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  1. Indeed. Referenda are obviously usually used to protect the wishes of a minority. Only an innumerate moron would suggest otherwise.🙄
  2. I can’t believe that folk are still gathering. The incubation period of covid 19 is up to two weeks. So, if you catch it now and incubate it for two weeks, you hit the symptoms at the peak of the epidemic. Hospitals over run. Not enough beds/ docs/ ventilators. Ok if you get the mild disease, but are you feeling lucky? Now is exactly the time to hide away and avoid contact with others. Anyone who doesn’t is crazy in my opinion
  3. I’ve been thinking that for a few years now. If anyone has the answer, please put it on a postcard to: Roger Mofatt Radio Hallam Sheffield S1 1DJ
  4. Gluten free, or regular?
  5. I think that ECCO must have staff to do his shopping for him. It took me two hours and three shops to buy beer, chicken, bog roll and dog food this morning. I agree that the panic buying is a product of stupidity. I’m not in favour of ECCO’s rant though Our Government need to be firmer to stop us from ending up in the same boat as Italy. We do have the advantage of seeing what has happened there. We’ve also got world class biologists and epidemiologists. I do hope they are driving this, not the politicians We also know that lockdowns, testing and contact tracing are key to sorting this. It is time the UK upped that part of its game.
  6. Ozmen’s have security at the checkouts challenging anyone who tries to flout their restrictions. As a result, they have plenty of most things.
  7. I’m not the one refusing to follow public health advice. I’m not the one putting others at risk.
  8. You aren’t the only old one. You also aren’t the only selfish old one. But you are one of the stupid, selfish old ones. Time you grew up.
  9. I could get 260 people in my house for a party. So that number is tiny for a city this size. I agree that it is a nasty possible scenario, but it is a likely acceptable scenario. Swine flu was a bit like this, then went away. The virus is mild for most and will be gone soon. One big difference between now and H1N1 is the prevalence of social media.
  10. I do hope that you have proof of this. Or an excellent lawyer.
  11. What sort of system would you choose, to replace democracy? You clearly don’t like democracy.
  12. Maybe they have a very long pole to stack them on
  13. I wish you well in paying your staff fairly. Please don’t expect the benefit system to bail you , or your company out. So let’s not hear moaning about paying people a decent package. What really pays the bills is forward planning and sustainability. That’s the future
  14. Are your gutters and downpipes ok?
  15. That’s pretty outdated thinking. Soon, any company following a philosophy like yours will disappear up their own, badly maintained, exhaust pipe .
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