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  1. It was a very good programme highlighting Jack's battle with dementia although it dwelled a bit too much on his time as Ireland manager. The programme showed that although Jack didn't suffer fools gladly he had a compassionate side, in particular with Paul McGrath and his problems with alcohol.
  2. Frank Worthington scored some brilliant goals including one for Bolton when he had his back to goal, played keepy uppy then flicked the ball over his and the defender's head before volleying into the bottom corner of the net. R.I.p Frank and thanks for the memories.
  3. I've been fishing all through this lockdown, albeit locally. I'm a member of two fisheries close to home plus the upper Don is only five minutes away.
  4. My son and me have tickets for the original date and are looking forward to whenever it takes place. We last saw them supporting Alice Cooper in 2019 and they were very good.
  5. Only two yorkshire puddings left for me to have with my dinner when I came home from fishing.
  6. I remember Denlin posting on the fishing section and organising charity fishing matches.
  7. Drivers wanting to go to Morrison's were unable to do so because of the queues for McDonalds. Traffic in the right hand lane for going into McDonald's, Morrison's and B+Q was also building up as there was nowhere for them to go.
  8. I came past here just after 12.30 and traffic was stood in the inside lane past the car showrooms. Cars were nose to tail queuing for the McDonald's drive thru.
  9. The missus has a significant birthday next year, so hopefully we will be able to go on the holiday to Australia we were supposed to take last year for my birthday.
  10. Pat Jennings and Peter Shilton have both scored goals with kicks from their own box. Jennings goal was against Man.Utd with Alex Stepney being the opposing keeper.
  11. The Daily Mail did an interesting feature on Stanley Baxter a while ago. He is gay but was forced to hide it to save his career ( much like Rock Hudson and others ). He did marry a girl who worked in a theatre he performed at but it turned out to be a marriage of convenience on his part. When he came out she allowed him to bring male friends home to stay before eventually separating. She died some years ago having suffered mental health problems and he now lives as a recluse.
  12. Sorry, I should have mentioned it's the outside temperature shown on the display unit, not the running temperature.
  13. I have a couple of minor but annoying issues with my 13 plate Astra and am looking for some advice. I keep getting a warning that the coolant level is low ( it's checked regularly and never needs topping up ). The other issue is that the temperature display shows between 28-30 degrees even though it's more like 3-4 degrees.
  14. Fortunately, my colleague and I are in a position where we didn't need to apply for help unlike a lot of others. He actually did apply for the &500 payment as a matter of principle but heard nothing back.
  15. My wife received an e-mail this week supposedly from HSBC saying her account had been compromised and to click on the link to contact them. She works near Meadowhall so popped into the branch there to show it to them. They said it was very convincing and took a photo of it for their security people.
  16. An increase in statutory sick pay from the current 90 odd quid a week would be a welcome boost for those having to self isolate. I lost approximately &600 when I had to and a work colleague has had to isolate twice because his wife and daughter tested positive at different times.
  17. Mick Mcarthy is available having been sacked by APOEL Nicosia.
  18. Essex has one of the highest covid rates in the country yet the police have issued fines totalling &18000 to idiots attending NYE partys.
  19. As well as using a small gloss roller on doors I get a really good finish on window sills.
  20. Access to the roadside pegs at Howbrook can be awkward for the less mobile. The far side seems a bit better but it's a decent walk along the dam wall. I suggest you drive up and take a look for yourself. There's plenty of parking space in the lay by.
  21. Now that Christmas is over, is Jesus available? Wednesday need a miracle worker not just a manager.
  22. Not being able to have my mother over for Christmas. We're on the last day of a 10 day self isolation due to our son testing positive for covid. He hasn't had any symptoms and his perfectly healthy but as my mother is in her 80's we couldn't take the risk. On a brighter note however, I can go fishing tomorrow!
  23. I've just had to tell my mother it wouldn't be wise for her to join us for Christmas day. My son received a message last night to say he had tested positive for Covid 19 ( he works in the NHS and is tested regularly ) so he has to isolate for 10 days as do the missus and myself.
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