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  1. I've passed on the details to the chair of the Sheffield bird group, who will be able to both circulate them to whoever and contact the building caretaking team to gain access to the roof, where the bird was found today, to see if they can work out how it died. The scaffold is on top of a tall block in town, so there will have been nobody else up there today. From our conversation I already know that this wasn't one of the chicks from the last few years of the university birds as they were ringed in orange and this bird was ringed in green.
  2. One of my friends has just found a dead peregrine on top of a scaffold and I've asked for details in case this explains the disappearance of the female.
  3. medusa

    Blue Badge parking

    At least two of the parking spots outside A&E are drop off spots, not disabled parking. I noticed them when I was taking someone to A&E a few weeks ago. Nobody would expect someone with broken bones to be walking from other car parks.
  4. medusa

    Game of Thrones series 8.

    In the press it's being reported that this one episode took 11 weeks of nights to film in Northern Ireland, during winter last year including the Beast from the East. I would imagine that the cast bill for the episode was rather large too.
  5. I would have no problem with the police having access to any information held by my phone, but if I had been raped I sure as hell wouldn't be comfortable with all of that being turned over to my rapist and his legal team, then picked apart and used against me in open court. Let's be honest here, although cases cannot officially be defended on a 'she was dressed provocatively so she was asking for it' defence. conversations with other people, intimate photos and the like could all be used to colour a jury's opinion. Who would welcome that one? I wouldn't, even though I know for a fact that there is nothing even vaguely intimate on my phone (unless you count texts booking a gardener to come and build me some fencing, or photos of the dog and cats as intimate).
  6. medusa

    Gender Fluid, Opinions?

    OK, so if height, hand size and shoulder breadth have a bearing in sports, how would your notional set of measures deal with someone like me? Admittedly, I'm now a serious crip and am no danger to anybody, but back in the day when I was healthy, I was pretty formidable. I'm 6'3, I've got a seriously wide shoulders and orangutan length arms, I can't wear women's gloves and wear mens L/XL. When I was doing lots of sport I leg pressed with anything up to 250kg, I swam almost 100 miles a week and could push a scrum of blokes over 99 times out of 100. I'm female, all natural, and normal height and build for my family. I'm taller than probably the majority of male athletes of all types (with the exception of basketball players and goalkeepers). Would you have problems with someone like me competing as a woman?
  7. medusa

    Java Lounge (ex) Holme lane

    I think that Hillsborough still suffers as a result of the ongoing confusion (from some people) about the tram gates and parking. I know a whole selection of otherwise intelligent and sensible people who just choose to go around the entire area so that they don't go through Hillsborough corner at all and therefore can't be picked up by a camera and fined for not doing it properly. People are confused about the fact that the tram gates running through from Langsett Road into Middlewood Road (and vice versa) have operating hours but the one from Holme Lane onto Langsett Road is permanent. I know several people who don't live in Hillsborough who have queried a ticket after turning right from Holme Lane to Langsett Road in the hours when it would be OK to have driven straight through, and I also know lots who have been caught out by the clearway zones at the bottom of all of the streets facing out onto a tramway. Of course, none of this is an excuse for not reading or understanding the restrictions, but I think locals forget how confusing this must be for people who haven't driven around trams, and the amount of information that needs to be absorbed very quickly on driving through or attempting to park in Hillsborough. If people regard Hillsborough as a place to try to get around and out of without being charged money for going through it, rather than a place to visit because you want to actually go there, then even 5% or 10% lower footfall must have an effect on the number of customers who visit other places preferentially. Having lived locally for 27 years until recently, I've never been confused by the tram gates and saw the middle of the day and evening relaxation as a bonus after years of not going through them at all, but I know way too many people who just see Hillsborough as a place to avoid.
  8. My in house techie, who has tried all sorts of unusual stuff, has never tried it with Windows and doesn't know whether it's possible, so there's no definite answer here I'm afraid.
  9. medusa

    Hillsborough verdict

    I'm going to close this thread because the content of what is being discussed may be covered by sub judice laws, since another trial is due to start in a few months. Please don't start any other threads on this topic.
  10. medusa

    Knitting groups

    There's a craft group that meets at Heeley City Farm, and there's a knitting group that meets at Cocoa Wonderland on Ecclesall Road (I think it's the last Thursday of the month). I'm sure that there are others too.
  11. medusa

    60 Days on The Streets.(C4) Last night.

    And today, Ed was contacted by Geoff's family by email, who sent him a picture of Geoff when he was in a clean spell a couple of years ago, asking him to show it to highlight to Geoff how he could be in the future too. I hope that it does encourage Geoff to get back in touch with his family and build a greater future with them, and that between him and family he can find a reason to remove the drugs from his future.
  12. medusa

    closing disussion

    Users do not see the reports received in confidence by the moderating team. Most of the time users don't feel that their posts break forum rules even when others, including the moderator handling the report, clearly do. I'm going to close this one too.
  13. medusa

    First time buyer

    It does all depend really. What's 'cheap' to you? Are you referring to road links or public transport? Whereabouts are you trying to link to for work?
  14. medusa

    Will you eventually buy a hybrid car?

    I drive a Motability car, so I'm limited by the models that it is possible to lease on the scheme. This means that last time around (4 years ago, one year left on the lease) I didn't have the choice of petrol models and had to get a diesel, as that was the Motability policy at the time. Next time around I suspect that there will be less diesel models and more electric or hybrid cars to choose between. That being so, I may choose a hybrid version, but I'm unlikely to choose a straight up electric vehicle. My family live far enough away that trips to see them would be really hard to do by electric vehicle, and I do that journey frequently enough that I'm not prepared to have a car that stops me from seeing my family. A hybrid can always switch back to another fuel when the batteries run out. It is possible that the price of hybrids and electric vehicles won't have dropped enough to make them suitable for leasing, in which case it is likely to be in another 5 years when I consider this. (yes, I know that the normal Motability lease is for 3 years, but I choose to extend the lease because I find it hard to afford the extra contribution entailed in the lease).
  15. medusa

    Liam Neeson Interview.

    I listened to the whole exchange and he did state quite clearly that the whole thing was something that he'd never admitted to anybody ever before (and now to a journalist, how daft he must be for that) and that he was deeply ashamed of it. At no point did he say that it was the right thing to do, or the right thing to think.

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