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  1. Its not even a click long lol i know Sheffield better than anyone, there’s a better walk but its only for the people in the circle ⭕️
  2. I thinking bus stop stickers really capture the right wing types
  3. Who gave the council the power to regulate road users nobody gave them power.
  4. How many side Roads have been closed forcing people to down the same main roads around sheff is a joke, i pay more road tax now then ever yet have less access than ever WTF Also what if someone strategically used these bottle necks for advertising purposes lol
  5. I’m thinking a batch of leaflets & small beermat size stickers is the first project this is unbelievably cheap to arrange less than £40 Buses, Bus stops, lamp posts, shop windows, uni notice boards etc tbh the footfall would be enough to get this campaign going happy days
  6. I don’t care Do you think a 3m x 4m is big enough? Hmm maybe i could hire an advertising board thats already in situ Maybe over lay banners on bus stops advertising would be cheap to do Anyone with further ideas please do pm me Financing this isn’t a problem tbh i think this would be achievable under £700-£800 to begin with
  7. Monetary system seems to bide well read the thread from the beginning, saves you having to regurgitate
  8. Paper ballots / voting is plagued with inconsistencies such as Time consuming,Human Errors & accessibility for people are just a few issues that electronic voting can solve
  9. Your against this idea, Ok move on srsly you must have something better to do than sit arguing about the political voting moving from paper to an electronic system i don’t require anymore replys from you please go reply to some other thread regarding, fly tipping or some other trivial low IQ waffle
  10. How do you know these data breaches are correct abd Please stop partaking in this thread your IQ isn’t enough
  11. And how many paper scandals has there been? lost paper work? Physically counted by people with a vested interest in a certain political group the votes could get lost or worse changed why aren’t we QR scanning our vote ?
  12. 26 votes? more citizens have voted for this petition than have been involved in this thread thus your argument is invalid how does it feel to be wrong?
  13. Your just writing any excuse you can think of without any substantial evidence that a new system could be developed and implemented your a laughing stock to the forum re-read my answers to the original questions The monetary electronic system is bullit proof Using paper votes is barbaric the people counting them could be act not in best interest of the country wouldn’t you agree?
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