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The Christmas Logo Competition is back. See thread in Sheffield Discussions for details ×


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  1. I'm just looking into this, I saw your original photo too! Did you upload it via a URL?
  2. This is brilliant, thank you for sharing
  3. This is gorgeous! And what a lovely garden!
  4. Haha I'm afraid you will have to get creative there Jeffrey !
  5. Why would you think that? We have received lovely entries that aren't animated so far... We wanted a prize that can be spent on independents in and around the city. The cards are valid for one year also, so if you are in Sheffield in the next year can make use of it..
  6. I'll start by sharing a walk the other week - very cold but sunny (perfect weather!) just down by Victoria Quays
  7. Hi everyone, Welcome to our new topic - a place for people to post anything that has given them a bit of happiness and cheer This can anything from a photo (of your pet, to a lovely Sheffield view or anything else that has cheered you up!) or a good news story you have heard from in the community; anything that has brought you some happiness that you would like to share! We are going to do a photo of the week which we will post on our new Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sheffield_forum/ so don't be shy in sharing!
  8. Hi there, I'm sure that can be done - looking forward to seeing GIF entry!
  9. We are bringing the legendary Christmas logo competition back to Sheffield Forum! The rules are simple: create a logo in the below format and we will show logo's on rotation in place of the Sheffield Forum logo throughout December. File format: PNG or Jpeg Pixel size: 500 x 120 Competition entries are in with a chance of winning a Sheffield city centre gift card, perfect to spend at independents for Christmas: https://www.sheffieldgiftcard.co.uk/ 1st Prize: £50 voucher 2nd Prize: £25 voucher 3rd Prize: £10 voucher Please email your entry to: office@sheffieldforum.co.uk (including your username!) Any questions relating to the competition, please let us know in the thread below. We will announce the winners on Thursday 17th December, entries close Tuesday 15th December. Good luck!
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