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  1. Massive power cut on the Hanover estate and the rest of the surrounding area on Saturday night February 15. Started at about 1125pm. Every one ok ?.
  2. Bit of a random question but just curious to know why Lord Nelson public house on Arundel st is also known as Fanny's ?
  3. There is 2/3 HGV Panalux Panavision lorries parked up on Victoria rd broomhall. Been there a couple of days now, anyone know anything ?
  4. Fireworks display around 21:55pm Broomhill area that lasted about 5 mins. Anyone know the reason ? Was it anything to do with the 3 day music event at the Botanical gardens ??
  5. Can anybody remember the name of the computer game shop in Meadowhall when it first opened?
  6. They seem's to be a lot of work going on in town around the top part of the Moor. Anyone know what the new building is going to be?. And also where Mcdonalds used to be on the corner.
  7. Its sorted itself out now, everything back to normal. ---------- Post added 25-05-2018 at 19:35 ---------- Same with mine google smart lock, its ok now cheers.
  8. Is anyone else having trouble with it today signing in?. Mine just keeps flashing on and off when I'm trying to sign in.
  9. Anybody know what's happening on the fields next to the castlebeck estate?. Ther'ye is a large construction digger working on the fields and fencing all round.
  10. Not just my bin neighbors and surrounding roads as well.
  11. Once again it's been collection day today in S13 and once again the bins haven't been emptied. Seems to be happening too often lately, don't know why what about the rest of Sheffield?.
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