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  1. Anyone know of a bakery in North Sheffield area where I can buy the long fermented sourdough bread? Tried one or two other places but it is the fast type that tastes a bit vinegary. Thanks
  2. Yes just got rid of it for the 3rd time this year. Luckily I didn't lose my voice this time round. Each time it lasted 6 weeks in total. I tried all the home remedies to no avail but I know my immune system isn't doing well at the moment due to another ongoing illness.
  3. I fully agree with Derby Tup. Very well put.
  4. You could sign a letter allowing your son to negotiate on your behalf - he would just need to scan it in and forward it on to them.
  5. Cannot view test results or what the GPs have written at Firth Park Surgery, wish we could it would have saved me a hell of a lot of hassle this last year.
  6. If that so, at Firth Park they must have either missed doing mine or not reached my surname for scanning yet. I can see the last year's appts but nothing of what I saw the GP for and as I say, only allergies and repeat meds. Because of recent illness for most of this year I can see nothing recorded other than the above and I am computer literate and find the site easy to use. I have been a patient since 1952.
  7. You only see your recent appts, repeat medications, any allergies you have etc. If you mean a full med history - no. You can book and choose a doctor for appts but may have to wait nearly a month to get the one you want. Any ongoing chronic illness there is no continuity at all. Different GP each time quite often.
  8. S5 is a large area. We have 3 window cleaners working our area near Lane top and there is a local gardener but he is usually fully booked up.
  9. On ancestry you have the option to keep your tree private and you do not have to display your photo either, plus you can use a pseudonym. For full DNA matches they will need to have had their DNA tested too.
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