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  1. My socket 775 heatsink got busted by an idiot of a removal man. I need a replacement today. Has anyone got one they arent usjng I could buy or borrow.? its kind of urgent so if anyone can help id be grateful thanks
  2. I never liked his music or his style but I liked his attitude in the sense he did things his way and screw you if you dont like it. That takes balls in the music industry. RIP Prince.
  3. The french had the right idea. Royalty is disgusting and needs abolishing.
  4. If anybody notices are Shogun Mitsubishi type vehicle with some recently acquired damage to the rear then please ring 101 and report them as they could be the scum bag who hit the Corsa busting out the back window and severely damaging the rear boot lid. That poor man when he got back to his car he looked distraught. Thankfully someone sat in a car in the car park managed to take a quick snap of the car whilst it was leaving. I am unsure if it shows the registration plates but fingers crossed it's a good snap and you get your comeuppance.
  5. Its a grade 2. They are dense for doing what they did. No use whinging in the star about it
  6. I am genuinely upset by this. What a shock and what a loss. RIP Vic :-(
  7. From what I hear the injuries are not life threatening so ill cross my fingers for a fast recovery. Also, The axe man needs some serious help and fast!
  8. Cheers fella. Ive amended that post now
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