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  1. Boris’s epiphany seems to have ended. PM Cummings has instructed him to blame the Care Homes.
  2. You seem to have forgotten the social distancing requirements. That alone will drive demand down.
  3. It’s a business model that will struggle if we don’t get a vaccine. Pile ‘em high and sell it cheap only works if you have high demand.
  4. He’ll have to do well without my money too. Mind you, Spoons pubs always were low down on my list of places to drink.
  5. I’m more concerned about his untrustworthy nature, rather than his unruly hair.
  6. Ooh. A war of the words (or word’s). How exciting.
  7. The pandemic has the potential to really improve the pub experience. Replacing the bar scrum with an app and table service will be excellent. Clean menus and unequivocal food ordering are also positive steps. Who knows, maybe we will be able to catch up culturally with our counterparts on the continent, despite Brexit.
  8. Washing your hands doesn’t wash the virus off. It destroys the protein envelope and renders it harmless. An important distinction which emphasises the importance of washing with soap, not just water.
  9. Except for the fact that teachers are still working.
  10. Currently 1 in 2200. Which is quite small, I agree. For all of those worrying about the toilets, there are simple steps to take. Go in on your own and don’t stand near anyone. If you are sitting, be careful with your hands. Wash well, with soap. Then sanitise once your hands are dry.
  11. Can I say thank you for not merging this into the main coronavirus thread. It is really useful to have these separate discussions of important topics
  12. The antibody research suggests that up to 10% of people have had it. The data is a bit out of date though, and I’m not certain how reliable the test is.
  13. No need for compulsion. Encouraging enough people to download it is the key. You could easily make it a pre-condition for using public services.
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