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  1. In the last 3 games (Burnley ,Spurs Man Utd) the Blades have been exceptional and really should have won all 3.Even the pundits are waking up to us now ; Graham Souness mentioned us in the same breath as Barcelona yesterday and said he wanted a season ticket at Bramall Lane......i think he was only half kidding
  2. Who wants Wednesday to go out of business? surely we all enjoy the rivalry.
  3. True Chansari has been stupid/arrogant though in thinking that the EFL would let him get away with claiming he bought Hillsborough in 2017 when land registry documents proved otherwise.
  4. Getting fed up with all the hoof ball. Only 23 passes in the build up to Baldock"s goal. Seriously though this might just be the best Blades team I've ever seen.
  5. Is this the same Meadowhall that less than 2 hours ago was encouraging everyone to come along to its Christmas live event tonight? It was obvious if you were out and about from mid afternoon ,that Sheffield was experiencing severe problems
  6. If anyone is thinking of driving around the city on main routes my advice would be don’t . It’s bad now and will get much worse . 2007 again?
  7. The Blades were good yesterday ; very good.Some of the slick passing moves are a joy to watch. But the thing i enjoyed about the game most was the complete lack of diving and theatrics .Both teams are a credit to their managers for playing that way and so far are the only 2 teams I've seen in the Prem that play the game as it should be.
  8. I thought before the season started that we would struggle to pick points up away from home but we're coping fine and were good value for the draw yesterday. We probably do need to start taking more of our chances but these are good times to be a Blade.
  9. Great first half performance.We pressed Arsenal all the way back to their 18 yard box and stopped them playing the ball out. We defended too deep at times in the second half but the back 3 are simply a brick wall. If O'Connell was playing for one of the bigger clubs he'd be in the England set up.
  10. There was an article in the Times saying the EFL were asking Chansari for an explanation why the ground sale appeared in the 2018 accounts but not in land register documents until a year later. Chansari is showing what he thinks of the EFL rules by not trying to hide what he’s done
  11. I’m afraid the stats are for the number of games they’ve won on the bounce. And obviously they’re the champions of Europe.
  12. Just a couple of stats to put our minds at rest Liverpool have won their last : 15 Premier league games 12 games against newly promoted clubs Nowt to worry about.
  13. I wonder if McCabe thinks he's shot himself in the foot when he looks at the £60 mil valuation that Chansari has put on Hillsborough.
  14. Ive still got no idea which owner i would have preferred to win the court case. McCabe had already sold the club to the Americans if he won, so who knows what would have happened there. The Prince is talking long(ish) term about keeping Wilder even if we are relegated and improving the ground. Time will tell but so far our new owner is saying all the right things.
  15. So the decision is tomorrow, with an almost inevitable appeal from the losing party. The prince wins and god knows what he'll do with it McCabe wins and he's apparently got some American geezers lined up to buy the club. Interesting times, as usual down at the lane
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