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  1. This game will tell the owls a lot Surely Charlton have to be one of the teams who are expected to be near to top, so if the owls can get an away win here then it will send out a serious warning to all the other teams in league 1 If we get a hammering then teams like morecambe may fancy their chances of a major scalp against the once mighty owls We will learn a lot this Saturday about the owls promotion prospects
  2. I think we have to keep everyone safe, so mask, gloves, visor for me at the match for everyone's safety around me Anyone not wearing a mask will be getting a tap on the shoulder from me and woe betide anyone who doesn't have a reasonable exemption for not masking up Be kind and tolerant is my motto
  3. Must be rubbish for the players having no fans to cheer then on
  4. What the owls need is a local club who has an up and coming young striker, who they can pick up for peanuts but who can bag 20 goals a season. They did that in the late 1980s, so why can't they do it in 2021? Surely one of the local clubs has an 18 year old version of David Hirst?
  5. They can't even get the sound system to work properly
  6. We got an underground shelter at the bottom of the garden, and we have vegetables growing We got a container to catch rainwater as well as water purification tablets, we bought 100s of purification tablets We have stocked up on beans and bought 3 huskys to pull a sledge on wheels as our method of transport. Once the petrol runs out, cars no longer work. We are getting ready for the worst We are also stocking up on batteries, candles, torches etc... I think we are very much prepared
  7. Voting Brexit was the right thing to do After years of underachieving at football we are now in the final.
  8. As someone who has no social life, no friends, I personally have enjoyed the last 15 months
  9. Nobody wins unless everybody wins So scrap any further games and declare everyone as the winner
  10. Great to hear the 3 lines on a shirt being sung loudly
  11. His worth could be boosted as he is playing for an esteemed club like Wednesday
  12. If you dangle some string in front of a domesticated cat, the cat will attack the string. If you dangle some string in front of a lion, the lion will attack the person holding the string. The owls next season need the mindset of a lion, not a domesticated cat if they are to succeed in league 1
  13. Ched is proven at this level championship and league 1 so could be a good buy.
  14. Sad how things have changed, 30 years ago half the England squad consisted of Owls Players, Hirst, Palmer (Carlton Palmer not Liam) And we were littered with international players Now we can't even pay wages of the players and we are recruiting from teams like York City rather than Marselle
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