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  1. Our closest relative to the Washington Times is probably the Sport, or Guido Fawkes. The WT is run by the Moonies and has a pretty poor track record of being right about anything, ever.
  2. The NHS have adopted Prevent training as part of their safeguarding protocols. So it will be them.
  3. I’ve been invited to volunteer already. I’ve turned it down because they aren’t going to vaccinate the volunteers before standing them in rooms full of people waiting for jabs. I’m too close to the at risk groups for that. I’d happily repeat my prevent training, but I’m not up for putting myself at preventable risk. Once I’m jabbed, I’m in.
  4. I’m no more expert than you Tinny, but I am happy to defer to those who are expert. I guess we haven’t waited really, the vaccine was only approved last week. Recruitment was taking place before then. I’ve done quite a few of those online training and assess things for various jobs in the past. They don’t take very long to do, so they aren’t really a barrier to people getting started on the real job. I hope they don’t put people off, there is a lot of work to do.
  5. The diversity training is a nice peg to hang a sceptical hat on. It’s a distraction too. Take a look at all the other bits of training. They are mostly essential, those that aren’t essential are desirable. I agree that we are up against it recruiting enough vaccinators, but that doesn’t excuse poor, potentially damaging recruitment procedures.
  6. That’s simply not true. I’m delighted that the recruitment for vaccinators is being carried out in a professional manner. Anyone in such settings should have proper regard for safeguarding, for care of personal data and they also have responsibilities under the prevent programme. Some people might be happy to be vaccinated by poorly trained, poorly vetted staff. I’m not amongst them.
  7. If you don’t understand my comment, I can’t believe that you are a football fan. In the last five years, United have given their fans the greatest pleasure possible. Going from L1 to the PL, eclipsing Wednesday on the way, that’s the stuff of dreams. No Man Utd fan is ever getting that experience. That’s the point of supporting a club. That’s where the fun is.
  8. You played the game because you had to. You might assume that the absences were COVID related, but they might not have been. You’ve plenty of injuries, a reported dressing room bust up and lots of players out of form. Maybe that’s where you should look. I’ve heard that there’s a special edition Guinness Book of Records planned.
  9. Where did I advocate kick and run football . You need an eye test. I was simply pointing out that United have gone on a run that is beyond the big boys, possibly with the exception of Man City. I envy them for that. As a fan, those things are priceless. That doesn’t mean that I’m having any problems enjoying their demise 😁
  10. Of course it is worth it. Any club should be pushing to be the best they possibly can. United’s fans have lived the dream for the last few years. They’ve experienced stuff that the fans of Arsenal, Chelsea, the Manchester clubs and the like will never experience. That’s why you bother.
  11. United need a new manager. I don’t think that replacing Wilder is urgent, because relegation is a certainty. A new manager won’t fix that. They do need to forward plan for next season. Wilder isn’t the man for that job. United do need new ideas and it would probably be a good idea to give the new manager a few months with the squad to assess their footballing abilities and their mental attributes. Make no mistake, the mauling that United are taking at the moment is going to take some time to heal. They are going to need strong characters to avoid a downward spiral So, yes. Wilder does need sacking if United are going to recover next year. It needs to happen in the next month or two.
  12. If you don’t know, just say so. Theres no shame in not knowing. Chucking insults around is shameful though.
  13. They are being vaccinated. I know several doctors who have already received their first dose.
  14. There’s more than one way to shear a sheep. Probably
  15. That’s a brilliant win, given the injuries that we’ve got. Not the most exciting performance, but three valuable points.
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