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    Korum 50" fishing umbrella with dual tilt. Only used a couple of times hence in excellent condition.


  2. The missus and me will be watching the Niagara display from our back bedroom.
  3. As a youngster I enjoyed watching Catweazle. Robin's Nest wasn't a great comedy but the Irish waiter/pot washer delivered some good one liners. It also had the lovely Tessa Wyatt who was married to Tony Blackburn.
  4. I had the pleasure of seeing Ginger Baker play with Hawkwind in the early 80's. R.I.P I
  5. I work on Clubmill Rd which is part of Old Tup's old stomping ground. Not only has the foliage established itself, the wildlife is also doing well. We regularly see buzzards soaring above the factory along with kingfishers on the river. At the back of our department next to the railway embankment summer evenings are spent watching bats flying about. Our bird feeders attract Goldfinches, various species of Tit etc. There are a number of foxes around which feed on an abundance of rabbits and rats.
  6. I get a reminder together with a &10 eye test voucher every two years from Specsavers. I only need reading glasses and on my last test my prescription hadn't changed but I was asked if i'd like some new glasses. I politely refused as i'm happy with the ones i've got.
  7. Can anyone tell me the name of the port that Bob and Paul went sea fishing from in this week's programme please?
  8. The Wharfe around Wetherby/Tadcaster and the Swale at Thornton Bridge, Topcliffe, Morton Bridge, Brompton etc hold some decent pike. It's been a long time since I fished these rivers so i'm not sure which stretches are day ticket. You could search for tackle shops in the area and contact them for information.
  9. Which part of Sheffield are you in? North Sheffield day ticket waters include Ecclesfield dam, Westwood, Newbiggin, Loxley fishery + Mill dam. I don't fish the south of the city but I know Aston Park, Carterhall and Kiveton waters. If Horseshoe fishery at Wales is still open, the silverfish lake is ideal for someone starting out. Some tackle shops stock a book called Fish It which is a good source of information.
  10. Rise, the new album from Hollywood Vampires.
  11. I recently bought a mid-range Daiwa feeder rod. Using it for only the second time last weekend the tip section snapped whilst playing a carp of around 6lb. ( I landed the fish together with half a tip ). I'd bought the rod online so rather than return it and wait for them to deal with the matter, I sent the broken section direct to Daiwa. They have simply replaced the section with no quibbles and it arrived this morning. Excellent customer service.
  12. I've seen Muntjac deer near the canal basins and I'm told they're present in Beeley wood.
  13. Where I grew up in the north east we had a field behind our house which served as our football pitch. The field was shared with some horses and sometimes a herd of young bullocks. Many a game was abandoned when they would stampede. At the far end of the field was a beck with a tarzan swing over it and where we'd catch sticklebacks. Our road was a round cul de sac which was good for bike racing. None of the houses had driveways and with not many cars we played kerby. Two people on opposite pavements aiming to hit the far kerb with a football. On hitting the kerb, if the ball hit the road before the thrower caught it scored 1 point, 2 points for a two handed catch and 3 for a one handed catch. There was a small green at the end of the road which was our marbles pitch. Happy days.
  14. I fished Lowfield Lakes at Bolton on Dearne yesterday. There are three ponds on site, all containing carp but also a good head of silvers. Matches are held but one pond is always left for pleasure anglers. Day tickets are &6 but half price on Mondays.
  15. I saw a group of deer in Beeley wood recently whilst on an early morning walk with my dog. It's not the first time i've seen them but it's not a regular occurrence.
  16. If Pulis does go as expected what are the chances of Tony Mowbray going back to the Boro? He's done a decent job at Blackburn the last couple of years.
  17. I do fancy being a part time bailiff when I retire but unfortunately that won't be for a couple of years.
  18. Pulis is out of contract at the end the season and I can't see him getting it renewed. My brother in law and nephews are Boro fans and they can't wait for him to go as the football this season has been abysmal.
  19. Switching to a meter three years ago has nearly halved my water bill which was based on the rateable value of the house. I now pay just over thirty pounds a month whereas the old payment would be well over six hundred. There are three adults living in the house.
  20. Lowood is a social club in Deepcar. I can only suggest you ring them and ask if there is a sea fishing club based there.
  21. Is Horseshoe still open? It's been quite a while since I fished it but I heard the owner wanted to retire and was going to put the fishery up for sale.
  22. I watched a bit of bully last night when I came in from work. Two Sheffield lads made the final winning some good prizes and a decent amount of cash. They didn't go for the star prize which was a skiing holiday. Jocky Wilson threw 340 in nine darts raising money for Sheffield Children's Hospital.
  23. Before Abbey took over the site it was a company called APW that made safes and cash machines. I worked there for a while prior to it closing down in approximately 2006.
  24. I liked the Rebus series. If you've read the books by Ian Rankin, Ken Stott was made for that part.
  25. Donachie joined Man City in the 70s. St. Petre is referring to the side that won the league in 1968 and the F.A cup the following season.
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