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  1. Excellent news @Mr Bloke I'll sort out the prize and everything this week! In the meantime... if people want to get their creative hats on & start working on their Christmas logos please do!
  2. Hi all! Did we want the Sheffield Forum Christmas Logo competition back this December? Let me know your thoughts 🎄
  3. MOD - closing this thread for a few days. Getting constant reports in with insults between users etc. Everyone can have a cool down & I'll reopen in a few days!
  4. This Thursday 2nd December, Keith Hackett will be talking about what he thinks about the current state of the game and how a regulator may affect the future . There will also be a few anecdotal stories and a Q&A. The venue is The Library in Attercliffe (S9 3TY) & arrive from 10am & there will be a few free breakfast bites too.
  5. Couple of photos from the Sheffield Forum: Live event last night - it was a brilliant night!
  6. MOD - hi all, if you are making a claim on this thread, can you provide some attribution to it please.
  7. It vanished because it was a spammer based in India who then posted more spam.
  8. MOD - I have had to remove some comments that are not related to the discussion.
  9. @sfrob can you look into this? is there anything to be done on SF side?
  10. oh I walked past this earlier, hope the woman is okay
  11. He seems lovely and really interesting! I can't wait to hear his talk 😊
  12. god forbid i go to sleep at 10pm on a sunday and don't check the forum overnight !
  13. We've started a comp over on socials if anyone would like to enter and win x2 tickets to our first event! We have some great speakers lined up and can't wait - head to FB, Twitter or Instagram to enter.
  14. The speakers aren't on the Forum! These are the speakers: Eliot Kennedy Eliot is a Grammy and Ivor Novello award winning, Golden Globe nominated, music producer and songwriter from Sheffield! He's had major success working with: Take That, Blue, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, S Club 7, Five, Billie Piper, Mary J. Blige and many others. Eliot co-founded The True North Music Company, a production and publishing business with his friend Gary Barlow. They have enjoyed success with Delta Goodrem, Lara Fabian, Blue and Charlotte Church. Eliot also co-wrote the hit Broadway musical Finding Neverland with Gary Barlow. In 2021 he released his first album "A Yacht Named Sue" to great success. Tim Craggs: Tim is a single-molecule biophysicist at Craggs Lab, lecturer in Biological Chemistry at the University of Sheffield, founder of Exciting Instruments, accomplished violinist.. phew! the list goes on! He has a really interesting talk about the intersections of religion & science, that we can't wait to hear! Katherine Payne: Kat is the organiser of Goldsmiths North, an annual retail fair which brings together the best of designer jewellery and silversmithing from the UK and Europe to Sheffield. The Archer Project: We have poetry from Chris at The Archer Project, which are a Sheffield based charity which does great work helping homeless people into a settled life.
  15. We are on Sheffield Live radio this morning talking about the Forum and more! https://businesslive.buzzsprout.com/254530/9496236-online-communities-and-investment-readiness-with-beca-allsopp-and-chris-sellars-of-sheffield-forum-and-bulldozer
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