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  1. Not quite, but I think you do know who she is. She's not mixed race, but converted to Islam, which may be where confusion has arisen Can you see PT paying the blindest bit of attention to anybody else's opinion over whether or not she should keep pets? 😆
  2. This is what happens when it takes about an hour to work out how to log back in, having arrived home from a week at a home ed festival with very little signal! It's Thursday this week (tomorrow). Can an admin/mod edit my post please? I can't find a members list anywhere to tell me who that might be now
  3. Many members here will be familiar with the forthright posts of Plain Talker, her advocacy for minority groups (in particular those with disabilities), her political leanings, and my particular favourites - the contributions she made to so many Sheffield History platforms, particularly on this forum. As most of you will know from a post earlier this week, she sadly passed away a few days ago, having finally succumbed to her numerous health challenges, which until a few weeks ago never seemed to slow her down I've received word from her family today about the funeral arrangements. They would love her forum friends to be able to join them in saying goodbye to their feisty matriarch, so if anybody would like to attend, please post below, so they have an idea of expected numbers. PT converted to Islam in her later years (probably over ten years ago now, thinking about it!), so the praying service will be in the Islamic faith. You're welcome to attend either or both services Shiregreen Cemetery 1:30 praying service, 2:30 burial on Thursday 24th August One particular request she made was for her treasured little terrier, Mr Pickles, to attend, so he'll be at the graveside service
  4. How do you actually obtain your online-purchased ticket though? You'd be surprised how many people don't have printers
  5. It'd be interesting to know where this place is... given our experiences with a local nursery...
  6. If you happen to spot it, can you contact the owner please? This FB link has been posted on their behalf
  7. Posting for a friend Spotted running down norton ave, away from town, brown sharpei type dog. Could not be caught
  8. Not by me, so don't message me! O2's call centre have been slightly useless, but if you ring them back, they should now be able to put you in touch with the finder
  9. Could it be the vagus nerve? http://d3j7fudf8o8iuo.cloudfront.net/var/ezwebin_site/storage/images/media/images/e-anatomy/mediastinum-anatomy-illustrations/vagus-nerve-recurrent-laryngeal-nerve/5904350-1-eng-GB/vagus-nerve-recurrent-laryngeal-nerve_medical512.jpg Tai chi may help
  10. Can you send me that on FB to share with Ulley contacts please Fishpole?
  11. If you happen to be going to Rother Valley in the next couple of days, or live near there, there's a little hound who was lost there yesterday. Please put Nici's phone number in your phone in case you see him. He lives in Rotherham, so is a fair old hike from home http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=80468#.VKGpRBAsLs
  12. The owner does appear to be on here. They posted on the pets group on this subject The 'two' stories I have seen have actually been the same one. However, if you search the pets group on the word 'poisoning', I'm sure you'll dig up threads for various locations covering at least the past ten years
  13. well that's fine for somebody from Sheffield wanting to travel into Todwick, but it's not very useful for anybody living in Todwick going about their daily life out there. How exactly is a Todwick resident supposed to get to Dinnington for instance, and given that the doctor's surgery is in Kiveton, does anybody actually think an hourly service is adequate for a sick person to nip to the doctors' and back. Is it reasonable to expect an elderly person to wait in the cold and rain for the best part of an hour for a bus back home? A doctor's appointment is potentially an afternoon outing I despair of the fact that infrastructure is no longer cohesive, and I'm damned certain that plays a large part in the mental health bill the country is shouldering
  14. He's terrified of humans and other dogs, so he's proving rather elusive
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