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  1. philyyy

    Plans for Abbeydale Picture House

    Swimming baths by the sound of it.
  2. philyyy

    Plans for Abbeydale Picture House

    There is parking on just about every side street within walking distance.
  3. It was superceeded by the stuff in Castleford and Manchester. I went once towards the end of its life and to say it was dangerous would be an understatement. Poorly maintained. They can stay if they buy the land. It's how the system works, I'm afraid.
  4. philyyy

    Queens Rd Traffic Scheme

    Works brilliantly. Have seen a few people, presumably not local, get it wrong and drive in the wrong lanes but makes perfect sense to keep it. I've never once seen anyone maintaing it and have driven up there every day for 11 years. Motorists should be detered from driving wherever possible but should be done by improving other options not by making car travel less efficient.
  5. philyyy

    Outdoor venue for a party

    Dam House.
  6. philyyy

    Satay Yo Beer

    I have always quite liked it when I've been. I'm not sure I recall the tapas concept as I had a rather large bowl of Oriental (can't recall where precisely) curry and rice.
  7. philyyy

    Dead Donkey bar

    It does the job. Few things to work on i.e. needs more seats but they are fully aware and working on it apparently.
  8. Each to their own once you've commented and passed judgement. But they probably won't.
  9. philyyy

    Disgusting behaviour on train

    Stereotypes making the world go round as usual. Completely untrue. Glad to see someone not thinking the end of the world is nigh.
  10. philyyy

    Ask for Angela Scheme Sheffield

    Very constructive. Well done.
  11. philyyy

    Ask for Angela Scheme Sheffield

    I think it is extremely bizarre. If both people, perp and victim, involved know the "code" it renders it pointless.
  12. philyyy

    Kashmiri Aroma Woodseats.

    I've asked its most frequent customer. He will be devestated and starving if they don't re-open soon.
  13. The Keep Britain Tidy campaign is running their annual Spring Clean from the 22nd of March to the 23rd of April 2019 and as part of The Sheffield Litter Pickers group we are trying to piggy back onto this and ask everyone to pick at least 20 pieces of litter during that time. Ideally 20 pieces every day, as there's more than enough to go round. Please join in, share etc. Before anyone says it's the council's job I agree but it isn't getting done and some areas in this city are a disgrace. If we wait for the council we might drown in it. https://www.keepbritaintidy.org/get-involved/support-our-campaigns/great-british-spring-clean
  14. philyyy

    Yoga/pilates/tai chi

    Did you sort anyone for this?
  15. philyyy

    Sheffield Stock Market Meetup

    Why is this a secret group?

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