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  1. Sad to hear that Mark Duffy hasn't been issued a squad number this season.He will always be remembered fondly for THAT goal and for the last 3 seasons where he was part of the best midfield I've seen at Bramall Lane for decades. Proof if you need it that its not a good idea to cross Mr Wilder.
  2. Well the Blades are favourites to finish bottom, so anywhere out of the bottom 3 has got to be seen as a successful season. We're bound to take some hammerings from the top clubs so i guess you need to pick your points up from the bottom 3rd of the table. The Owls are a tough one to predict, but given a fair run with injuries they could trouble the top 6.
  3. Bruce has just smashed Newcastle's transfer record by signing a Brazilian striker for a reported £40mil.
  4. Chris Coleman is the new bookies fav
  5. Morrison is an outrageous talent on the football field when he wants to be; unfortunately he's also had some very dubious talents off the field in the past. Its gonna go one of two ways this one: Signing of the season or sacked by Christmas. Lets hope for the Blades and his own sake its the former.
  6. There was a photo Last week with the Prince and Wilder , arms around each other looking like best mates!!!! They obviously met, presumably to discuss next seasons budget .
  7. There’s a depressing fact Yet we both still see ourselves as big clubs who have a Devine right be in the prem .Maybe we’re all delusional
  8. As some clever geezer once said.... "No man is happy without a delusion of some kind" And as other posters have said, both sets of fans are as bad as each other as regards to obsessing about the other team.I think it holds the Sheffield clubs back.To a certain extent we are happy as long as we are doing a bit better than our rivals; even if we're both c**p
  9. Its worth noting that Championship clubs voted in favour of the Profit and Sustainability rules that some on here are not happy with. Maybe your complaints shouldn't be directed towards the EFL.
  10. Go ahead and compare away ..... but you do realise that we’ve had another 2 seasons since then ?
  11. Could be wrong but I thought the last published accounts were for 16/17 season
  12. Not sure mate , Wednesday haven’t published their accounts for some reason .
  13. I don't know where you are trying to go with this. McCabe is 71 years old and has funded a largely loss making operation for , i guess around 20 years. He wants out , its not new news. Historically when the Sheffield clubs were in the same division then Wednesdays attendances were 10%-20% higher than United"s. The last few seasons we've been in the same division its been the other way round. Its down to cost....nothing else. The Blades have had plenty of offers,like quid a kid over the last decade and this has helped build up the fan base. Personally i don't think U16's should pay more than a fiver to watch football.It makes good business sense in the long run.
  14. Raising ticket prices to increase income doesn’t work, it drives away the support. See S6 for details
  15. And still he kept ticket prices reasonable . You claimed that what was being said in court would mean an increase in ticket prices at Bramall Lane . History suggests otherwise
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