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  1. Sander Berge by the way !!!! Hes gone from Dean Hammond to prime Patrick Vieira in the space of 3 games . Work that one out.
  2. It was a poor game we didn't deserve to win but what is the point in VAR if it doesn't intervene in situations like this one ? It costs the clubs 20 odd grand a game by the way for the "privilege " of having it.
  3. Some of the clubs in the bottom 2 divisions have furloughed their players so they would obviously have to start paying them again . There’s also the cost of quarantine and testing of players before and during the season , all with no match day income . So you can see why some chairman wouldn’t be in a rush to finish the season.
  4. Of corsets all about money. The bottom 2 leagues wouldn't be able to afford to play games behind closed doors.Its probably gonna get voided. In the Championship some clubs would manage while others would find the extra costs crippling . It could go either way. The Premiership probably couldn't afford not to play the games. Apparently they would loose £1Billion in TV rights. So if the Government open the door they will find a way somehow to complete. Thats my guess anyhow.
  5. Fleck or O'Connell for me with a special mention for the machine that is Basham.
  6. What do we all think about finishing the season ? From a selfish point of view being a Blade I’d love it if they could play all the games out and see where we finish. It’s obviously not gonna be the same not being able to watch the games live but I’ll take it as being the best if a bad job.
  7. The score line doesn’t really do the Blades dominance that day justice .Wednesday were only in the game for about 5 min so your right not to be too disappointed with the result.
  8. I get that the system is far from perfect but the fact is that the clubs voted for it and the vast majority abide by the rules .
  9. I know everyone is keen to blame the EFL but its an independent panel that will decide the Owls fate.
  10. Spot on . Who pays to watch a team with little intent to cross the half way line . Hence the empty seats.
  11. Going on last night ,i wouldn't imagine the crowds are going to be up to much next season.Apathy has set in big time.
  12. We’ve had some classic cup battles with Arsenal over the years ( as have Wednesday) and the gunners always seem to come out on top . Im more confident this time
  13. Not the best performance but Reading had everybody behind the ball and battled well. Newcastle at home wouldn't be the worst draw for us.
  14. Really want a win here. Only 1 game away from a day out at Wembley if we go through.
  15. Monk has hinted he wanted to move players on in January and bring his own players in but the Club determines transfer policy not the manager. Would a new manager make any difference? The blame lies at the very top
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