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  1. It was a fantastic school when i was there back in 1989. Having said that, these days i don't think i would like to be back at school!!
  2. Jan, You are an angel, thankyou soooooo much. Beamer xx
  3. Hi We have the serial number and code number for the re code of the radio but cannot find the instruction manual, it is quite complicated and we need step by step instructions. If anyone could possibly help it would be appreciated. Thankyou Beamer
  4. Thankyou, I feel better now after my surgery than i did before it thats for sure, Looking back to february now it seems years ago and i can't believe how surgery can make you feel this good about yourself, more confidence now and living life to the full Thankyou for caring Beamer xx
  5. How heart wrenching!! Such a sad story, however, a beautiful tribute to your late wife, you gave her all your love, care, attension and devotion until the very end and i am sure she would be very proud of you for that and you should be proud of yourself too. Stay strong Wayne, keep the memories of her locked in your heart. R.I.P Jacky. Godbless Beamer xx
  6. This seems extremely high for a very basic funeral, i'm sure if you check with the family again you may find you could have misheard the total costing of the funeral wrong. If you have heard it correctly, i'm afraid they definately have been over charged in my opinion.
  7. Hi Karen I had actually forgot all about me posting this thread Yes thankyou, everything went fine, I had surgery on 25th february and still in my recovery period, apart from getting a infection in the wound where my drains had been removed and ended up at A & E as my wound burst open due to the infected pockets under my skin. The first 2 weeks after surgery i was very weak and in quite alot of pain, then into my 3rd week i started picking up quite well, looking back now i am so glad i had it done, i feel like a new woman and my clothes now fit me again. Thankyou so much for asking hun. Beamer x
  8. You was so right, i wish we hadn't gone now, but my daughter was really looking forward to going, so to avoid her dissapointment we went, she ended up dissapointed as she didn't get through, The whole thing was a farse, we stood in a bloody queue for 7 hours having to silent cheer for the cameras we was absolutely freezing too, NEVER AGAIN
  9. If anyone can remember Miss Pitt ( English teacher) always dressed lovely with hair always done and make up on, she reminded me of Dolly Parton i have recently been informed she is due to retire this year!!
  10. Just wondering if anyone has experience of the X Factor auditions in Manchester at Old Trafford, if so could you please give any advise?? Beamer
  11. Could you give a link for this please?
  12. Thank you for this advise doyle, I don't know of anyone who's relative has been a resident in this care home, I was hoping for alittle more input and views this thread. Oh well suppose it will be down to " lets hope the right nursing home has been chosen" i suppose. Beamer x
  13. Thank you for the link, it looks quite nice to be honest. Beamer x
  14. My hubbies nan is due to go in this nursing home next Friday, Just wondered if any of you or your family/friends have used this nursing home & what the care is like in here. Someone has mentioned to me there was an article in the Star about this care home recently, although i never read it, i could have just possibly missed it or it was in when i was away a few weeks ago. Views or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Beamer x
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