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  1. Thanks to the joys of lupus, my hair really isn't worth going to the hairdressers for any more, so I cut it using the '2 elastic bands and one cut' principle. I only want what bothers to grow to be long enough to tie up out of the way and I wear a hat full time, so it doesn't really matter. I will bother with a proper cut when it deigns to grow properly! My OH has gone through exactly the same cycle as he does normally. He gets the clippers out and shaves off everything apart from his eyebrows and then leaves it until it annoys him or he scares himself looking in the mirror and realising how 'Captain Birdseye' he looks, then he goes to find the clippers again. As with many things, neither of us is bothered in the least about appearance!
  2. To be honest, we haven't asked that question, but I doubt that it would fold.
  3. These are all questions that you should be asking Geoff. I'm not the site owner, I'm a volunteer manager. Geoff can be reached at office@sheffieldforum.co.uk
  4. I'm afraid I can't help you on the price (that's a Geoff question, not a me question), but I can tell you that yes, the forum does generate a revenue. And thank you @Ghozer, that is most appreciated
  5. No, this is where we decided that all such discussion should happen because it's news about the forum, not about Sheffield. If you're interested in discussing the sale please email Geoff on office@sheffieldforum.co.uk and I'm sure he will answer your queries
  6. I've been a long term electric toothbrush user, due to my manual dexterity problems, and historically I've used an Oral B one (I think I'm on my 4th or 5th one now, in about 25 years). I was supplied with an ultrasonic one for free by a promotions company a few years ago. It was a top of the range Colgate Pro Clinical one (it had numbers, but I can't remember what they were) and I'm afraid I didn't like it. Quite apart from anything else, it tickled my gums and I found it really irritating. It also didn't feel like my teeth were as clean after using it as they felt from my normal brush, and I found myself supplementing it with a bit of manual brushing for all of the bits that didn't feel clean. They did feel clean after the extra brushing, which I took to be confirmation. It also turned itself off at the end of a 2 minute brushing cycle, which was a bit annoying if I hadn't quite finished. Yes it was simple to turn it on and start another cleaning cycle, but on top of everything else, it just caused me to dislike it all the more and in the end I gave it away.
  7. I think that most people just know which buttons to press after a while. It's been ages since I have used a physical cashpoint though, so I wouldn't know which button I needed without reading it either.
  8. An electric toothbrush and some new knickers.
  9. How long a hedge? What plants? Is it accessible? I've only got one working arm (and it's my non-dominant arm that works) so things like hedge trimmers are impossible for me, let alone chainsaws. This means that when I decided that the hedge at my old house needed to stop being enormous, I had to get a bit creative. If the hedge is something like privet, which will sprout again from brown wood given a bit of time then it's perfectly possible to draw a line down your hedge with chalk and then just take some time with a pair of ratchet secateurs cutting one stem at a time all the way along the line and through the depth of your hedge. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but it works. I know because I did it. Just me, by myself, and the only cost was a pair of £15 ratchet secateurs and a little hacksaw for the half a dozen stems that were too big for the secateurs. Note of caution BTW- my hedge wasn't huge and was all of about 20 feet long, but the bits cut off filled my 7 seater twice over to go to the tip, and I was removing spiders from the inside of the car for months afterwards.
  10. There's also an Andrew J Hogg in Ecclesfield of the right sort of age, and one in Handsworth, although there's no age stated on that one. And there's an Andrew S Hogg in his late 50s in Dore and another in Ecclesall, but again there's no age on that one. Then we start on all of those who have Andrew as a middle name.
  11. The desire for testing phenomenon has been shown in multiple scenarios to actually add to anxiety and insecurity rather than reassure, precisely because the test is a snapshot and is valid only for the moment that the test was taken. A number of studies on the psychological effects of increasing testing have been done in high risk pregnancies, looking at the paradoxical increase in anxiety (and sometimes increase in risky behaviour) that is brought about with really frequent scans. Many women reported that as soon as a test finished the anxiety about the start of the next test and what it may mean started. The effect can be shown in all kinds of scenarios, where people fall into two camps- those reassured inappropriately by testing (because it's a snapshot and doesn't actually assure them of anything apart from that moment) and those who feel the need to test more and more frequently to keep themselves from getting more and more anxious about the period between the tests. The one scenario in which testing is really helpful is with those who are at home as a precaution because they may have been ill. With testing these people could be cleared to return to work if they did not in fact have the virus. For everybody else the safest thing to do is to assume that literally everybody around you is infectious and to treat them as such. Then the potentially 85% of the people who have the virus and are asymptomatic will infect those around them an awful lot less. Distancing will become the norm until we've got herd immunity I fear. I had a long discussion with a friend about how this could have been stopped at borders and my only response was that by the time anybody recognised that there was a disease that needed stopping, the world had already lost that one. Way too much international air travel happens to prevent something with a 5 day incubation period moving from country to country if you don't know about it.
  12. I read a really interesting piece about a wastewater based epidemiology trial done by MIT and Biobot Analytics on parts of the Massachusetts urban waste water cycle at a sewage treatment works a few days ago. They are doing all kinds of modelling and algorithms to both predict how the infection will move and to quantify the actual spread of the infection, given that it's a physical impossibility that 100% of any infected people will have been picked up on tests to date. The figures from the waste water sampling were quite different to accepted numbers. At the time that the sampling happened, the local area had a population that was 0.026% positive for CV19, as determined by tests. With the knowledge that infected subjects pass CV19 in their faeces, repeated samples of sewage can see the growth of the infection in the population simply by looking at the effective concentration of CV19 in the samples. At the same date that the government quoted an infection rate of 0.026%, the study estimated that overall there was a 5% infection rate based on the waste water analysis. This falls in line with various other studies which have suggested that up to 85% of all infections are totally asymptomatic, resulting in a hugely wider spread of the infection than standard testing would suggest. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.05.20051540v1
  13. It will be brought back when the blanket 'stay at home' order is replaced, along with the rest of the classifieds. I'm afraid it's all or none, I don't have the option of making some of the classifieds visible and some not. Hopefully that won't be too long now.
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