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  1. MOD: can this conversation stay on topic - personal insults and petty comments stops now.
  2. Just went to see it at Abbeydale Picture House, thought it was absolutely brilliant (& so did the rest of the crowd by the laughs and applause throughout!)
  3. Here is the guest judge Conor Rogers, with Abby and Tony Foulds. And Tony and Abby with the winning portrait! Abby will now create a portrait of Tony which will be on display at Cutlers Hall! Thank you to all involved, there was some amazing talent on display! That's the promotional poster, I'll let the designer know though he will be happy! ☺️
  4. We had a great event on Wednesday at Cutlers Hall, congratulations to Abby Charlesworth, who won with her portrait of John Burkhill!
  5. Hi all - the portraits are up at the Winter Gardens! Come visit anytime until 15th September ☺️
  6. I think it would be brill to have another Sheffield based festival, but I know what you mean about using Hillsborough Park again. Trying to think of another park that would be able to hold the same capacity and easy to get to and struggling though!
  7. until
    Conor Rogers, an award winning Sheffield based artist, will be announcing the winner of our Portrait Competition at Cutlers Hall.
  8. until
  9. it shouldn't show up while you are signed in @Kidorry 😊
  10. thanks @Tim H I've submitted my response 😊 (I've removed the other post as duplicate and makes sense to keep responses in one place - so keeping in Sheffield Sport & Activities 😊 )
  11. Quite a few of the black cabs now take card - much easier!
  12. Morning all - had to remove a few comments from last night. I know we are at over 700 pages now haha but please let's keep out the name calling etc! Thank you
  13. thanks @Daryl24 I hadn't heard about this but popping into the city centre for Hedgerow Market (on Division Street) on Saturday so will pop by!
  14. I've found recently it is taking ages to actually get an Uber and the cost seems to have gone up! I'm thinking to try City Taxis again, before I thought their app wasn't great but willing to give it another go.
  15. Union Street or Hagglers Corner may be able to help?
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