it as a super quick, no fuss, no frills place for posting parcels. I use the counter for basic postal services at the Charles st post office as the next best thing nowadays. The guy at the counter is super quick and doesn’t suffer slow coach customers gladly 😆 Its sweet of the wilko post office lady to go fancy stamp hunting for you. Hopefully there wasn’t a massive queue of people waiting though....
  13. I think a lot of us are too polite and British when it comes to dealing with phone scammers. Just hang up on them.
  14. Same here, and the ringer on the landline is permanently turned off so scammers can waste their time to call as much as they want. I very rarely get cold calls on my mobile but if I do it’s easy enough to block their number.
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