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  1. She used to live on Heathar Road and went to Shiregreen School.
  2. Donate to Sheffield Archives for Picturesheffield.com They wouldbe very pleased to receive it and it would be kept in a safe place for Sheffields History . https://picturesheffield.com/
  3. all our family have used Sheffield Window centre. We would not use anyone else.
  4. Spot on - if there is life in the old dog yet and our brain cogs work well then I do not class anyone as elderly. I know a lot of people who are in ther 80/90s and who can still use technology to their advantage. Our bodies may let us down but we all have something to contribute even if it is only to our own family in support and wise words.
  5. She was offered no help whatsover or anyadvice, solution or referral for her problem. I have done abit of searching for her and written some advice and contacts so we will see how it goes. Many thanks
  6. I cannot help as we are both shielding too so I cannot mix and I have enough on my plate at the moment. She has a phone but struggles with that and yes there should be help for older people who need it like that. I know the internet is a wonderful thing but not for everyone who is older. Thank you all
  7. Both - she is isolating though so cannot go out.
  8. A near neighbour of mine who is isolating due to age and has no car is wanting to get her sister a place near to her as her sister has dementia and needs some care My neighbour cannot use the internet, nor can her sister of course. How do you go on in this instance? She has rung the council but of course recieved no help whatsoever with her problem.
  9. I used to enjoy the Chaser quizzes but now we are into overload so I am sick of it.
  10. I worked in one aged 15. Representatives came round for certain compainies such as Stork margarine. One came with overcoat, rolled umbrella and trilby hat and briefcase - he seemed not to have a car. Reps also had company cars too or salemen sold from the stock they carried on their vans or lorries. Bread was delivered daily with the driver coming in to see how many loaves/pastries etc were needed. Shop owners would also fetch stock from wholesalers - smaller ones than there are now and in the 1960s there was the moved to membership of Spar and Nisa. All veg was sold loose, biscuits from open tins and you could buy one egg, one rasher of bacon, one razor blade and even one Oxo cube. Customers brought their own shopping bags It was at this time that frozen food became popular so the owner bought a freezer - mainly for peas, fish fingers and burgers. There was always a chair for the customer to sit down if she wished - it was a chance to catch catch up with the local gossip too. It was a time when people cooked from scratch. Tell you more later.
  11. To the lovely young man who delivered my parcel today from John Lewis (Hermes) a very big thank you and all the very best for the New Year. His car had broken down yesterday so he had come out today to ensure our parcel was delivered on time. Well done young man - you deserve a really good 2021.
  12. HAMMOND, PHILIP HENRY BROWN GRO Reference: 1913 M Quarter in PONTEFRACT Volume 09C Page 257 Birth registration with mother's maiden surname Brown https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/ Is it your tree on Ancestry??
  13. There was one on Burngreave road that had a circular tower to it opposite the off license . I think that featured in a TV programme.
  14. https://www.emmaus-sheffield.org.uk/ help look after the homeless who need help.
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