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  1. I've got a stash of upholstery fabric that I'd be happy to donate, if you can tell me where and when to take it somewhere. One piece is about 10m and there's also a pair of huge curtains that could be cut up to make into whatever.
  2. medusa

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    It's as cynical as Sainsbury's using the 1914 Christmas truce as a way to sell more groceries at Christmas, but at the bottom of it, all advertising is similarly cynical and self serving. This is just a company realising that their 'butch' advertising is way out of line with current thinking and failing to do better with their next attempt to convince people that they have an ethos other than 'buy our products'.
  3. medusa

    Homeless read this .

    So people have to be 'stupid' to not accept the help? How does that relate to the people whose mental health difficulties are too severe for them to cope with dealing with the system or being shoved into the same physical space as people of whom they may be terrified? Mental health problems don't just go away when you offer someone a place to stay.
  4. medusa

    repair shed

    It's very good for the wider economy of the planet to repair items instead of wasting the 99% of components that are still working just fine. There are times when things need to be replaced for safety reasons or because they genuinely have reached the end of their useful life, but treating things as disposable is so wasteful!
  5. medusa

    Female development question

    There is such a thing as a 'delete' button, you know
  6. medusa

    Sitting in doctors surgeries

    And of course the ironic thing is that the paper masks used are generally totally ineffective at preventing airborne virus, bacteria and spores from entering the airways. You're far more likely to pick up a disease from holding a handrail or door handle which has been held by someone holding a tissue that they've sneezed into than you are by breathing near them (with or without a mask).
  7. medusa

    Female development question

    In the same way that your dominant and arm are usually bigger than the other side (visible on skeletons as well as musculature and joints) usually the pectoral muscle on that side is normally better developed, and whether it's because of this being more developed or not, it does usually follow that if you're right handed, your left breast is usually measurably bigger than your right. It may be millimetres, it may be more, it's only a tendency, so I'm sure that there are women who are genuinely symmetrical and those who buck the trend. Men tend to have a similar thing with their testicles (just so you know that it's not women being strange!). I've had an interesting one over the years (dominance rather than boob related). Because I was born right handed but lost most of the power and use in my right arm because of surgery to remove a tumour, it's taken 20 years to be reversed, but my larger hand is now my smaller hand, my knuckles and wrist on my right side are now smaller than my left. Bodies are dynamic things and they respond to the relative forces applied to them year in and year out. You're welcome Never be scared of asking straight up questions- it's the only way to get the answers that make life easier
  8. His rigorous and excellent approach to science may have never applied to anything else apart from one molecule in his entire working life. One could work on one molecule irrelevant of prejudices, biases and personal hatreds.
  9. He's not a paragon, with only perfect thoughts and opinions. He had some good scientific theories which turned out to be backed up by the emerging techniques of scanning electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography, but none of this makes him a more valid person than anybody else, nor does it make the rest of his thoughts and opinions more valid than anybody else's. His opinions are pretty standard for people born in a time when racism was much less challenged than it is now, but he clearly lacks the political understanding to know when to keep his mouth shut, which is rather to his detriment. He's out of tune with current understanding and thinking on this, that's all. I know I'm not perfect, but then I'm not put on a pedestal by those who don't actually understand that judging people on a single set of opinions has no bearing whatsoever on their opinions on literally anything else.
  10. medusa

    Sitting in doctors surgeries

    You'd do better not touching surfaces, getting into the habit of not touching your face and being diligent with hand washing after being in public (including a doctors' surgery). More viruses are spread through contact transfer than in the air.
  11. The increase is set by the government, so it's however often the government choose to increase them. Typically they're every year, but there's no rule that says that they can only increase yearly so they could increase more or less frequently if the powers that be decided so.
  12. medusa

    Sitting in doctors surgeries

    One of my friends has a really impaired immune system, and she catches literally everything going if she goes to the doctors' surgery. The doctors have seen her so many times with a surgery acquired infection that they go out to her rather than treat the repeated bouts of pneumonia and pleurisy that she comes down with after every cold. If you aren't immune suppressed and are around these infections on a regular basis, your immune system will deal with them and you'll find that you stop catching colds anything like as often after a while.
  13. medusa

    Labyrinthitis type bug going around?

    The lurg that's about at the moment, the one that you think you've got rid of before it returns for another go, caused really bad sinusitis for both of us and I was waiting for the labyrinthitis to go along with it, but thankfully that doesn't appear to have materialised. My teeth are alternating between feeling like they're going to fall out and being totally numb though, which is a sure sign of sinus inflammation, and there's really not much distance between the sinuses and the inner ear so I consider myself lucky to have not had the labyrinthitis too. Most labyrhinthitis is viral and self-limiting, and there's no need for antibiotics in most cases, but as Daven says, if it's not passing by itself in a few days do go and get checked.
  14. medusa

    Female development question

    It's important for you to know that although they balance out as they grow, a degree of imbalance is normal, in the same way that faces are rarely symmetrical. It's usual that the dominant side is a little smaller, and it's common for the difference to be a whole cup size. Given that puberty is a tough time for both boys and girls, and that girls who develop early get bullied for it and girls that develop late get bullied for it (and girls that have big boobs get bullied for it, and girls that have small boobs get bullied for it), it's also wise to assume that any visible difference will get picked on, sadly. All of this is, of course, fabulous for the self esteem and doesn't cause girls to get hung up on the minutiae of their appearance at all 🙄 The most appropriate thing that you can do as a dad if she talks to you about it is to hug her, tell her that although it's likely to even out as she develops, not being symmetrical is normal and that all of the other girls at school will be worried in exactly the same way about something to do with their appearance that's troubling them. Knowing that nobody is completely OK with how they look, particularly at this age, should be a bit of reassurance for her.
  15. medusa

    Hermes collection point from depot ?

    I suspect that all of the courier companies and the posties around where we used to live have had to change loads of their routines over the last month or so, because I used to be the delivery spot for pretty much the whole street and they all knew that if my car was outside then I was in and I'd take in a parcel for all of my neighbours. The new owner works 12 hour days, so I've no idea where they go now.

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