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  1. the posts were arguing and swearing hence the deletion the subsequent posts which actually were relevant then quoted the offending posts and had to be removed.
  2. I’ve also reported this so hope it will stop shortly if it has been happening to you
  3. Because it was quoting a post that had been removed…. A post that was off topic, name calling.
  4. it was removed for a few hours so i could read through the 35 reports and remove the offending posts. its back now. sorry yes i just didnt have time to read through until now so i removed until i could go through it all
  5. Given separately but you can get them together - I had flu in the left arm, covid in the right at the same time to get them done Where did you read this? It is two separate vaccines?
  6. What are you talking about? If there’s an issue, put a report in.
  7. I’ve not had a single report in on this… don’t know how many times I need to say, I don’t read every thread so put a report in.
  8. I wasn’t tagged @cressida so just seen.
  9. Cuttsie I’m away on holiday til Sunday without access to my laptop so can only check reports & can’t get onto the member bit - I’ll reinstate your PM when I get back
  10. Yep, there is about two spam accounts through a day but are sending loads. I’ve been through this quite a lot before - I physically cannot check my phone all day so I check: first thing in the morning, lunch break, after work, evening… accounts are up for a matter of hours at most.
  11. I still see the messages... I have asked for the pop ups to be fixed, and believe its been sorted today.
  12. He’s had plenty of warnings Cressida. And as it’s been stated, reports have come in from both teams.
  13. No actually, you have been rude. Anyway he’s removed.
  14. …. Clearly not read my previous posts when he was removed at 7am this morning. Also to note absolutely TIRED of you having a pop at me.
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