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  1. Hi all - we're testing a new ad placement to support the forums ongoing hosting and development costs. Happy to receive feedback here (was going to create a topic!) - my thoughts are it's quite small and at the bottom of the page so shouldn't be too intrusive. Would appreciate if you gave it a chance so we can see how it performs and how you feel about it after a bit of bedding in time.
  2. Hello everyone and welcome back to returning members! Great to have you! Please remember to be respectful of @nikki-red and other ex-mods/admins - there's always 2 sides / perspectives to every story! If we can let any bygones be bygones it will be a much more pleasant experience on the forum for everyone! 👍
  3. Some fantastic players coming through the ranks - know a few people who've watched more u23 football than senior this season!
  4. We'd like to place on record our gratitude to Medusa, Esme, Groose, who are all stepping away from their volunteer duties at the forum. In light of this, it seems a natural point in time to reset the volunteer team. Thanks to nikki-red and Jeffrey Shaw for your contributions and the whole team for their tireless passion for the community almost 20 years! That leaves @SFBeca as the moderation team, at least for the time being. As we do not actively monitor forum posts, and are introducing more automation to deal with spammers, hopefully this will suffice, but we'd love to hear community feedback on forum moderation going forward! Please feel free to private message me directly with any feedback/suggestions.
  5. Forum maintenance complete - requiring no downtime in the end. Thanks @zoeking (new SF developer )
  6. Hi all, In an effort to stabilise and de-risk ongoing development and investment in the forum we're having to perform some imminent maintenance, which will require the forum to go offline on Monday, approximately 10am. During the downtime, we will clone the forum server so we can establish a test version of it and can make changes to the software, or perform forum upgrades, without risk of affecting the live website. There will be a static webpage in place with a "We'll be back soon!" message - if there are any bumps in the road we will update that website. Thanks, Rob Edit: deferred until Monday so we can react quicker to any issues that may arise
  7. Terrible news - I'm so sorry for your and the communities loss.
  8. Hello francypants - see here for the poll: Thanks!
  9. Great effort everyone who's submitted so far! If anyone wants any tips or has any questions about contributing fire away and hopefully a graphic design elf will respond with some advice! (I know a few, I'll link them to the thread 😆) To reiterate SFBeca's point - send us whatever you can, we're more than happy to re-size to make it fit etc. If you're not a Photoshop (or Paint, or GIMP!) whizz, try doodling and taking photos with your phone. 🎅
  10. What a beautiful post, thank you so much for sharing!
  11. Hello! I'd hope we can cater for all everything Sheffield that falls within the forum's rules! Hey Groose & wmoham001, thanks for the link. It seems like the classifieds are an area we should look to rejuvenate. I'm going to collect some more information then we can look at prioritising making change in that area. Hi Jeffrey, A. I hope you'll find we're open to feedback and making positive gradual change. B. We're currently assessing Classifieds and creating a unified Sheffield Calendar - two things that shouldn't be too invasive to the current forum experience. I'm also wondering if it's worth looking at an automatic save as draft feature if one doesn't already exist as I've lost this reply twice now by closing the tab! C. We've got the best interests of the community at heart and are taking on this challenge as a long-term project, with gradual changes. The ones we are planning are supplementary to rather than in place of the existing forum experience. Thanks Anna! I'm glad you enjoy the forum - we won't be making changes without a plan! That's a really interesting insight about how social media moves really fast and you can miss some interesting topics if you blink. Facebook certainly is a place where lots more people are communicating than in 2007, but I really think there's something special about a forum like this. I think there's enough distinction within the differing styles of communication on here and FB to be confident we can continue to have our corner of the internet and it be really useful for people. Something we can do better is marketing the forum on social networks, and other media sources to increase the conversation here. Hello gamezone07! We're not planning on business being a primary focus. I'm quite excited about the prospect of a 'good news' forum - really promoting the best of Sheffield. Is that something you'd like to see? Hey soopah, obviously not to the scale of Facebook but this forum is still quite active. There's at least 54 individual people viewing the website now according to Google Analytics, and 400+ according to the Online Users tab on the main page (must use different methods of defining what an active user is!) I'm confident we can improve that no end too, we need to invest in a few areas such as useful features (I love the Sheffield Calendar idea that has been proposed!), and inbound social media marketing of interesting topics/posts via social media (there's <1% of traffic arriving from socials at the moment because they are essentially dormant) and we'll get the conversations flowing. Hi pattricia, hopefully you'll be in for a nice surprise! Hi muddywolf, thanks - we're in it for the long haul and see it as a great opportunity to 'give back' and help improve a Sheffield institution! I've not been able to track down my old account - the last time I actively contributed was in the 2000s. Frequently visited to view posts on topics via Google since. Thanks metalman! A common theme is emerging here Plan is definitely to increase that so everyone benefits from richer conversations, news, ideas, etc
  12. Hello everyone, thank you for your patience as we finalise the administrative side of the forum sale. We are super excited about being the custodians of this amazing platform and community and are really looking forward to making it the premier online destination for everything Sheffield! Our reason for taking on the forum? We have a clear cause to ensure that Sheffield realises it’s true potential, is proud of the humble brilliant people that are here and that we create a future right here for our children and our children’s children. We want people to come and visit and study here and then be able to stay here because of the opportunities that the city has to offer. We want to fly the flag for the friendly, green “little” city in the north. Sheffield is a beacon of humble brilliance of the North. Friendly folk, who have the grit to climb the hills and achieve great things but don’t always shout about it and we want to shout with you. We want to grow the online community to help us realise this vision. If we can engage with more people, help more people and highlight the great people here in the community everyone can benefit. Will things be changing? Only for the better and we want to hear from you on what we can do to make it happen! We're open to all ideas, and will publish our medium and long-term plans once we've collected feedback from the community. So who are we then? We're a company called Bulldozer, a tech incubator founded by the team at Razor, a leading tech business forged right here in Sheffield. Razor has a clear cause to give digital the same reputation as Steel has in Sheffield and to ensure we all have a future right here in our city. We're excited about the road ahead, and hope you are too. Please do get in touch directly or via this thread with your feedback and ideas for how we can help improve the member experience - we'd love to hear from you. All the best, Rob
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