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  1. My other half recalls the animals for the circus in 1950s with the elephants walking along.
  2. Or you could go and get new glass cut to size from the sheffield window centre factory. Not very exepensive and it would help keep the house warm. Once they get misted you also lose heat. We did several for our son when he moved house. With a little care and DIY knowledge they are easy.
  3. As always very little help/advice available from social services or NHS if you are not on benefits and pay your own way. In normal times - not Covid times - I would always say visit unannounced to take a look round as it is minefield. Some are like large posh hotels and too unsettling for dementia patients.
  4. Even with a blue badge you can be ages finding place.
  5. Parking is an absolute nightmare and often pot luck to find a place - https://www.sth.nhs.uk/clientfiles/File/pd6466_web.pdf https://www.sth.nhs.uk/our-hospitals/charles-clifford-dental-hospital/how-to-get-here
  6. Long Covid and Chronic fatigue -
  7. Not in recent years - diagnosed in 1997 after 12 yrs of not knowing what it was other than I KNEW it was not arthritis. I then insisted I saw a rheumatologist as there was not a lot of help at that time. Paced/graded excercises made things worse with a heartless physio who said she would get me moving again. They no longer do that thank goodness as it makes things worse. I did attend the Pain Clinic but that is limited on what can help and how often you can have treatment. Luckily more people are aware of FMS now. Best advice is learn all about it, get to know your own body and how it works against you then manage it as best you can. Know your limitations and 'listen' to your body. . If you ever need a physio then use one that understands FMS as they know how not to trigger more pain. I used this clinic - https://www.roundwoodclinic.co.uk/physiotherapy/ and Claire but I am not sure she is still there. I also use a tens machine but do be aware not to place the pads on any trigger or tender points. Hot baths work best for me with a lightweight towel across my shoulders and someone pouring jugs of hot water over me.
  8. She used to live on Heathar Road and went to Shiregreen School.
  9. Donate to Sheffield Archives for Picturesheffield.com They wouldbe very pleased to receive it and it would be kept in a safe place for Sheffields History . https://picturesheffield.com/
  10. all our family have used Sheffield Window centre. We would not use anyone else.
  11. Spot on - if there is life in the old dog yet and our brain cogs work well then I do not class anyone as elderly. I know a lot of people who are in ther 80/90s and who can still use technology to their advantage. Our bodies may let us down but we all have something to contribute even if it is only to our own family in support and wise words.
  12. She was offered no help whatsover or anyadvice, solution or referral for her problem. I have done abit of searching for her and written some advice and contacts so we will see how it goes. Many thanks
  13. I cannot help as we are both shielding too so I cannot mix and I have enough on my plate at the moment. She has a phone but struggles with that and yes there should be help for older people who need it like that. I know the internet is a wonderful thing but not for everyone who is older. Thank you all
  14. Both - she is isolating though so cannot go out.
  15. A near neighbour of mine who is isolating due to age and has no car is wanting to get her sister a place near to her as her sister has dementia and needs some care My neighbour cannot use the internet, nor can her sister of course. How do you go on in this instance? She has rung the council but of course recieved no help whatsoever with her problem.
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