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  1. Probably Newbiggin and Westwood, both day ticket waters.
  2. I watched the EFL highlights last night and the programme host was saying that the new owners basically hadn't paid their dues. With it being a consortium, no one really knows who the new owners are.
  3. I watched this programme for the first time last night and couldn't believe how bad it was.
  4. I saw Roxy Music quite a few times but I did fall out with them when they made dross like ' Dance Away' and 'Avalon'. Thankfully in 2001, which was basically their farewell tour, the majority of songs were from the early days.
  5. I don't have a favourite celebrity but i've always wanted to ask Bryan Ferry why Paul Thompson, the drummer, wasn't included on the promotional posters for Roxy Music's 2001 world tour even though he'd been in the band since the beginning.
  6. My wife has always kept me at arm's length. Now it's two metres.
  7. My parcel was being delivered by Hermes to a local shop for me to collect. Two days after the due date I contacted the seller who informed me Hermes were having a few problems. Ten days later it's obvious my parcel isn't coming so i've arranged for a refund. This isn't the first time i've had issues with Hermes.
  8. I'm afraid you'll have to wait while next April to join. Membership is closed for this season.
  9. I'm a fisherman but I wouldn't describe myself as coarse!
  10. It's about 50 - 70 yards from the bottom of Church St. on your left if you come past the church or the right if you come off the main Chapeltown/Ecclesfield road.
  11. From Chapeltown, go past Ecclesfield school. At the bottom of the hill turn right onto Church St. About 50 yards on the right is a large car park and a nursery ( it used to be a w.m.c ). Walk to the side of the building and some steps lead onto the pond.
  12. When I had the gauze removed the day after my op the pain was excruciating! The hole was then plugged with a kind of moulded plastic held in with tape. I had a warm salt bath daily and as the wound healed a.new plug was fitted. It took a month or so before I could return to work. As others have commented, I wouldn't wish this on anybody. Mine returned a year later but it was caught early and antibiotics sorted it.
  13. Ecclesfield pond is a day ticket fishery as are Westwood,, Newbiggin, Nancy and Little Howbrook ( all in the High Green area ). Not sure if Howbrook is open as I gather it's been re-stocked and there was tape over the water to prevent cormorant predation.
  14. As far as I am aware, Underbank is now free fishing. The syndicate that ran it have supposedly given it up and I don't know if anyone else has taken it over. The ticket machine hasn't operated for a long while as the bailiffs issued tickets on the bank.
  15. Ecclesfield pond is open now.
  16. I don't know if tackle shops are open yet but even when they do I think you'll have to wait a bit for maggots as I should imagine maggot farms will have to start again from scratch.
  17. My local fishery has stated that when the allocated pegs are taken the gate will be locked and a Fishery Full sign put up. Bailiffs will be doing various shifts to ensure anglers stick to the rules.
  18. If either of my local fisheries do open weds i'll find it hard to resist an evening session. Failing that, i've got next week off to have some long sessions.
  19. There are still some big carp in there. I've seen photos taken by someone who fishes it regularly.
  20. Alderfen, at Wroot has three carp lakes, all day ticket. It's a 35-40 minute drive from Sheffield. They're on Facebook. Somewhere closer to home is Crookes Valley Park near the Childrens Hospital which is free fishing. Wentworth fishery near Rotherham is season permit only.
  21. A friend's sister was visiting here from Australia when the lockdown started. She managed to get back a couple of weeks ago and upon arrival she was given a police escort to a designated isolation centre for 14 days. She was then given another escort to her home where the whole family had to isolate for a further 7 days.
  22. The speech mentioned unlimited exercise. Does this include activities such as golf or fishing?
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