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  1. Free Internet has kind of swung it for me If free beer was on the maifesto I'd definitely vote Labour But swaying towards labour
  2. Bloke down the pub in says Wilder has a habit of slightly leaning forward when he throws the right hand exposing his chin He reckons he himself could knock out Wilder in 9 rounds if he tagged wilder on the chin because at 5ft 4 tall and 18 stone wilder would be vunerable With Ruiz having a similar build to the guy at the pub 6ft and 20 stone and being able to hit very hard Ruiz would get wilder out of there in the first or second round The bloke at the pub says you need to trap AJ in a corner, just keep pushing AJ into the corners and then unload punches on him, that's how the 5ft 6 bloke at the pub would beat AJ in a boxing match
  3. Think your team might spring a surprise I'm putting money on a Boro win, and Flyde to win too
  4. If the blades have any sense they will get knocked out by flyde, field a weakened team and then we need a furious Chris wilder on Match of the day doing an interview pretending to be angry Rotherham United have got the pick of the local ties against Hull Wednesday to do their usual and get knocked out at the 3rd round stage, although unlike United it won't be deliberate. It will because they are rubbish.
  5. Blades stepping out of their league and man United looking for a big win Blades 0 - 6 Man United
  6. 2-0 win to Tottenham
  7. Word of warning Yobbos at the train station, brainless Burnley fans Avoid this area
  8. Dam I predicted Wednesday to win 3-0 and united to lose 3-0 Lost my money today
  9. I still think Burnley will win Even though its 3-0 to united at half time
  10. A must win game if the owls are to get promotion and I think they will do it Sam Gallagher may be wearing the number 9 shirt but he is not Alan Shearer. Expect the Blackburn strikers to misfire and the owls to be in inspired form 3-0 to Wednesday
  11. A team united must win to put some points between them and teams in relegation scrap Can they put some space between them and the relegation battle? No they won't, Burnley to win 3-0
  12. I agree Leeds are losing. If Wednesday won on Saturday and WBA lose then the owls will be top of the league
  13. Check Barnsley out, 2 nill up against West Brom, that means Wednesday will only be 2 points behind the league leaders after this match? Top of the league by Saturday for the owls?
  14. Warnock to want to put one over on the owls Cardiff to dominate 3-0
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