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  1. It appears to be the new thing, begging. Probably pays better than minimum wage too! Although it is still illegal and I wonder why the police don't move them on.
  2. Returned to Sheffield to visit friends this week and can't believe the amount of beggars on the streets of the city centre! Most have dogs to tug at the heartstrings which is a cheap trick and borders on animal cruelty as these animals have no say as to who their owners are. The best thing I saw was a 'homeless' guy selling the big issue while looking intently at his touchscreen phone which looked better than the one I own! If someone is generous enough to give some spare change would it be better spent on food or saved until you have enough money for a top up? Does anyone know if these people are genuine or not?
  3. How about taking the 4 bn needed in tax cuts from the foreign aid budget? We still give 12 bn a year in foreign aid even though the MP' s tell us we need austerity measures.
  4. I think the majority of drivers these days have a different highway code to the one I read when I was learning to drive. Under the section in theirs where it shows who has the right of way in certain situations there is a page with a mirror on it!
  5. I think feeling lonely is all about the kind of person you are. I now live alone after being in a similar situation to Bill Plant in post number 7. I love it! I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want with no hassle or complaints. Luckily we never had kids so I'm now free of my horrible ex. I don't feel lonely, I feel free. I now only need to work part-time, I get out and about a lot and have made new friends in the area I moved to. I run and train outside most days regardless of the weather. It's healthier and cheaper than being stuck in a gym. The fresh air is great and you do meet some interesting people along the way. I'm always up for a conversation and I think that outlook makes it easy to meet and chat to people. As for relationships....if you are with the a good person then that is great. If you are not then I say it is better to get out and deal with the aftermath rather than be unhappy and have that noticed by the ones around you. If you are on your own, so what? You do not have to be part of a couple to be happy or normal.
  6. I have a Subaru Legacy AWD and I fit winter tyres to it. Does that make me a useless driver or someone that simply uses what is available to improve your chances of driving safely in adverse weather conditions? I chose the car because they are reliable and being a saloon it was cheaper as most people want the estate version or an Impreza. I can't see a problem with wanting a little peace of mind through the winter months. If these types of tyre are so useless, why do other European countries make them compulsory through the winter? Why do tyre companies make them and test them? Some people on here have a strange attitude to certain aspects of modern technology and yet are posting 'on't internet' about it. There seems to be a lot of d*** waving and 'tha dunt need that fancy stuff' attitude going on. It is quite funny to read though. I do sometimes wonder though that if my stopping distance is improved by these tyres, what about the guy behind me? Do I brace for impact everytime I slow down?
  7. Does anyone remember spitting image? They lampooned everyone. Religious leaders of the time, politicians, royals. It was all taken in fun. Freedom of speech is OK when a mad muslim cleric is spouting hatred on the street but if it was a mad christian cleric doing the same, I bet he would be removed from the street by the police very quickly. If someone had taken Abu Hamza's 'sermons' in Finsbury park, changed the message to be anti-muslim not anti-west, how long would they have lasted saying the same things in public? Not long, I imagine, before being up on racist charges.
  8. As some people have said on here, it is will power and exercise that keep the weight off. You need to be able to control portion sizes and get off your backside and exercise regularly. I also watched a program called secret eaters. One woman on there was saying how she ate lots of fruit and veg and didn't over indulge and could not understand why she put weight on. Then the cameras followed her around and she barely touched fruit and veg, drank copious amounts of alcohol and had almost a full days calories in one meal. She was clearly delusional about what she ate. People also need to be honest about what they eat. Not to others, but to themselves.
  9. Why work? So that I can drive the car I want, go on the foreign holidays I want and afford the things I want to buy. I don't want much in this life, I don't buy lots of the latest tech gadgets or swap furniture/decorations because I want a colour change. I like the simple things in life. I have a decent car not a new one every three years. I do like a foreign holiday a couple of times a year. Other than that I get my enjoyment in life from living an active life, outdoors a lot. If people want to live their life on benefits and get the same pension as me, I really don't care. My life has been lived how I wanted it to be and that is all that matters to me. That's why I work.
  10. I managed to separate amicably with my ex even though she turned into a horrible person towards the end. Marriage is OK if you find the right person. If you find that the person you married is not the one for you then I see no reason to remain in a situation that doesn't make you happy. There should be no stigma involved in divorce. Also, there should be no problem if you don't want to be married. It isn't necessary at all.
  11. So sorry to hear of the situation you are in, it must feel horrible. Just a few things for you to consider. Could you get a computer, desktop or laptop which has Skype on there? That opens up the possibility of chatting to your children more often. I know it's not face to face but it's better than 4 times a year. A weekly or bi-weekly update of their lives would lift your mood surely. You say you can't walk or stand for long. Could you get a mobility scooter? Good quality, good battery and you could be off out more often to do the things others suggest. A scooter would open up more travel opportunities immediately. Even to sit in a local park and enjoy the weather and people watch a while. As for your partner, I know it's hard to let someone go but if they are a negative factor in your life, it's better to make the break for sure. Best of luck for you and your future and I hope things start to look up for you.
  12. The main thing I took from this program was that it is mainly the companies employing immigrants at minimum wage that are to blame. They employ skilled immigrants for minimum wage when they should pay more. Skilled English people would expect more money for the training and skills they have acquired whereas immigrants are earning so much more than in their native country. Also, how can a landlord be allowed to have 19 people living in one house? Isn't that illegal? This is another reason why immigrants can take minimum wage jobs in areas with high rents.
  13. My ex wanted me to do just one job once...she nagged me she wanted decking in the back garden.....it was an honest mistake.....
  14. The 70s the last PURE decade? Two words...Jimmy Saville.
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