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  1. In line with other prominent forum users who pass, I thought it appropriate that Mort have one of these in memoriam threads. Sadly, after not being able to raise Mort this morning another friend and I went to her flat and found that she had passed away during the night. Mort had a varied career, from archaeologist to manager of the on site crew at City Hall, and she was the only person I know who could loom over people a foot taller than she was in one moment, and then reduce a conversation to gutter level the next (and anybody who heard her uproarious laugh will remember that). Mort was my friend for the last 30 years and I will miss her terribly, so please, be nice if you wish to post here. I will post details of her funeral once organised. Her beloved cats Mr Fat Feet and Siren will be taken into an emergency foster place tomorrow, pending her next of kin's decision as to their future.
  2. Your recipe sounds lovely, but can I be a bit of a pedant? It's not risotto, because risotto is made up of rice. Yours is orzotto, made up of barley.
  3. OK, the ad agency will be requested to remove the ad in the morning. Thank you @spider1 for bringing it to our attention
  4. Apologies for this one folks. We'll get it sorted as soon as we can- please ignore it until it's been made to go away.
  5. Well done Mr Bloke Even I didn't know who had created any of the entries BTW, so voting was as genuine as it could get.
  6. The only way that my family can get together this year is if we stay outdoors, so that is where our dinner will be. We've rented a large gazebo which we can get put up over the garden to keep us dry, and we will all put on our warmest camping or skiing gear and sit in opposite corners of the garden with hot water bottles and blankets. Dinner will be one pot stew that will keep warm as we serve ourselves from a table in the middle, and that will hopefully mean that the family members who are around covid regularly are sufficiently reassured that they won't be a risk to the rest of us. Outside of this meeting, none of us will be doing any socialising that involves going into anybody else's house. I will deliver presents to a couple of friends but stay outside and distanced. We haven't spent the last 9 months avoiding infecting each other to screw it up now for a sentimental virus-fest.
  7. Not in my family, or my extended family. My family aren't even making plans this far ahead because of the risk of any of the family getting a call on Christmas Eve to tell them that someone they were around has tested positive and they need to self isolate. None of us want to put any of the rest of us at risk, particularly older members of the family, so if that means that we will be spending Christmas at home without seeing them, then that's what it means.
  8. There are practicalities that are really hard to avoid, like people needing to buy food because delivery slots are all taken for supermarkets already. They would still need food even if it wasn't Christmas in a couple of weeks.
  9. I do understand apprehension and reluctance too, even though I know way more about the testing and approval procedure than most people and am happy to report that the approval (or lack thereof) for any new vaccination is not in the remit of the government but of scientists who actually do know what they're doing in reading the available data and questioning all potential niggles or safety issues. Yes, the government put the final stamp on approval, but they do so after the scientists have put it all through their rigorous attention developed over many years to reduce the chances of catastrophic mistakes of the type of which the reluctant people are scared. If it genuinely was down to whether Boris or Matt Hancock thought it was a good idea I'd give it the widest berth possible!
  10. I can heartily recommend Silver Hill. I've had loads of interesting cheese from there over the years. If you're looking for Italian cheese I can also recommend Bragazzis on Abbeydale Road. Particularly good for different sorts of Pecorino. If you happen to be out that way, the Chatsworth farm shop has a fabulous cheese selection including local and cheeses made from their own milk.
  11. I've had a box from Food Works weekly for the last couple of years and am now a patron, and love the randomness and amazing variety that is available and would otherwise be wasted. This week I got a persimmon and 2 fennel bulbs so I had to go away and work out what to do with them In recent months we've had everything from blueberries and asparagus to a whole guinea fowl and beautiful flowers. The big development that has come around as a result of Covid is the affordable and freshly made ready meals that can be picked up from a whole selection of places around the city for a very reasonable donation (and also made by the FW chefs from repurposed food from the waste stream). It's amazing to think how many people can be fed from the food that businesses throw away.
  12. It all depends on who is choosing the winner and what that person finds attractive/endearing/funny doesn't it? In the past it's not been automatically the most 'professional' logo that's won; some of the more 'home made' ones have always been my thing (I choose hand made and individual over perfect and impersonal every time). I don't know who is choosing and what their criteria will be though, at the moment. Give it a go- brighten up the place!
  13. It was before the forum changed to InVision from vBulletin, and I'm not sure that it's possible to display them after the change. I'm looking forward to seeing some cheerfulness around the place after the pretty horrible year we've all been having
  14. He was our moderator on the far side, the only moderator to ever die in office. It's hard to believe that it's a whole decade since Grahame went though
  15. If the scooter in this OP was a class 3 scooter then by law it should be registered and have a vehicle registration plate, although it is not law that this plate has to be attached to the scooter. Mine is in the filing cabinet upstairs along with my scooter's V5 and my insurance documents. The insurance covers theft, accidental damage, personal injury, breakdown recovery, replacement scooter hire and third party costs, and was the princely sum of £65 for a full year's cover. The vehicle excise duty on mobility scooters is currently at zero, partly because the scooter is powered by electric and the VED on electric cars is also zero in most cases, and partly because most mobility scooter users are disabled and are exempt from VED on their primary vehicle because of this. To answer the OP: Of course scooter drivers should observe and comply with all of the road laws and highway code applying, although I do not know of any way that this may be tested or ensured in a population of sometimes elderly scooter drivers.
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