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  1. All, Can someone clear this up for me please - which ponds are KJS near Aston? Is the snake lake at Aston Springs Farm part of KJS? https://maps.app.goo.gl/8QTEnbUAiok7TKH26
  2. All, Looking for a small skip for a weekend hire in Hillsborough. Can anyone recommend a cheap, reliable company please? Many thanks!
  3. Nice one. Last question, how deep does it get?
  4. Evening all, I've recently discovered this pond and wondered if anyone has fished it, methods etc. Just wanted to confirm that there are toilets too?
  5. All, Just wondered if anyone has fished here recently? I'm getting back into course/carp fishing and wondered which pond is preferred, how big they are, can I just turn up etc. Many thanks!
  6. We have also setup a webpage over at www.bigdavesfunday.org.uk with more information.
  7. I'll be there. I'm a big SP fan. If you'd like to meet up, we'll be rotating around the Dove and the Nelson before the gig. http://twitpic.com/4ecy2b
  8. If any of you guys are goin to this gig and wouldnt mind an extra tagging along, please give me a shout Cheers
  9. Sweet.. Any system of a down or is it all mullet rock
  10. Bring back Irish. But still, with no money, might as well put a shopping trolley in a suit and see what happens.
  11. Hi all The Arctic Army Community is starting over at http://www.arcticarmy.co.uk - get over there and create your profile now! Supporting the lads Cheers
  12. I prefer the shaky, nice pub with some good dj's. Pours a nice pint o fosters. Mmmm fosters.
  13. Lived in hillsborough for a while and the Ball is, and always will be, a dump. Don't bother
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