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  1. And I asked the question, to highlight the fact that we are unlikely to have trade deals with many of those countries. I’m not even slightly surprised by your answer. ^^^
  2. Johnson doesn’t have an allotment. You can’t grow picanninies, or watermelon smiles in London.
  3. Corbyn is going to have to go and fetch the foot shooting gun from Johnson first. Shouldn't be too difficult though. Johnson’s movement is somewhat impaired
  4. Which countries are these suppliers in? What happens when our four month supply declines to three months. Or two. Or one? I take it that you aren’t diabetic, or you wouldn’t be so flippant
  5. I’m not one for praising the Blades, but that is one hell of a result. A really solid start to the season. Obviously, I’m hoping it doesn’t last, but credit where it’s due.
  6. This may yet turn out to be a clever move by Corbyn. He’s outfoxed Johnson completely for the last couple of months. This might be him doing the same to Swinston, whilst also keeping Johnson where he wants him. Boris must get a deal by October 30. He has to, all that “dead in a ditch” stuff tells you that. Assuming that he does, Swinston’s revoke article 50 policy is dead in the water. Any “deal” will be open to criticism too,. Labour are then free to campaign in any way they choose. I suspect that they’ll go for a people’s vote on the nature of our final deal with the EU in a couple of years time
  7. We could do the same. We could use some of those buses with lies written on them. Put them to proper use.
  8. No bile from me, just straightforward facts. Boycott is a convicted woman beater. He’s a violent criminal and should not be knighted. Why do you think that violent, convicted criminals should get honours?
  9. Then the establishment are stupid. He’s a convicted, violent domestic abuser. Feel free to keep on defending him, but don’t kid yourself that it is doing your reputation, or his, any good. Did I mention, he’s guilty.
  10. He’s violent too I just don’t like to be repetitive 😀
  11. He’s a convicted criminal. Therefore he shouldn’t be knighted.
  12. One conviction. For a violent crime. Therefore, a violent criminal
  13. Boycott is guilty though. He’s a convicted violent criminal. If there is evidence to the contrary, he should have used it to get the verdict quashed. He didn’t. He’s a convicted domestic abuser. He shouldn’t be knighted. I spent the 70s and 80s idolising the man, by the way.
  14. You don’t have to move. But you do have to accept that people oppose you, will question you and will blame you as they inevitably get poorer.
  15. If you want to live in a non EU dictatorship, there are many to choose from. Note the word “choose”, that is different from the word “should” If you choose to stick around here, you’ll have to get used to people disagreeing with you.
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