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  1. Who else is fed up of the stupid traffic lights outside Halifax road shops,the are the worst I've ever used,totally useless.They only go on green man when all of the traffic has gone lol or just 1 or 2 cars are there,pointless,:|need fixing!
  2. Thinking of getting a wooden shed,but not got a lot of money to spend about £300 tops,any one recommend a good one for that price!
  3. We have a concrete base ready and are thinking of putting a metal shed on it,i'm having mixed thoughts about having one yet,as read a few reviews that seem to drag them down,but I do like the look of them and they are cheaper than wood,seen 1 in Argos we like at 299 in two minds wether to get it!
  4. Oh right,Ive read have to seal and prime before hand!
  5. Hi guys,my hubby rebuilt a 4 brick high wall at the weekend,and we want to paint it,we've bought some masonry paint for it,but will we need to prime it first,and if so do's it have to be an exterior paint,or can we just use any white emulsion as a primer undercoat?If we do need a primer,can anyone suggest one that's not a dear one,thanks.
  6. Dont matter might go eat some MacDonalds crap instead!
  7. Hi anyone know what time Pizza hut on high st in sheffield open till on NYE? Ive sent them a message but says wont get back to me for 5 days,lol er that be to late then!
  8. Lol it further than you think on foot!
  9. Hello ive got to get to Oxclose,park view S20 next Sunday by either bus or tram,do's anyone here know where the nearest stops are to it please,thanx
  10. Thing is not alot of shops want you to use there loo's unless you are a customer!
  11. Thinking of doing voluntary work in charity shop but i don't have any experience and im 52, do i have any chance?
  12. Whats happening to it then? ano there's lots of scaffolding up but what they doing?
  13. Fire works these days are terrible,nowt to them all over in seconds,now i don't mind fire works,but air bombs they are nasty,why have them? all they do is scare the **** out of ya and animals!
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