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  1. Sadly it was more than 3 Baron. We created and squandered enough chances to win 3 games.
  2. Not seen the stats but i bet we've created as many chances as we did at this stage last season.The problem has been that some of the finishing has been embarrassing . We are conceding way more chances to the opposition as well.Obviously O'Connell is a big miss ,especially in the air, but we need to close down much quicker in midfield as well. Its not over yet ,but without wishing to state the obvious we need to win a game sharpish.
  3. Serious question : Do any Blades on here want Chris Wilder sacked ? Even after 11 defeats in the last 12 games its a big NO from me.
  4. Everybody and their mother knows what style of (anti) football Pulis’s teams play . Absolutely no problem at all when you’re winning games . Different story though when you’re not .
  5. Problem with all the Wilder out speculation is that you would struggle to find a United fan who seriously wants to get rid of him even though we are probably on the worst run in our history (10 defeats in 11 games). In fact i'd want him in charge next season if we were relegated.
  6. Lowe would be cheeper , plays better football and would have more of the fans onside.
  7. You clearly rate Wilder very highly 👍
  8. It looks like Chairman in the Championship tend to get very twitchy as well . It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Wilder outstays the next unfortunate incumbent at Hillsborough. Who’s your money on boys?
  9. He also blamed negative posts from fans on social media for the collapse of a potential “8 or 9 figure sponsorship deal” Now , just in case you don’t know , 9 figures is at least £100 mil . I’ll let you make your own minds up if that’s true or not .
  10. The “chancer” lectures on fooball finance at Liverpool University, he’s also written a very successful book on the subject. He has in the past been critical of Chansari’s running of SWFC, which could explain why you have no time for him.
  11. I don't think you'll find many fans of local clubs who are jealous of Sheffield Wednesday. Follow "price of football" on twitter. He seems to know , money wise , what's going on in the game.
  12. Chansari has borrrowed £6.4mil to be payed back in a year. I would imagine it’s to cover the running costs because of the lack of gate receipts
  13. Just seen in the Times that the bars in Parliament are not been forced to close at 10pm.They have classed them as a “ works canteen “. ive checked the date and it’s not April 1st, so I presume the story is true. First Cummings drives round the country to check is eyes are working properly, now this ..... they just don’t get it do they.
  14. So Wilder’s the new Warnock 🤣 Nice try
  15. It would be a 180 , what was I thinking !! I don’t see the same Berge on the pitch as you do . its all about opinions I suppose, let’s give it half a dozen games , who knows I might end up going the full 360 🙂
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