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  1. He plays an entertaining brand of football , wouldn’t mind him at all
  2. Premiership football has slowly turned in to a middle class sport over the last couple of decades, and the rest are slowly catching up. it doesn’t have to be this way , but somehow fans are going to have to have some form of representation in the boardroom before things change.
  3. You posted a lie claiming that most prem teams were giving tickets away when in fact only Burnley are doing this. You do it all the time then try and move the goalposts when this is pointed out .it’s embarrassing. I think £40 to watch the game is scandalous and any money raised should be given to local charities. I hope nobody turns up
  4. He was genuinely a nice bloke .RIP Len
  5. You post lies just to provoke a reaction. Take a step back and imagine how tragic that comes across.
  6. Fact😂,oh my aching sides
  7. In your expert opinion Booker , as a blades supporter should I be worried about the clubs financial situation?
  8. To answer the original question; of cause money will be tighter for the Blades next season just like it will be for 90 odd percent of other clubs. As i remember the Chairman did take a loan out to cover running expenses due to the shortfall in income because of Covid as did most other Prem clubs. So are the Blades in financial trouble in the short term? Absolutely not.
  9. Thats because Wednesday are MASSIVE, the whole football world knows that.I look forward to reports that you took 17,000 fans to Cambridge on a cold tuesday night next February.
  10. I hope Swansea hammer the Tykes (terrible nickname) , then go on and win the final; on the off chance that they buy McBurnie back off the Blades.
  11. That’s way longer than a generation ago for a start
  12. My vote goes to the best manager either Sheffield team have for at least a generation, and it’s not Heckingbottom
  13. If he did return next season with another team anyone daft enough to boo him wouldn’t be sat in their seat very long .
  14. Bet he was gutted when Boro beat Rotherham
  15. In other news stan...... 2 bald men fight over comb
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