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  1. It’s not her links to Corbyn that scare me. I’m much more worried by her lack of basic skills. She can’t construct a grammatically correct sentence. She couldn’t keep hold of an argument in a bucket. Anyone voting for RLB is participating in a vanity project, not the election of a serious political leader.
  2. It’s not completing the form that’s the problem, it is getting Northern Powergrid to do their job. We’ve been without ten lights, on both sides of the road since Christmas. It is seriously dangerously dark here, as there are woods on both sides of the road. Filling the form in just generates a message telling us that it will be fixed in three weeks. Northern Powergrid are part of a multi-billion pound multinational company.
  3. Oh Bob, do read things more carefully. It is the shutting down of debate that I was referring to. That’s always been a feature of the far right’s debating method. The important point is that Farage, by his actions, has allowed an unpleasant brand of nationalism to take hold in our nation.
  4. Just mention that you are vegetarian in every other sentence that you utter. That will leave people in no doubt about how to feed you.
  5. Tell you what. You evidence your opinion about disagreeing with the “narrative of the left” and I’ll evidence mine of Farage being an enabler of the far right. It is a tactic of the far right to try to shut down debate by demanding evidence of stuff that can’t be evidenced. Farage’s motives are clear to anyone with a quarter of a brain. No amount of misdirection from people like you will hide that.
  6. Haha. Lovely rant. If you can’t see how Farage has enabled a tide of rather vile nationalism, then I feel for you.
  7. Nigel is too clever to be seen in that way. He's certainly an enabler of Nazis, or rather, their modern day successors.
  8. The Chinese are taking it very seriously. Seriously enough to build a hospital in five days to deal with it https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-outbreak-hospital-to-be-built-in-five-days-as-death-toll-rises-in-china-11916211
  9. That sort of stop start run up is ok for a penalty. Defenders encroaching into the area is a different matter Dem Blades certainly got away with one there.
  10. You missed the bit where you get the trained attack dogs to gorge upon their entrails.
  11. I’ve just finished “Cruel to be kind” which is Will Birch’s biography of Nick Lowe. It is a compelling book, which tells of Lowe’s genius and his fragility. A must read for any 70’s, or 80’s music fan.
  12. Jaffa has a thing about presentation. Mostly about female presentation, but I think that he extends that to male socialist presentation. I haven’t seen his opinions about Boris’s “hairstyle”, or Pritti’s smirk.
  13. It doesn’t, you are correct. Perhaps you could show us some evidence that it did happen. Shouldn’t be too tricky, photos were invented in the 19th century.
  14. Nothing to worry about, Rachel. At the very worst, you will get a £100 fine and three points. More likely, you’ll be offered a speed awareness course, which will also cost about £100, but you’ll avoid the points. I do hope that your emergency sorted itself out. Try not to worry about the speed camera, it is done now and the consequences really aren’t that serious.
  15. A prince and his wife, part of the ruling class? Who’d have thought that?
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