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  1. https://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=search2&keywords=Ref_No_increment%2CDate_Period%2CImage_Date%2CTitle%2CFurther_Information%2CKeywords%2CPhotographer%2CImage_Copyright%3BMYSQL_MATCHES%3B%2BKING+%2BEdward+%2BVII+%2Bhospital and look at Sheffield libraries - they may have a book on it
  2. Does anyone have a photo of the Crown on Crown Hill, Carlisle St?
  3. Is this site down again? I haven't been able to get into it for a couple of days.
  4. https://www.museums-sheffield.org.uk/project-archive/burngreave-voices/SmalleyB.html
  5. Am I right in thinking no pubs opend sunday lunchtimes? I know Working men's Clubs did. And weren't pubs closed Xmas day ?
  6. Our surgery was already doing telephone appts long before Covid. A duty doctor would decide whether you needed face to face or not - often someone who you didn't know . Now if you need a telephone appt and they are all booked you have to ring in the next day even though you know you will still need that appt. If you can get through that is. Even if you get the ringing tone it cuts off after two minutes waiting. Designed to put people off.
  7. Contact your local councillor - https://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/mgFindMember.aspx?XXR=0&AC=USERSEARCH&ST=Enter name Email them so you have any ongoing 'talks' on hand as proof.
  8. Ronald Thompson was the vicar.
  9. We enjoyed that too and thought the lad who played Joe was brilliant.
  10. My other half recalls the animals for the circus in 1950s with the elephants walking along.
  11. Or you could go and get new glass cut to size from the sheffield window centre factory. Not very exepensive and it would help keep the house warm. Once they get misted you also lose heat. We did several for our son when he moved house. With a little care and DIY knowledge they are easy.
  12. As always very little help/advice available from social services or NHS if you are not on benefits and pay your own way. In normal times - not Covid times - I would always say visit unannounced to take a look round as it is minefield. Some are like large posh hotels and too unsettling for dementia patients.
  13. Even with a blue badge you can be ages finding place.
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