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  1. Yes you can still buy carbolic soap, look online and I love the smell too - hospitals used to smell clean too using this and dettol etc now there isn't really any smell.
  2. I too remember it from the 1950s onwards until it moved to the old Co-op at Firth Park. I remember some of the staff too having taken my children there in the 1960/70s. Lovely old place and far better than its modern day version .
  3. I had recent problems the last two years or so when I had blood tests that showed I was not absorbing vitamins including Vit D even though my diet was good. It was actually down to stomach problems and it was only after I became severely ill, losing weight etc. and the diagnosis was made, treatment was commenced that my health returned to what it was before.
  4. I once told my grandson w e used to do that and I got a - you are crazy - look and a derogatory 'what did you do that for?' I weakly replied 'well it was something to do, not many cars were around and some number plates were funny, like one that went past regularly that spelled BRA. He was not impressed.
  5. 1950s we collected all sorts didn't we? Postage stamps, film star photos in bubble gum packets. I had a scrapbook too that I pasted photos in from interest using flour and water paste. Autograph books with silly things in. Marbles.
  6. I would definitely want to know where I came from. Having had a childhood with natural parents who at times made me feel unwanted/unloved, researching my family history made me feel as if I really did belong somewhere.
  7. Fire engines busy in the area - is there a fire in the woods?
  8. It was pride in having a nice clean doorstep and windowsills with nice clean nets to the windows. The house may have been poor inside but cleanliness cost very little. They also used to sweep the pavements and swill them down. Same as today - some keep their fronts nice and tidy and clean their front doors and windowsills even if they are PVC - others do not.
  9. I know basically it is the tenant who is responsible but this property has had an number of tenants in recent years who all dumped their mess in the very large garden. I guess it must be being cleared because of all the waste some of it glass. Thanks for your input.
  10. If a Council House garden is a real mess and a new tenant is moving in do the Council clear the garden for them?
  11. https://emmaus.org.uk/sheffield/ is a good one - they helped when I needed a house clearance doing.
  12. https://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?searchterms=osgathorpe&action=search&keywords=all%3BCONTAINS%3B%osgathorpe%%3B for photos of some old places in Osgathorpe area.
  13. Sometimes a hot pack works or a cold pack. Ibuprofen is good for muscular pain but beware if you have stomach problems - otherwise Voltarol 12 hour gel which is quite expensive.
  14. https://www.seasonalgardening.co.uk/propagating_hydrangea_cuttings.html many shrubs are best used for cuttings in midsummer - autumn.
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