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  1. Without knowing the validity , content or seriousness of the complaints against the Labour or Conservative party members I am unable to give an answer to your question.
  2. We do not know if the allegations are considered serious enough or if there is proof for an investigation that you describe. This is the problem when the media jump on a subject and use sensational headlines without reporting the facts behind them or what action is being taken out of the public's domain.
  3. The problem is that the media are not reporting the specific allegations.
  4. What are her specific complaints ? I have only heard a general phrase of Muslimness.
  5. You are just deflecting from the major issue which is the behaviour of the people involved in partying against their own proclamation.
  6. Sorry but I must disagree with you, Normal people are interested when the government impose rules on the country and the Prime Minister's staff disregard them. The points you make about the Labour leader are irrelevant regarding this topic and I can only presume they are made as a distraction .
  7. There is a problem that people will question the integrity of the party and it's Do as I say not what I DO activities. If the Prime Minister did not know of events it throws into question the respect his staff have for him by ignoring government directives which caused tremendous sadness for some who abided by the rules.
  8. If the prime Minister does not resign and if the civil servants who organised the events are not sacked the only result will be a massive swing to Labour
  9. This would seem to me as the ideal time for an ambitious politician to make a bid for leadership of the party. I wonder why this is not happening .
  10. I condemn any such action which is being alleged but let us be clear of what the offences are. I think this is a time to be specific about what possible criminal acts have been committed. I find your final sentence quite extraordinary.
  11. I consider it is something to get very annoyed about. The word has a specific meaning and this should be known by anyone using it. Nowadays people who have suffered sexual abuse are referred to as survivors when in fact they are victims.
  12. I understand a paedophile is someone who has sex with a pre pubescent child.
  13. That is the person I was referring to who instigated the gathering
  14. If Andrew does not attend a civil case hearing in America and an award is made to the complainant. Can this award be enforced in the UK ?
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