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  1. I went on Friday and the food was really nice but if I'd wanted to have my tea there I'd have needed about 6 plates to fill me up and £50 for my tea is a bit pricey.
  2. It's alright. Very simple decor. 14 rotating beverages on draught or keg or whatever. Nice bar staff, keen to make sure they get their products right so had a few suggestions thhat they appear to have followed up. Decent addition to the area in my view.
  3. Are there any goalkeepers who would like to play league fixtures of a decent standard at Goals every Wednesday? Kick offs between 7 and 9.15pm but we fight very hard to make them either 7 or 7.45pm ones.
  4. Does anyone know of anywhere in the Sharrow, Abbeydale Road, Meersbrook, Woodseats, Banner Cross, Greystones, Sharrow Vale areas or anywhere nearby? Happy to discuss anything really in those areas.
  5. Sadly she IS Sheffield Council especially while they operate the "strong leader" model, so rightly so she doesn't allow herself to be interviewed. There's a bloke on Twitter who only ever refers to her as "The Dinner Lady" so I don't think he thinks she's particularly capable.
  6. Only two places I've been questioned about clothing are Kuckoo and Molly Malone's who both turned me down for not wearing shoes within the past year. Think Kuckoo have changed but not sure about Molly Malone's.
  7. The sort of bizarre Sheffield attitude that proliferates throughout this forum. It has all sorts of people. People you don't know aren't really why people go out. As a community owned and run pub The Gardeners Rest needed all the help it could get. Hopefully the extra income will help it flourish and allow it to offer for more and the community who live and go there. They have decorated the function room upstairs for example and that is available for hire.
  8. I've listened to him speak. I think knowing what sort of political leaning someone has from the words they use and things they say suggests that one is more likely to know what is going on in the political world. Without that prior knowledge of politics one wouldn't have a clue as to which party/political wing they might float towards.
  9. He has signed up Dame Sarah Storey to sort some biking and walking routes.
  10. Incredible. No wonder no one knows what is happening in the politics world if this is the level of understanding.
  11. They even find negatives in the positives.
  12. Largely agree. There is talk of getting as many of the rivers as possible out of the culverts and making attractions of them. It does make lots of sense. Germany's fifth largest city is Frankfurt and is famous for.. France's fifth largest city is Nice and is famous for ... Italy's is Palermo and is famous for... Spain's 5th largest is Bilbao and is famous for... General pessimism among the populous but definitely towards the place where they choose to live. Lots and oots of glass half empty attitudes. Sheffield makes more steel now than it ever has done. One Premier League team and a Championship team is better than Leeds and the same as Birmingham. This ^ Yes I disagree. If I am going to go to the countryside I'd rather be able to spend the evenings in a nearby city than some one hoss town. Cost of travel to the peaks is minimal. Glass half empty.
  13. Not sure where they went exactly but Yorkshire was the only region to have an increase in tourist numbers in the first half of 2018 (Latest available figures) so we might be heading in the right direction.
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