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  1. As Gordon Brown said: “Farage is a man of the PayPal”.
  2. Pettytom

    Facial recognition cameras

    Absolutely not. If I want to walk around in a balaclava, I’ll do so, thank you very much.
  3. Pettytom

    Facial recognition cameras

    No. I think that motorcyclists are exempt
  4. Which is almost exactly what we have now, if you think hard enough about it.
  5. Pettytom

    Euro Elections

    Car Boot, Boris and Rees-Mogg. Just wait until they get their mitts on the means of production.
  6. Congratulations on your part in the destruction of the NHS.
  7. So, you’ve no idea of the political leanings of people that you repost. But you still want your political opinions and your vote to be taken seriously
  8. Pettytom

    For Sale - Top flight football club.

    It is a quite extraordinary piece of banter, if that’s what it is. You have to wonder about the judgement of the person who wrote it. Was it written by anyone with a responsible post within the club?
  9. Interestingly, Boris rarely gets used as an example of an incompetent politician. Despite the fact that his wilful lack of attention to details has caused real, measurable problems to many people.
  10. What a bizarre post. On the one hand, you acknowledge that Brexit has left us significantly poorer than we should be. Then you redefine poorer as not being richer and say that we aren’t poorer, we’re just not richer. Then you suggest that I read up on Economics 😚
  11. The figures are perfectly true. Your argument is hysterical really. The only way to measure the effect of your vote on my economy, is to use estimates. They aren’t guesses, they are estimates. By the reckoning of one of the most reputable financial institutions, your vote has cost us dear. As for your broker example, if mine did that, he’d be sacked. Still, those passports eh.
  12. It is a calculation done by S and P. I think that it is wiser to place faith in their work, rather than the biased interpretation of a random bloke off the internet. You Brexiters just don’t like it because it lays bare the damage that the leave vote is doing to the country. Still, blue passports eh.

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