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  1. So what you’re saying is that if Chansari can prove that he had an agreement to sell the club to himself before the date he registered it then all will be fine ? Bit of a farce .
  2. The date of the sale isn’t in dispute , it’s there in the land registry documents. Good luck in trying to con the EFL in to thinking otherwise
  3. Arsenal away is one of those games at the start of the season that you would have just written off as a defeat.Take it on the chin and move on to the next game. But not now...The league table tells you we've got a chance in this one. I'll take a point; dare we dream for more?
  4. Derby County have been charged with pretty much the same thing today. Looks like the EFL are gonna be busy in the coming months
  5. As Wilder said last night i think the result was more important than the performance. Ive seen us play better this season and lose ,but West Ham didn't look up to much and to draw the game with a last minute equaliser would have been cruel.I wonder if Karma (VAR) has decided to play a trump card and relegate West Ham by the single point they thought they had secured last night?
  6. Fantastic performance and bizarrely enough on another day we could have easily won that game.
  7. Don't get me wrong I do like Henderson. I just don't think he's quite as good as HE thinks he is . Bags of potential though.
  8. One thing i took away from yesterday is that Foster had a much better game than Henderson. If Henderson goes back to Man Utd at the end of the season and Watford are relegated i know who i would be looking to sign.
  9. Got to agree, if we get a point out of these 2 games we''ll have done well. They are 2 of the best teams in Europe and all you can hope for is that the Blades turn up and give them a game, which I'm sure they will
  10. Even though realistically McGoldrick should be on around 6/7 goals this season there is no way you can drop him. How many other premier league strikers track back 50 yards several times a game to put a tackle in? Thats why we love him.
  11. As cmonks says it was a rock solid performance. We were very organised and Brighton rarely threatened. Should have won by more but McGoldrick hasn’t got a clue where the net is .... bless him
  12. The biggest compliment i can pay the Blades is that teams are turning up at Bramall Lane now and putting 10 players behind the ball. It worked for an awful Newcastle side but not for Villa. The first half was a boring watch but we were superb in the 2nd. Basham had a stormer and Mc Burnie had his best game for the club when he came on.A special mention for McGoldrick, the roof is gonna come off the kop when he finally scores a goal.
  13. I think the problem now is that the players hold all the Aces. Some players with no ambition are quite happy to drop down a division and play the remainder of their contract out whilst picking up daft amounts of money and there's nothing the clubs can do about it other than pay the players contracts up.
  14. True. Most teams do a bit of time wasting if they go in front especially away from home but Newcastle did it for the full 90min and some of the playacting pretending to be injured was laughable.
  15. Until clubs can get players to accept a massive cut to their wages if they are relegated then parachute payments are here to stay. Championship clubs actually voted in favour of the P & S rules that are supposed to be in place to protect clubs from losing too much money.
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