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  1. The working class put Johnson in charge, rather than putting Corbyn in charge. I’d just let that sink in properly, if I were you. Starmer is just fine. He’s intelligent. He’s principled. He’s also quite strategic. At the moment we are almost four years from a GE. By the end of that time, Johnson will be a gibbering wreck if he has to face Starmer once a week. There really is no rush, and we are in exceptional times.
  2. As if things weren’t bad enough, you come along and remind me that Kate Hoey exists.
  3. Tourism contributes roughly £1.2bn to the economy of Sheffield each year. That’s not a trifling sum by any means. We have some extremely well visited tourist attractions in the city. This divisive semi-lockdown will do nothing to help that. The financial settlement is tiny in comparison to the business lost. I don’t know how you define dignity In my world, it doesn’t involve rolling over and having your tummy tickled by Boris Johnson and Honest Bob Jenrick.
  4. But that is nothing to do with being allowed. These days, with so many diverse media outlets, there is no excuse for not getting your message across.
  5. But it is honest Bob that said it. So there is a 50% chance that it isn’t true. Let’s all hope it isnt
  6. You weren’t made at Pilkington's you know. Every time I stood in front of the telly.
  7. But people have a right to express an opinion, don’t they? Would you prefer it if everyone agreed with you? Says frigate. Member for ten years. Post count 46. The forum is what you make it.
  8. How much do you think they will need? How long do you think they will need it for? You seem to have strong opinions on this, or it might just be a knee jerk defence of the government. I’m assuming that you’ve spent a bit of time salivating over your calculator. My assessment is that minimum wage is a minimum. And that people deserve to be treated with dignity. What do you think?
  9. Maybe not. But Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Gateshead are all places with high infection rates and increasing rates amongst older people.
  10. He should have won in 2016. Then we’d all be in a better place
  11. That’s one of the worries. The other one being that as well as changing geographically, they are also changing by age group. So the student surge is beginning to affect older people I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with you before. Welcome aboard comrade 😀 The total cost of what seems like mayhem, is actually less than £2500 each. That’s for everything since the Wuhan bat.
  12. I think that Johnson has misjudged this. There’s no doubt that Burnham is speaking with conviction. Johnson’s wheeling and dealing looks mean. It is mean. People will perceive it to be mean. Everyone is heartily sick of this now. I’d imagine that most people just want to make sure that we can all get through the winter without some of us becoming destitute. Meanwhile, the Bullingdon boy and his mates are playing a bizarre game of poker. I’m not sure that the electorate will be very forgiving.
  13. It will be neither. Steve Rotherham was played by the Tories to get him exactly where they wanted him. That left them with a nice cheap precedent to apply to the rest of us. They reckoned without Burnham actually being bothered about his citizens. I’m hoping that Jarvis will turn out to be more like Burnham, and less like Rotherham. It’s not as though we are discussing huge sums of money anyway. We’ve just spent four times as much fixing a clock as we are giving to Manchester to sort a pandemic. The world is mad.
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