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  1. Exactly what I said xx Hello. I am fine thanks, hope you are too. I couldn't face SF after Rossyrooney passed away, He had become a friend in real life. I still fondly remember you and the 12 days of Christmas. Dangling LOL
  2. Unless they are in a disabled bay and then it is YES
  3. You can also find the information online
  4. They say it is only for the use of the badge holder and should not be used to park by someone else to use it for shopping if the disabled person is not exiting the vehicle in which case the able bodied person can use a regular parking space.
  5. If in a disabled bay the disabled person DOES have to get out of the car.
  6. My comment originally was referring to disabled bays because it was suggested that disabled people can sit in the car IN A DISABLED BAY while the able bodied person goes in the shop. I am not daft enough to think they can't sit in the car in a normal parking space
  7. We are talking about disabled people sitting in the car in a disabled bay while an able bodied person goes in the shop
  8. But if they are not getting out of the car when they are in the disabled bay they won't need to walk on that occasion
  9. I was just referring to disabled bays
  10. The point is that if the disabled person is sitting in the car and the able bodied person is going in the shop for whatever reason they should not use the limited number of disabled bays which are needed by disabled people who need to exit the vehicle.
  11. Eyup Duffems. How are you diddling?
  12. I met my dear friend Rossy on several occasions, Curriechick and I used to go to his house for coffee, cake and to set the world to rights. I met him first at a charity football match for Lillies wish to walk along with my other dear friend Bypassblade. He was an amazing person
  13. Sorry to hear this. Condolences from Den and Lin
  14. Now bringing Milk tray in Barnsley means your intentions are Somewhat suspect and may have given bad impression to her pa. You would be far safer to take her Ten woodbines and a can of lager Please remember that they are uncouth and still pee in a jam jar
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