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  1. Having trouble with combi boiler. The hot water light is permanently on and the heating will not come on. Anyone got any advice or can recommend a registered gas engineer. Thanks in advance.
  2. Right guy's. I need your help. I've got lot's of love to give a dog. I had a staffy for 16 years. Unfortunately I lost her a couple of years ago. I am now ready to love again.Would love to adopt a little older staffy. I have adopted 2 cat's so I would need to take them in to consideration.i just want a little dog that wants lot's of love,cuddles on the sofa and a potter along the lane to the park. Cheers in advance .x
  3. Hi,Am looking for recommendations for a counsellor that specialises in anxiety issues, Thanks in advance.
  4. Just wondered if an old dishwasher would be of any use to a scrap man.???
  5. Hi,am looking to find a group that deals with stress/anxiety issues, In Sheffield if possible.Would consider a one to one session, thank you in advance.
  6. yes Veolia will collect, £20 for 3 large items.will have to contact them ,thanks for the reply.
  7. hi,have got a scrap fridge freezer,does anyone one know if scrap men still collect them.??? thanks.
  8. Hi Our cat has gone missing in the s5 area last night, he has been out for several hours which is very unusual for him. Can you please check your garages/sheds if you're in the area as he may have gotten locked in. He is also microchipped.
  9. hi,thanks for the reply,she's about 6months old,i did mention to one of the rescue centres that I was worried she would get pregnant,i wish I could afford to keep her,i have phoned pdsa bout having her spayed but you have got to be on benefits.our local vet charges £75+vat.she is a lovely cat,i have also been advised to stop feeding her and she will go away,this maybe true,but how can I do that,i am an animal lover and think that's not nice.i am in the s5 area
  10. Hi,i would just like some help and advice please.My neighbours have moved leaving their kitten,We have tried to find them,but to no avail.They have abandanded this poor cat,I have been feeding it and making it comftable in my summer house.I have 2 rescue cat's myself and do not want to take any more on.I have been in touch with a couple of rescue centres and to be completely honest they have not been any use,One suggesting that I should take this cat straight away to have her spayed.I know the rescue centres have limited space,but please what can I do,i don't want to turn my back on this poor little kitten.any advice???
  11. So you must be frank then? How ya doing? your right about firth park not been a nice place now,i sometimes walk along tideswell rd and I could cry with the state it's in now.Not like when we were kids playing out on the road.I still keep in contact with john(sid) and steve moore,still see jean wait from time to time and occasionaly bump in to gary(froggy)Morton,they sure were happy day's.
  12. Hi,I also lived on Tideswell Rd, what no did you live at? I remember all the names you mentioned, I am one of the seniors,Pamela senior do you remember me?
  13. You have got it spot on,they were rescued from rain,i love them both to bit's and would hate them to get hurt,things have got slightly better,they have been nose to nose with some of neighbours cat's and no problems.the bully one has cornered one of mine,my boy backed away and came home,was that a good thing for him to do?or will bully cat target him again and again??
  14. i wish there was a "like"button,cause I like your comment,It was me that started this thread,think i'll just take a book in with me. !!!
  15. oh,i thought if I bought 12hrs,i could watch hour by hour,might have to reconcider then.thanks for the reply
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