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  1. rogets

    Hull v Blades

    If United do go up automatically then this surely had to be one of the best achievements by a local team and a manager 2 seasons in championship and then automatic promotion?
  2. rogets

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    If any Bristol fans are making too much noise on the tram they will be told to shut up Not putting up with rowdy singing on way to the game
  3. rogets

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    Bristol to turn up like educated scholars at a local working men's club 0 - 0 on 90 minutes Then Bristol to score on the 95th and 97th minutes So a 2 - 0 defeat and in effect ending all playoff hopes
  4. rogets

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    I posted too soon The poet's got chopped in half by the man armed with a sword
  5. rogets

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Wednesday are like poets on the battlefield
  6. rogets

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    This could be a devastating defeat for the owls For the entire world to see
  7. rogets

    Blades v Forest

    It's 1 - 0 on 85 minutes currently Get ready for forest to score 7 minutes into injury time
  8. rogets

    Climate change protests

    It's just kids being kids We attended an environment protest back in the 90s as teens about pollution and car usage And before you ask,no we didn't use the bus to get to the protest We went down in my friends dad's Jaguar
  9. rogets

    Blades v Forest

    If the owls can beat forest then it should be a straightforward task for United Even Rotherham beat Forest Make no mistake Forest are complete pants as a team Expect a big win United 7 - 0 Forest
  10. rogets

    Blades vs Millwall

    You should be after last weekend Chance after chance, missed penalty? And the owls still lost?
  11. rogets

    Blades vs Millwall

    I don't want to ruin people's Sundays but neither Sheffield team will be in premier league Leeds are going to get that 2nd spot And Aston Villa will win promotion by playoffs Let's look on bright side with Huddersfield down there will be be great local Derby's next season, so we need Rotherham to stay up. If Barnsley and Doncaster get promoted it will be a season of local Derbys in the championship Where's the fun in being the premier league whipping boys? The lowest ever points tally is 8points If either Sheffield team got promoted that points of shame record would be broken
  12. rogets

    Blades vs Millwall

    Can't hope the owls win if your a blade That's as bad as being an MP saying you will honour the result of the referendum, and then when you get voted in do everything you can to reverse the result of the referendum. Stick to your guns and hope the owls lose Even if it costs promotion to the premier league
  13. rogets

    Blades vs Millwall

    Blades 0 - 1 Millwall My prediction
  14. I've got a draw on this fixture
  15. Fair enough I've not been to elland road for a few years, me and the lads used to go and rule the town and the local area about 20 years ago on that fixture. Always great fixture to see after being at school all week.

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