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  1. Played with a better tempo and got the ball forward much quicker; and Brewster decided he can play football.Lets hope the injury isn't serious. Slav who?
  2. Did Mummy and Daddy help you out with that one? Seen some bizarre comments attributed to the chairman today (whoever he is ).If results don't improve then him and Bettis better get their tin hats on. The only good thing that might come out of this is the introduction of more academy players; Jebbison recalled from Burton perhaps?
  3. Agree with both of the above. Slav was determined to play his system with players who just couldn’t , for whatever reason get their heads round it .As for the owner …… we’ve had some wrong uns down at the lane over the years
  4. Not sure about Warnock but Slavs style of football was killing me. Might go for the cheap option in Heckingbottom
  5. We play well for about 20min a game, the rest of the time its like watching paint dry.Its easy to forget that for the last 2 seasons plenty of these players were plying their trade in the Prem, and for 1 season at least made a very good job of it. All credit to the match officials and medics last night for acting so quickly. Swift recovery Flecky
  6. It’s been reported the board considered sacking him after the Blackburn defeat so it could be true
  7. Just seen Boris’s speach to business leaders on the news. It’s genuinely scary that this bumbling idiot is in charge of the country.
  8. Well the table doesn't lie after all these games. The football is slow , predictable and mostly boring. Whats gone wrong Blades, who do we blame? The players ? The board ? The manager ?
  9. Class finish on Saturday....probably needs another 15 this season to convince me though.
  10. He's been a success at every team he's managed, you've got a good one there mooks
  11. Ignore the clown , it were probably 2 points for a win last time he went to a game.
  12. We’re a million miles away from a top 6 team at the moment
  13. I know it’s not healthy to keep living in the past but I reckon we would be higher …… much higher. The whole set up from the academy to the first team was geared around playing a certain way (3-5-2). Slav has his own way of playing but he hasn’t got the players to do it. He wasn’t really backed in the summer so I doubt he’ll get much joy in January .
  14. Some of the cleverest people i know seem to be the ones with the least common sense.
  15. Ex Blade David Brooks has revealed on social media that he's been diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin Lymphoma. Obviously his football career is now on the back burner while he is fighting it. Good luck lad🤞
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