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  1. There was a photo Last week with the Prince and Wilder , arms around each other looking like best mates!!!! They obviously met, presumably to discuss next seasons budget .
  2. There’s a depressing fact Yet we both still see ourselves as big clubs who have a Devine right be in the prem .Maybe we’re all delusional
  3. As some clever geezer once said.... "No man is happy without a delusion of some kind" And as other posters have said, both sets of fans are as bad as each other as regards to obsessing about the other team.I think it holds the Sheffield clubs back.To a certain extent we are happy as long as we are doing a bit better than our rivals; even if we're both c**p
  4. Its worth noting that Championship clubs voted in favour of the Profit and Sustainability rules that some on here are not happy with. Maybe your complaints shouldn't be directed towards the EFL.
  5. Go ahead and compare away ..... but you do realise that we’ve had another 2 seasons since then ?
  6. Could be wrong but I thought the last published accounts were for 16/17 season
  7. Not sure mate , Wednesday haven’t published their accounts for some reason .
  8. I don't know where you are trying to go with this. McCabe is 71 years old and has funded a largely loss making operation for , i guess around 20 years. He wants out , its not new news. Historically when the Sheffield clubs were in the same division then Wednesdays attendances were 10%-20% higher than United"s. The last few seasons we've been in the same division its been the other way round. Its down to cost....nothing else. The Blades have had plenty of offers,like quid a kid over the last decade and this has helped build up the fan base. Personally i don't think U16's should pay more than a fiver to watch football.It makes good business sense in the long run.
  9. Raising ticket prices to increase income doesn’t work, it drives away the support. See S6 for details
  10. And still he kept ticket prices reasonable . You claimed that what was being said in court would mean an increase in ticket prices at Bramall Lane . History suggests otherwise
  11. You do realise that by being this vague , you really do look like you’re clutching at straws don’t you? Any hard facts, direct quotes....... anything ?
  12. £14mil....really? He's not worth half that and i cant think of a more un Wilder like player
  13. I reckon I've been to over 1000 games , spent many £1000's doing so and invested a hell of a lot of time in the club ,so i think us loyal fans have a much bigger claim on the club than an owner who might only be there a couple of years and who sees owning a football club as a vanity project.
  14. I dont know how he does it; his liver must be shot
  15. Some great footage online of yesterdays celebrations. Wilder, arms around Sharp ,soaking a sky news presenter with his Peroni. Stearman absolutely hammered at half 2 in the afternoon. All the players celebrating like a bunch of mates who have just won the Meadowhall Sunday League And probably the best of all : Egan singing a future terrace anthem he wrote just in case we got promoted. Look out the Premiership .... The Crazy Gang Mark 2 have just landed and its gonna be eventful .
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