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  1. I have decided to quit the forum. No specific reason just think it is time to move on. I thank all forum members past and present for some interesting and often thought provoking debates. Thank you and bye.
  2. You are very strong at criticising the government when there is probably a lot being done as a result of her speech. Do you have respect for any politicians ?
  3. She is trying to stop people from sleeping on the streets. ! You must agree with this .
  4. Because it is true. Maybe you should be criticising those who hinder her efforts to get things done.
  5. She is trying to change things for the better ! She is acting constructively ! She is not trying to ingratiate anyone but is doing the opposite and reflecting the views of the population against distracters. Criticism is easy of those who take responsibility .
  6. Are you blaming the Home Secretary for all the ills of the country.? If we had had Home Secretary's like her in the past we may not have some of the problems you mention. There has been opposition to many governments initiatives.
  7. Because she is acting like a real Home Secretary instead of trying to curry favour. A strong politician who takes her job seriously and acts in the interests of her country.
  8. You are right and it is often the side which has the best propaganda machine gets most support. Hitler recognised this with The Signal magazine.
  9. No problem with your post. I am not a staunch supporters but try to be objective and not just accept what is put in front of me. I also fully accept propaganda is distributed by all sides in situations like this and bias can give different descriptions of the same situation.
  10. The hostel system is not working in some areas as people have to book in advance. I was trying to give people a permanent roof over their heads, meals, clothing and other help they needed. What is wrong with that ? Surely it is preferable to begging and sleeping in a doorway. I am sure Mrs. Braverman will have taken advice from experts on the subject before making her announcement.
  11. You said, I said we could go on for hours !
  12. How do you know ? Listening to you one would think everyone was just wrongly understood. Every country, organisation, families keep secrets. Even on this forum contributors identities are kept secret. We only know a tiny bit of what is happening in world politics and that is often from propaganda .
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