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  1. How much would you expect to pay to rent a lock up garage for one car ? Do the council still rent them out ?
  2. Sheffield Indexers or Sheffield Records on Line websites should help.
  3. Probably the blood transfusion service would be worth a try.
  4. Has this system been criticised before this election ?
  5. But the reality is that the people wanted Mr. Trump.
  6. No hypocrisy just common sense and being fair to the Scots.
  7. Stiff upper lip, accept the decision of the majority, have faith and trust in our leaders and then the doom and gloom may go away and optimism prevail.
  8. I do not know what the motive was. Does anyone know yet ?
  9. Should the losers should have been given their way then and overturned democracy ? A while ago the complaint was that the government were not moving fast enough. It is time the country pulled together and stopped moaning.
  10. If the losers in the referendum vote accepted the democratic decision to leave the EU we would be going a long way to stop the bickering and talk of disunity.
  11. Or is he being clever and reinforcing his view to the public that the news media is not always correct ?
  12. I will say no more on the subject. Let free speech(discussion) rule !
  13. I am not running as I do not criticise the elected leader of another country. I can't understand why some people here spend their energy criticising someone whose fate they could not determine instead of directing their energy in a direction where it could be effective.
  14. Peer pressure can influence a young person. This is a 2 edged sword, not only can well behaved children influence disruptive ones, the disruptive ones can influence the well behaved ones and spoil their chances of achieving their potential.
  15. Ref Justin's point about crime prevention. Surely this is the parent's responsibility and not the teachers.
  16. In the 1960s those children who had failed the 11plus had a chance to go to a technical school at 13 years. I think those who had failed the 11plus also got the opportunity to transfer to a grammar school at 12 or 13 years. I also think those who showed ability at a secondary modern had the opportunity to stay on an extra year and take G.C.E.s It is all well and good to consider the less able but the most able should be afforded equal consideration. An advantage of the grammar school is that the most able teachers will be able to maximise the brightest pupils achievements.
  17. When I went to grammar school, which was a long time ago now, pupils came from all sorts of backgrounds. The pupils were of different abilities and the brightest pupils needed the brightest and most able teachers. We mixed with our friends who went to secondary modern schools and never felt superior or different. I have recently spoken to friends who went to a secondary modern school and they have never felt a failure or inferior because they did not pass the 11plus examination.
  18. Now, now let's show some respect for Our Elected Leader. If you want to be familiar maybe Terrific Theresa may be acceptable. I fully agree with a return to the grammar school system. I may be one of the few on this forum who can speak from experience.
  19. How many years ago since "paperless" files were supposed to be introduced ?
  20. Better to be friends with Russia than enemies I would have thought.
  21. President Trump is trying to get on with running the country. A majority of Americans voted for him and support him. A minority of vociferous people do not. The country should get behind him and demonstrate their support for Their elected President. Those who were not eligible to vote in the American election should maybe direct their political energies towards their own country. A positive step would be to stand for public office as a councillor or M.P.
  22. Depends on how they are or are not being reported.
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