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  1. Let’s try the first paragraph, the bit in bold. If you know anything about memory and retention, you’ll spot the misleading journalism at that point.
  2. I’ve replied to both of your posts. Why not pop back, read both replies and try again. Alternatively, go and find an empty room to try to start a fight in.
  3. When you see the whole proposal, you will see that it only promises an £85 a year NI cut in the first instance. Everything else only exists in Johnson’s mind. The whole thing is so expensive that you might think that Corbyn had dreamt it up. If you were properly brainwashed by the right wing press, that is....
  4. No. This is the new reality. The BBC are terrified of the tyrannical Brexiters, so they skew all of their coverage in favour of the hard right narrative. Now that the Tories have been taken over by UKIP, the BBC seem unable to develop a credible editorial line.
  5. It isn’t there any more. The most prominent General Election story is a misleading one about raising the NI threshold to £12500. It contains the usual Tory Party dodgy maths and very little critical analysis.
  6. We will know that all this Fact Checker stuff is getting serious when they exhume Jacob Rees Mogg to defend it. Remember him?
  7. You should register to vote, for the simple reason that you are entitled to register to vote. You should also vote, because you are entitled to vote. That’s it, really
  8. Spontaneous and instantaneous are two very different things where chemical reactions are concerned. You can buy fuel cell cars. Toyota have been making them for quite a while now. You'll need deep pockets though, the Toyota Mirai is upwards of £60k.
  9. Yes, I’m quite sure thanks. I’ve no idea why you’d think any different
  10. I’m not sure if you are being wilfully ridiculous, or whether you genuinely don’t understand. So, hoping it is the second reason, here’s a little education for you https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/science-environment-49349566
  11. I rarely use Sheffield station for precisely this reason. If I’m picking people up from London, I ask them to get off at Chesterfield. My Nottingham friends get picked up from Dronfield and Mancunians from Dore. I’m lucky that I live in that side of town, but surely north Sheffielder’s can make use of Chapeltown or Meadowhall to cut down the number of times that they have to brave the awful access to Sheffield
  12. Indeed. Well said. Also, it is perfectly possible to catch the train to go on a skiing holiday. Eating some, properly reared, meat isn’t going to destroy the planet either. So, I’ve no idea what El Cid was on about. He came over as rather judgemental to me.
  13. For those who think that privatised utilities are in some way more efficient than publicly owned ones, I’ll just offer you this anecdote. The lights on my road went off almost two weeks ago. Not one light, but about 12 in a row, both sides of the road. It is a dangerous spot too, dark and a busy road. Northern Power Grid are estimating that they’ll have them fixed by 9th December. That’s a major arterial route through the city, with no lighting for a month. I’ve no idea whether a nationalised utility would be any quicker. It is hard to imagine that they could be slower.
  14. I’ve been texting and posting online from Hillsborough this season, without any problem Mind you, there is a chance that all the stewards are asleep and are unable to challenge me. If anyone wants inside info on Morgan Fox’s likelihood to score, just pm me your number😇
  15. So, Johnson is accusing Corbyn of promoting communist policies, whilst suppressing a report about Russian funding of the Tory party. It doesn’t take a psychologist to interpret that bit of duality.
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