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  1. Comes across as a decent bloke and he’s got nowhere near as much baggage as Monk/Pulis. Give him a bit of time and he could work out a good appointment for the Owls.
  2. Fair enough box you don’t have to elaborate on your answer just tell us the name of the manager you would like to be in charge next season to take the Blades back up
  3. Unless we get a FA Cup miracle obviously the season is over. The question was who do you want to to lead the Blades next season ?
  4. Genuine question to the Blades (and all the Owls) who want Wilder sacked now. Who would you want in charge next season to give the Blades the best shot at promotion? Be realistic , Peps going nowhere
  5. A dire performance by the Blades in what was one of the worst games I've seen in a while. We didn't start playing until the last 15 min and to be honest i was bored with it all by then. Watching us lose every week on TV is killing it for me.Get us back in the grounds ,a few pints before, banter with your mates and a moan at the Ref...thats what footballs all about.
  6. I know, Bristol City must feel like they’ve just forked out 5 grand to have themselves beaten up.
  7. Teams have to pay £5k a game each for VAR. So ironically Bristol City have just paid to get knocked out of the FA Cup, which must hurt a bit. It was a pen though so they weren't too hard done by. Bournmouth in the quarters looks to be the easiest draw (on paper at least)
  8. If the Blades were getting tonked every week then you would fear for them next season. Ive watched every game this season and i reckon they are worth a good half dozen points more than they have.
  9. The buttocks are firmly unclenched Hotty and I'm (mostly) enjoying the ride . I just reckon we need snookers already to get out of this one. This season could be one of those where you need 40 points to finish 4th bottom. If that were the case it would mean getting 29 points from the remaining 16 games .A big big ask.
  10. Loved to be proved wrong but even if we win tonight I reckon the gap between the Blades and 4th bottom is just gonna prove too much .
  11. I think Cook would be a great appointment for the Owls, whether they stay up or go down. He would be on a fraction of the wage that Chansiri was paying Pulis and i don't really blame him for turning a 6 month contract offer down.A bit of an insult that.
  12. Each player and team is tracked in the prem for the amount of miles they run in a game and the stats back up what you are saying about United.. The last time i saw the table only Leeds had covered more ground this season. Its not for want of trying, despite what some are claiming.The problem has been we have been clueless in front of goal, hopeless at the back and the midfield keeps giving the ball away
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