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  1. He’ll be good company for Ravel Morrison then. He’s hardly played in the last three years too
  2. You should have bought one with a mate. Then you could have spent the best years of your life arguing about who really owned it....
  3. I’m sure that it suits your purpose to make this a binary argument, but life isn’t like that. Equality for LGBT folk is right. The right to protest about that is also right. The right to protest about those protesters is also right. The limits of this lie in the law of the land. Anyone can express any opinion as long as it lies within the law.
  4. I like the current system. It encourages the purchase of less environmentally damaging vehicles. Explicitly tying the tax to the amount of CO2 produced gives an incentive for car buyers to buy cleaner cars. In some cases the saving can be hundreds of pounds. I’m not sure that putting a couple of pence per litre onto fuel will have the same effect.
  5. I understand that you have a preferred answer to your question. I also appreciate that my answer wasn’t the one that you wanted to hear. Unfortunately for you, I’m correct. I can support the freedom of expression of views that I consider to be bigoted. And I do. You clearly have a problem with people who hold views that conflict with your own.
  6. He’s about to become PM . We are about to have an openly racist PM voted for by the Tory faithful. That says a lot about the party members. I took your advice. Two of the top four hits, Boris and Hunt refuse to call Trump racist and Boris is not racist. I repeat, he’ll be PM tomorrow.
  7. The Tories seem to get away with their Islamophobic tendencies rather easily. BoJo is almost off the scale in his racism aimed at any racial group you care to mention. Yet nobody challenges him about his disgraceful behaviour. So, there is a bit of mileage in the theory that this is a stick that the media use to target Corbyn. I don’t want to see hem stop doing that, but tackling the other institutional racism that infects our politics , would be a good thing too.
  8. You can in the case that you raise. It is perfectly possible to support equal rights for LGBT people and freedom of expression for religious groups. The obvious quid pro quo is that you’d also support freedom of expression of those opposed to the bigoted views of the religious people. I’d hope that most people would be comfortable with that.
  9. If you know “quite a bit” about Keir Hardy, for example. Then you should maybe pause and analyse what you know. The answer to your question lies there, in part. There is nothing mysterious about the Christian influence on the early Labour Party. Oh, just so you know. Saying “please” next time, will help you to elicit a more helpful response from me.
  10. In which case, you already have the answer to your question. Wasn’t it Wilson who described Labour as owing more to Methodism than to Marx.
  11. What do you know about the Tolpuddle Martyrs, for example? Or Kier Hardy?
  12. Not quite. Bruce would still have been in breach of contract. He’s wealthy enough to be worth suing for a couple of million. All academic now though. He’s gone. Into a vipers nest. With his reputation trashed. I’d say Mr Chansiri has come out of this well, Steve Bruce has not.
  13. Indeed, well done England. They’ve been the best side in the world for a couple of years. Have the Aussies stopped whining yet😀
  14. You do have a point, however don’t forget the driver for the PFI project. At the time, there were hundreds of schools working in buildings that were not fit for purpose. Plenty of the blame for that can be levelled at the Tories in the 1980s, who steadfastly refused to fund state schools properly. That’s not to defend what came next, but context is always important
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