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  1. He needs reporting. EG. Suppose a child playing on the footpath was playing with a ball bounced it on the said area and then put fingers in their mouth
  2. It was a secondary modern in 1966 but not sure when it changed but would think it was same as Ecclesfield about 68 or 69
  3. Where do you get your info. The Basset is still open and neither that or the Magnet are anywhere near Firth Park. As for the rest apart from the Pheasant, it's good riddance to bad rubbish. Are you sure you're not confusing the Bassett with the Beagle
  4. Maybe if all the morons who are too idle to walk their kids to school walked there wouldn't be so many fumes. I used to walk 3 miles there and three miles back when I was at school. Maybe if the parents looked at themselves as guardians instead of nannies they would encourage their offspring to exercise
  5. Ask at your local evangelist church as gospel singers are usually religious but would do other stuff I'm sure
  6. Don't touch Masters Road with a bargepole. Winn Gardens is a slight improvement
  7. Well a member of the hospital staff then. How is the interpretor any more qualified to pass on an informed medical translation?
  8. This may surprise you but not everybody is interested in sport
  9. They could have an English speaking member of staff or a relative of the patient instead of spending £500 an our on an interpreter when the health service is cash strapped. How would a non English speaker cope in the world outside the hospital?
  10. You should not put electrical eqipment of any sort on soft furnishings even if they have passed the PAT test
  11. TV is run by Hospedia (formerly Patient Line). you can buy pre pay cards for £3.50, £5 and £10 but not sure how long you can watch for. Maybe you can contact Hospedia
  12. I'm sure the one on Colley Road and the one in Morrisons at Ecclesfield have Sunday collections
  13. I can't believe some of the vitriole here. You are fighting among yourselves. Divide and conquer springs to mind. What happened to the UNITED kingdom?
  14. Blimey you don't post very often. I joined in Jan 2010 and have nearly reached 30,000 and I was working full time for four of those years before I retired
  15. Maybe you should have thought a bit more before you post. The air ambulance is generally called on advice of first responders attending victim. I was in Iceland car park when ambulance and first responders went up Swanbourne about same time as chopper took off
  16. That's a long drop for a toddler, maybe they were worried that the little one had neck or back injury and the journey on Sheffields crap roads could cause further trauma
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