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  1. medusa

    60 Days on The Streets.(C4) Last night.

    And today, Ed was contacted by Geoff's family by email, who sent him a picture of Geoff when he was in a clean spell a couple of years ago, asking him to show it to highlight to Geoff how he could be in the future too. I hope that it does encourage Geoff to get back in touch with his family and build a greater future with them, and that between him and family he can find a reason to remove the drugs from his future.
  2. medusa

    closing disussion

    Users do not see the reports received in confidence by the moderating team. Most of the time users don't feel that their posts break forum rules even when others, including the moderator handling the report, clearly do. I'm going to close this one too.
  3. medusa

    First time buyer

    It does all depend really. What's 'cheap' to you? Are you referring to road links or public transport? Whereabouts are you trying to link to for work?
  4. medusa

    Will you eventually buy a hybrid car?

    I drive a Motability car, so I'm limited by the models that it is possible to lease on the scheme. This means that last time around (4 years ago, one year left on the lease) I didn't have the choice of petrol models and had to get a diesel, as that was the Motability policy at the time. Next time around I suspect that there will be less diesel models and more electric or hybrid cars to choose between. That being so, I may choose a hybrid version, but I'm unlikely to choose a straight up electric vehicle. My family live far enough away that trips to see them would be really hard to do by electric vehicle, and I do that journey frequently enough that I'm not prepared to have a car that stops me from seeing my family. A hybrid can always switch back to another fuel when the batteries run out. It is possible that the price of hybrids and electric vehicles won't have dropped enough to make them suitable for leasing, in which case it is likely to be in another 5 years when I consider this. (yes, I know that the normal Motability lease is for 3 years, but I choose to extend the lease because I find it hard to afford the extra contribution entailed in the lease).
  5. medusa

    Liam Neeson Interview.

    I listened to the whole exchange and he did state quite clearly that the whole thing was something that he'd never admitted to anybody ever before (and now to a journalist, how daft he must be for that) and that he was deeply ashamed of it. At no point did he say that it was the right thing to do, or the right thing to think.
  6. medusa

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    So, if you (hypothetically) worked at Woodland View or Lightwood House, which are just off the south side of the road by the old aerodrome, and you didn't have a car, how would you get in to work on foot without crossing? Even if you get the bus that stops on the same side of the road on the way to work, you still need to cross to get to the bus that goes back again, and if you get the purple tram to Herdings park, which is a 10 minute walk away, both arriving at work and leaving again would entail crossing a dual carriageway. Honestly, what's the alternative? Most of the carers are on very low wage and can't afford a car. The same applies to staff and visitors at the health and leisure centre, and to St James retail park (and probably others too).
  7. medusa

    Masons Arms Langsett Road

    We never experienced that sort of reception. There was a whole selection of nice people in there, many of whom bought Molly some scratchings when she mysteriously ended up in there when she was meant to be being walked by a certain partner...🙄 The human can buy his own beer while he's taking a 'rest', but we'll buy the dog a treat
  8. medusa

    Masons Arms Langsett Road

    We moved from very close to there 2 months ago, and the Masons was still open and apparently doing fine at that point. Of course it could all have gone belly up during or after Christmas, but it was open for the entirety of the 27 years that I lived there.
  9. medusa

    Dickensian diseases on the rise

    Actually, according to the Sanger Institute, the first description of whooping cough-like symptoms was in Korea in the Middle Ages: https://www.sanger.ac.uk/news/view/2014-04-24-origin-and-evolution-of-i-bordetella-pertussis-i-
  10. medusa

    Dickensian diseases on the rise

    Actually, the biggest risk factor for gout is genetic risk. It doesn't help by overeating, but that in itself doesn't make someone concentrate uric acid in their blood, just like both of the people I know who have kidney stones are young, slim and vegetarian, yet kidney stones are also linked to overeating and drinking. I agree entirely though- if you've ever actually seen a baby with whooping cough, or a child with brain damage from measles, you have no doubt that vaccinating is the way to prevent the horrors from them.
  11. medusa

    Child Genital Mutilation

    Moreover, the adult women who elect to have surgery are doing so in genuine informed consent. No child can be said to have done so.
  12. medusa

    What Have you Done in Three Words(part 2)

    The washing up
  13. medusa

    What was the last thing you bought? (part 3)

    Two folding chairs, some cereal bowls, a mattress protector, a week's groceries and a conservatory. I live such an exciting life
  14. I've got a stash of upholstery fabric that I'd be happy to donate, if you can tell me where and when to take it somewhere. One piece is about 10m and there's also a pair of huge curtains that could be cut up to make into whatever.

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