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  1. And until very recently if you were operating a Canadian fishing boat it was law that you had to have a Newfoundland dog on board to leap in to save any of the staff that may fall overboard. However, neither of these scenarios apply to driving in the UK in 2019, do they?
  2. If you're coming down Manor Lane towards the back of the Parkway you're a bit screwed because if you turn left onto Cricket Inn Road there's a flood (passable with care on the pavement only), and if you turn right that's completely closed because of flooding. The only answer is to go back up the hill and find another way round!
  3. Back in the days before I had animals who are terrified of the fireworks so I grew to detest the things, I used to park on Lyons Street to overlook the display from After Dark.
  4. You really need to see a suitable behaviourist to work out why he's acting in this way. Nobody can tell you without having in depth knowledge of your situation and methods I'm afraid. What I can tell you at this point is that he's at just the right age to be boundary testing, but it's also a sign that you need to take action to prevent it from continuing.
  5. Yep, you really need to be talking to Friends of Ferals or the lovely people at the Cats Protection, who can help with trapping and neutering of the colony. It's a short, hungry and cold life for feral cats, so you're helping in all sorts of ways by limiting their numbers and potentially getting some of them moved to managed placements where they can live out their lives.
  6. We thought that it would be an idea to try having a place where forum users can offer skills to trade for other users' skills. This is not a place to advertise businesses or items for sale, we have the classifieds for that. If you've got a skill that you'd like to trade, please post the skill you're looking for, the sort of skill you'd be able to offer in return, and the area of the city that you're in. This could be anything from business services to home renovation or gardening skills, or probably things that I've not even considered. Please make everything legal, safe, family friendly, and totally free. If you're responding to a post please do so by PM so that the offers and requests aren't confused by lots of other discussion. If/when you no longer wish to have the post in the thread, or you've received the help that you need, please either edit out the text of your post, leaving behind the text 'no longer needed', or report your own post to the moderating team asking for it to be removed. I hope that this makes sense
  7. It wasn't just the fans fighting at the rugby match. The violence happened in synchrony with a mass brawl and punch up on the pitch too, for which half a dozen players have already received bans between 1 and 4 matches, with another one awaiting a tribunal which could result in a ban in the region of 4-6 matches. The incident resulted in 2 red cards and (I think) 4 yellows. It has no place in our sport, or in sport in general, but in rugby it's rare. I'm more worried about the growth in knife crime though.
  8. When these went off on Sunday I was in an allotment just up the valley, and although I lived very close to Owlerton for nearly 30 years, the ones for this weekend's stock car racing were particularly loud, it's a strange time to have fireworks, in bright sunshine on a Sunday lunchtime, like the loud engines just aren't enough of an intrusion.
  9. A 'quiet carriage' for the waiting room would go down a bundle with a whole load of patients, I suspect, but who would police it? Tutting loudly at people doesn't seem to have any effect at the idiots on trains.
  10. This is not necessarily to do with testosterone. Lots of things cause ED. Testosterone could be an issue, but so could a blocked blood vessel, prostate issues and a whole load of other things. Viagra has no testosterone in it, and it doesn't work like a hormone would. It works by varying the pressure in your blood vessels, and was originally tested as a cardiac drug, but it turned out to have some very interesting side effects for some of the people who took it in trials. What dosage of sildenafil did you take? The initial recommended dose is 50mg, but it's likely that the dosage available over the counter is the 25mg strength. The tablets are available by prescription up to 100mg, so if your dosage didn't do much then there's always the possibility of using more (dependent on the actual cause of your ED and your doctor verifying that a higher dose is actually safe for you with your individual risk factors, of course). Don't despair, there's every likelihood that there's something that will help out there.
  11. You've already got health problems that you don't know about- have your babies before the ability gets taken away in your early twenties. And don't be at the far end of the Parkway at 0800 on 5 October 1995.
  12. This is the difference between a negative opinion (but just in factual terms) and the 'naming and shaming'. People are, of course, at liberty to not like anything at all, and for any or all reasons. What they are NOT allowed to do on this forum is to make wild claims that they can't substantiate. We remove posts which are potentially defamatory about the council, Amey and politicians too. If you have seen a post which you believe to be defamatory or libellous please report it and the moderating team will remove it. This is my final word on this BTW. It's a forum rule and it's not likely to be changed.
  13. Except there are recorded instances of cases being dropped for these reasons.
  14. MMmm, no. No, they're not. This is a privately owned forum and we are free to set rules which are significantly more stringent than the law of the land. Whilst we may permit a factual report of a judgement against someone as long as there are unbiased media reports to use in support of the information available, 'naming and shaming' is not and will never be permitted on SF. If pejorative language or 'naming and shaming' is posted, how is the moderating team supposed to know the difference between truth and libel or defamation? If a post is defamatory, that potentially puts the forum owner in the impossible position having having to try to defend the claims made without having any of the necessary facts. This is not something that we are prepared to allow. This is a situation in which we'd just choose to not be in the middle of that conversation thank you, and it's our prerogative to make that choice.
  15. And even less the business of the defence, who could also ask for all sorts of things from it. There are examples given of investigations being dropped for historical cases of abuse and rape from times before the victim actually HAD a mobile phone, yet they are still expected to allow access to the last 7 years of all of their mobile data. How, exactly, is that meant to be relevant to the investigation?
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