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  1. I will be attending to pay respects to my friend Shel, and on behalf of other friends who are unable to be there.
  2. I've signed in for the first time since Mort died, just to make sure that the forum old guard receive the message that this morning Shel Turner, aka PlainTalker, passed away in hospital. At present there are no details for any arrangements, but I'll try to make sure that these are posted in time for those who would want to pay their respects are able to attend. I know that lots of people are around who didn't like Shel, please don't start on this thread. She's not here to argue against you now.
  3. Hang on a minute- are the only complaints to be listened to about users who had issue with moderation? How about the moderators who had death threats? How about the rewards being posted online for any real life information on the moderators? How about that real life information being posted on far right sites as an enemy, just in case anybody would care to pay them a visit? How about turning up at forum meets tooled up to threaten the mod team in real life? Do these not count? Do these not explain why some users were banned in repeat accounts because we simply were not prepared to have that person on the forum in any username? Honestly, in the last 15 years I've had 3 stalkers, one of whom I found before he found me, and it turned out that he lived less than half a mile from my house. If we're not considering bullying towards the moderators, how about bullying between users? Stalking? Threats? THIS IS NOT A ONE WAY STREET HERE FOLKS.
  4. Nobody got rid of me, apart from my own inability to cope with being around the place without my oldest friend alongside me. I reluctantly admitted that my heart was not in returning after my self imposed leave last week. I appreciate the efforts that esme, Groose and Nikki-Red went to in order to take up my slack in my absence and am very sorry that my resignation may have precipitated all of this.
  5. The facebook post has now been amended to say that Callum has been found safe and well, so I'll close this
  6. PSA is not the be all and end all of prostate issues, so if you've got a flow problem please do go back to your doctor and ask for a referral for a flow test. You could have benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) which is a simple overgrowth of the prostate gland and is NOT related to prostate cancer, and you can have a degree of BPH with only a tiny raise in your PSA levels. You could have prostatitis (also not related to prostate cancer) with only a small raise of you PSA levels. Either of these could really be affecting your life but not really show in huge PSA levels, particularly if your personal anatomy means that your bladder capacity is affected by the inflammation, but there is medication to help with flow, medication to treat any inflammation and there are also surgical options for both. If you have either of these then no supplement will help you anything like as much as a set of tests to actually identify the issue and the best of the NHS, whether that's antibiotics or tamsulosin. Please consult your GP, or return and ask for a full explanation of why you aren't being referred with ongoing symptoms.
  7. I'm not a football fan (the ball's the wrong shape for me!) but I'd hesitate to say that one win when you're bottom of the league warrants that statement!
  8. I'm sorry, I didn't spot your post until now Cressy. As far as I'm aware, payments are automated unless there's a reason why someone has to go and tinker with it so unless you've missed a letter or a reapplication date or something similar, there should be no interruption to anything. Were you given a date that it would be paid until when you were first put on it? Indefinite awards should not stop without you being notified of a need to reapply or go for a reassessment, so I'd query it given that it's so far overdue. Good luck
  9. Lunch out with friends and a bit of putting the world to rights in a pub in the Peak District. That said, one of the friends that I'd really like to enjoy a meal with died two weeks ago, so even once this is over, it will tall take a bit of getting used to
  10. In line with other prominent forum users who pass, I thought it appropriate that Mort have one of these in memoriam threads. Sadly, after not being able to raise Mort this morning another friend and I went to her flat and found that she had passed away during the night. Mort had a varied career, from archaeologist to manager of the on site crew at City Hall, and she was the only person I know who could loom over people a foot taller than she was in one moment, and then reduce a conversation to gutter level the next (and anybody who heard her uproarious laugh will remember that). Mort was my friend for the last 30 years and I will miss her terribly, so please, be nice if you wish to post here. I will post details of her funeral once organised. Her beloved cats Mr Fat Feet and Siren will be taken into an emergency foster place tomorrow, pending her next of kin's decision as to their future.
  11. Your recipe sounds lovely, but can I be a bit of a pedant? It's not risotto, because risotto is made up of rice. Yours is orzotto, made up of barley.
  12. Well done Mr Bloke Even I didn't know who had created any of the entries BTW, so voting was as genuine as it could get.
  13. The only way that my family can get together this year is if we stay outdoors, so that is where our dinner will be. We've rented a large gazebo which we can get put up over the garden to keep us dry, and we will all put on our warmest camping or skiing gear and sit in opposite corners of the garden with hot water bottles and blankets. Dinner will be one pot stew that will keep warm as we serve ourselves from a table in the middle, and that will hopefully mean that the family members who are around covid regularly are sufficiently reassured that they won't be a risk to the rest of us. Outside of this meeting, none of us will be doing any socialising that involves going into anybody else's house. I will deliver presents to a couple of friends but stay outside and distanced. We haven't spent the last 9 months avoiding infecting each other to screw it up now for a sentimental virus-fest.
  14. Not in my family, or my extended family. My family aren't even making plans this far ahead because of the risk of any of the family getting a call on Christmas Eve to tell them that someone they were around has tested positive and they need to self isolate. None of us want to put any of the rest of us at risk, particularly older members of the family, so if that means that we will be spending Christmas at home without seeing them, then that's what it means.
  15. There are practicalities that are really hard to avoid, like people needing to buy food because delivery slots are all taken for supermarkets already. They would still need food even if it wasn't Christmas in a couple of weeks.
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