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  1. A new cheapie tablet for my mum to use to play audiobooks and old Radio 4 plays while she's ill and stuck in bed a lot.
  2. I think that this thread has run its course at this point, so I'm going to close it.
  3. medusa


    I've just had a look at your account and there's no reason from our end as to why you shouldn't be able to access your PM box. I've disabled and then re-enabled your PMs to see if that made any difference. If you're logged into your account fully (which if you're posting, you should be) then the most helpful thing that I can suggest is that you do a bit of turning it off and on again to see if that helps, and if it doesn't help, that you clear your SF cookies. There is no logical reason why this should be so, but we've always found that selectively clearing your SF cookies is more helpful than blanket clearing them (and it means that you don't lose your logins for all of the other sites you visit, for instance) and for some reason it also works better if it's done twice (again, for no apparent reason). Go into your browser and the Settings or Options menu, and from there into your Security and Cookies settings. In the search box enter 'sheffieldforum' (without the space) and remove any cookies that it comes up with. After this, clear your cache and restart your browser. Hopefully your account will go back to how it should be with one of these actions. Private Messages.
  4. Can I just add a note of caution here please? Taking potshots at the moderating team has NEVER been tolerated on SF and you may have noticed, I'm still here and so are the mods that were here before the change of ownership. All of us give our time as volunteers to keep the forum running and whether you agree with the decisions taken by the moderating team or not, getting personal about the mods and/or their reasons for applying forum rules will never be allowed. The mods follow forum rules on what is allowed, and they follow those rules even if they don't agree with them. If you have a grievance about the moderating team take it either to the Helpdesk, which is seen by the admin team but not the moderators, or come to my email address medusa@sheffieldforum.co.uk to discuss it. The vast majority of the time there is a good reason for moderating decisions taken, and I'd be happy to explain that reason to you. Further potshots will result in little forum holidays. You have been warned.
  5. There was a season with a Sheffield Forum FC too, with a strip that was half blue and white stripes and half red and white stripes!
  6. Yes thank you, had it a couple of weeks ago and everything is fine. I don't anticipate being close enough to anybody to potentially catch flu this winter (being on immunosuppressants and having asthma mean that I've been shielding against Covid and am still very careful about getting close enough to other people to catch that) but in the event that I did encounter it, I'm all jabbed and ready to defend against it. When I had flu over millennium new year, I was living with my (now ex-) husband and his 3 year old twins, so lying down and being ill was not an option, but I went from being fine to emptying a Ventolin inhaler every 2 days and coughing up blood in one weekend. It's not something I would voluntarily repeat. Get your flu shots everybody- the last thing that anybody needs is to potentially end up with flu and Covid at the same time!
  7. This is why I don't have my jab in my arm. I've only got one working arm, and unfortunately can't have injections in my gammy arm because I have lymphoedema. Just after that happened I asked my doctor if there was any major reason why I had to land myself in a position where I may not be able to dress or feed myself for an injection that could be given in my leg instead. After that, I offer my leg instead and if I get a sore leg at least I can still look after myself.
  8. The whole point of The Boys is that it's an anti-super-hero series really. I don't do comic translations usually as the promotion of trivial violence as a way to solve a problem (but it's OK because they're a 'baddie'!) makes me reach for the off switch, but this one is actually different. And in Banshee I didn't bother watching Anthony Starr much while there was Geno Segers to watch instead There were enormous holes in Banshee, including why in this day and age of computers, how the hell did nobody know what their new sheriff actually looked like? We often joke that when they put the warnings up at the start of a program, if it doesn't warn us about violence, language and blood then it's probably not our sort of thing! The best warning ever was for an episode of Rebus, which had violence, language and scenes of crucifixion.
  9. The problem with stopping feeding bread to the waterfowl has already been illustrated, with the number of birds simply starving to death once the bread stopped. There is insufficient natural food for the number of birds in municipal parks, and the birds have had several generations of learning that food will be thrown to them by visitors so they have got less and less able to forage fully over the years anyway. The advice not to feed bread has been rescinded because it is better than nothing, and very few people replaced the bread with more appropriate foods like peas, halved grapes or whatever, so the birds just starved. Anyway, there are rats everywhere. If you don't see them then they're doing a very good job at being out of your eye line, but they're still there. We don't see them here most of the time, yet one of my cats seems to be able to find enough of them to bring several of them in a week (after he's killed them). You are within 10 feet of a rat at pretty much every moment of your life.
  10. Don't give the new owners any time to settle in before coming to a damning judgement, eh? They haven't even had chance to introduce themselves yet! Sheffield Forum has been a community resource for a long time, and we plan on continuing to be one for a good while yet.
  11. Geno Segers to read me bedtime stories please. Preferably not when he's pretending to be quite as homicidal and hard to stop as he was when he was being your FBI
  12. They don't need a boil wash. A simple wash with hand hot water and soap is sufficient to degrade any coronavirus present. Soap has a huge part to play here, due to the damage caused by surfactants on the oily surface molecules of the virus, which is why hand washing is so encouraged.
  13. What I don't understand about this is what are you meant to do if you get your car loaded up and drive to the site and then find that there are other people in front of you? It's not like most people can just go away and come back another day if their cars are full of hedge trimmings or whatever. Both of us have very limited mobility and so we don't really load the car up (and I drive a really big 7 seater) and we're lucky enough that we could come back most of the time, but I can't imagine that applying for most families or people who drive little hatchbacks. At the weekends there is usually a queue pretty much all day from the sites I've seen.
  14. It took me months to get my asthma stabilised after the last time I had flu, so I don't plan on having it again. I've got my appointment to have my flu jab next week and I'll have it even though I will have to coordinate it carefully around one of my injected medications which suppresses immune response.
  15. If the door is shut and the heat is coming out into the room from the fan then I'd suggest that you've got a seal problem. Whilst I can feel a breeze underneath my oven door when it's on, it's not very warm. If the air is hot then somewhere is missing a functional seal.
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