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  1. i never said we were not compliant! we are ! i said it was more difficult and more expensive for smaller companies and some lines would have to be dropped as the testing of individual products especially bespoke items is prohibitively expensive. real world testing is what we do using sponsored racers who are professionals and including our own lab testing for abrasion and tear strength. motorcyclist most certainly deserve the best protection and thats what we do, the CE certification does nothing more than increase that to a point where its virtually unusable in some instances. a hammer to crack a peanut. ---------- Post added 15-09-2018 at 16:21 ---------- thank you , safety is our paramount aim and we have protected racers since 1996.
  2. then you clearly dont understand the CE marking of Motorcycle clothing, we have in the past made garments for London transport police and professional racers and still do today with no complaints but under some of the CE certification this is made difficult if not impossible to make a comfortable safe garment and the end user doesnt want to wear the item as its too restrictive and bulky, its all to do with perceived risks from bureaucrats and academics that do not understand the subject mostly. ha ha dodgy importer thats good:thumbsup:
  3. i import high quality motorcycle bespoke clothing from china, pakistan, vietnam and india mainly for racing, the eu in its wisdom now have created a CE dictat on all motorcycle clothing which makes some areas of m/c clothing almost not viable for the smaller importer.
  4. what are you talking about, its clear economics and unsustainable. you know the rent when you move in and know what profit and turnover will pay that rent? if you dont get the number of customers to make that turnover and profit you go out of business? homework not done just dreams:roll:
  5. its wasn't the ridiculous rent it was an unsustainable business plan which didnt have enough customers or wasn't priced right.
  6. oh really?? i trade all over the world and do you know europe is the hardest and most expensive to deal with:roll:
  7. you must be going to the cheap version like chicken shack, who raise beakless and footless chickens to make it easier to mince the meat into a pulp:hihi:
  8. ha ha that is exactly why we need to sort this problem out! ridiculous PC gone mad:rolleyes: ---------- Post added 14-09-2018 at 17:38 ---------- shaking in my shoes:thumbsup:
  9. sorry i was just trying to make a point! a little ironic now really?
  10. well said mate:thumbsup: ---------- Post added 14-09-2018 at 14:18 ---------- whats that got to do with words and name calling? banter is banter and threats are completely different you do know that dont you <REMOVED>?
  11. british nationals by proxy and paperwork only, we cant afford to be a haven any longer, they need to stay and sort their own countries and also stop sending the men first:roll:leaving the women to clear up the mess, not complicated at all leave them to it! times they are a changing:roll:
  12. golf yes twitter no! it seems to be working in america ? growth up confidence up:roll:
  13. rubbish not nationalistic just common sense, we make our own decisions, other countries will still trade with us and we can negotiate better terms worldwide and including some that we currently cant due to protectionist eu tariff restrictions. we were once the largest trading force in the world and can be again, the world wants our products especially emerging markets. ---------- Post added 14-09-2018 at 12:44 ---------- not sure where that all comes from but you only need to look to see the feckless white brits all around, as for foreign workers yes bring them in if a brit cant do it but dont let them in for their own economic reasons we cant afford it!
  14. we wont suffer and despite all the threats they cant afford to make us suffer, just watch other countries follow our route out, they are just waiting to see what happens when we go, Italy will be the next then Spain! ---------- Post added 14-09-2018 at 12:21 ---------- believe me the feckless white brits should be made to do community work, cleaning roadsides etc etc hey we might even get the grass verges cut!
  15. ones that bring something to the table and contribute not the ones that take and sit on their <removed> and drain our resources they can be any race or colour:thumbsup: ---------- Post added 14-09-2018 at 12:14 ---------- i know these remainers tsk tsk:loopy: ---------- Post added 14-09-2018 at 12:16 ---------- the thing is it wont change that much those treaties will still exist under another name mostly and a lot probably need getting rid of anyway. we are stronger on our own making our own choices and europe will still trade and still welcome us. it will just be cheaper and less constrained for us.
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