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  1. Why would 2 bald blokes be fighting over a comb? If united finish 4th from bottom then it has to be classed as a success And looking at the other teams near the bottom, if united can keep getting these points then perhaps they can finish 4th from bottom Hopefully teams like Watford, Newcastle and Norwich will get smashed by other teams so goal difference will work in united favour
  2. Looking good another win, maybe playoffs this season?
  3. Could have been in top 2 if we had won Woeful
  4. This may get stupid comment of the week award and its only Monday but with the hit and miss nature of the owls I envisage a heavy loss 4 - 0 to hull
  5. I meant to say Middlesbrough were due a hiding as they been hit and miss I think 6 - 1 win Wednesday
  6. Owls too hit and miss and probably due a hiding Middlesbrough 6 - 0 Owls This will perhaps focus minds?
  7. Blades 1 - 0 Liverpool Blades to sneak an early goal and then to defend like mad for 88 minutes
  8. Only thing I can say is its a good job it's not Sheffield United as the opposition The blades gave everton a good whupping on Saturday, so blades v owls would be a total mismatch
  9. We went abroad in May and September and the numbers in Spain are unsustainable The holiday industry has a lot to answer for and I think its high time something was done to stop people going abroad We paid £250 to a Climate Offset scheme hence our holiday abroad was fine.
  10. Useless, clueless, woeful Even Barnsley beat Fulham
  11. As much as this pains me to say but well done to united I think I need to lay down, I feel light headed
  12. United could put Everton to the sword in front of their own fans Everton 1 - 2 United
  13. Fulham lost to Barnsley on the opening day
  14. Another former premier league club to be put to the sword, for the viewing pleasures of the baying crowd at hillsborough Expect scot Parker and his merry men to leave Hillsborough on Saturday feeling humiliated and dejected after a heavy loss
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