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  1. In Tiverton there was a 30% swing from the tories to the Lib Dems ( a record I think).Surely it must be sinking in that Johnson is leading the Conservatives over a cliff edge if he’s still there come the next election
  2. Johnson must have been gutted this dispute was sorted out. He desperately needs a summer of discontent to get his lying mug off the front pages. Ironically the unions are doing him a favour
  3. Willet had serious problems with his back after the masters win and he’s not been quite the same since. Not sure what that’s got to do with Fitzpatrick’s fabulous win yesterday though
  4. He’s been knocking on the door at the majors for a while, always just coming up short.He deserved that yesterday, we’ll done Matt
  5. If the Tories don’t get rid then they’ve misjudged the public mood . Johnson won’t win them another election; Brexit’s done and most of the electorate are fed up of the lying fool . Time to move on
  6. Virtually every club in the championship will lose money next season ( Rotherham usually break even) . I would imagine the Blades will sit somewhere in the middle of the money loss table. It’s unsustainable in the long run but in the mad world of football it’s the norm. Things need to change but you’re way off the mark trying to paint United as Derby County mark 2 ( you know that anyway) By the way your childish insults to a certain poster are embarrassing
  7. When that’s all you’ve got it clearly does for some on here
  8. He’s just been sentenced to 24 weeks and got a 10 year banning order . What an absolute moron
  9. Brilliant performance last night but the Blades just don’t do the play offs ( or penalties) do we. The idiot who head butted Sharp on the pitch has been arrested. Seen the video ….. he’ll do time for that
  10. Yeh ,absolutely agree we need to score first Forrest should have won by more today so they’ll be disappointed to concede the late goal . Good atmosphere today, just a shame we couldn’t score earlier, then the kop would really have been on it .
  11. Half the Blades were in fancy dress and absolutely legless .We probably didn’t pose much of a threat to the locals 🙂
  12. Probably my favourite day ever supporting the Blades. It was an interesting evening when we got back in Sheff , never seen so many with the lip on
  13. As a Putin apologist you’d be pleased about that.
  14. 2 of my favourites: The one at the Lane who stole all the match day money and disappeared off the face of the earth ( Woolhouse?). Still missing I believe And the clown at Hillsborough who had no money but kept coming out with the daft ideas . The dulux 5 were a classic 😂
  15. I think Burnley had something like £40 million in the bank when they were taken over, so let’s hope we don’t go down their route with the new owner
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