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  1. 2 of the finest university cities going head to head in a game of football Two sets of highly educated football fans coming together
  2. A wounded bear is still dangerous as united are showing in the championship
  3. Oh dear, but let's look on the positives Wimbledon themselves are a once mighty premier league club I can remember Dean holdsworth and John fashanu at Hillsborough, and vinny Jones got gazza by the balls in one game Two oncecmighty teams, under acheaving
  4. Wednesday are smashing league one opposition as expected The owls should be playing against the likes of Tottenham on Saturday afternoon, not Wimbledon The owls should not be in this league
  5. Are united included in this draw, or Barnsley? If not, why not?
  6. Vinny Jones, John fashabu, Dean holdswith the crazy gang from when we used to watch this fixture Can't see Wednesday coping with rough house tactics Wombles 3 - 0 owls
  7. I'm not worried about the increase in heating costs as we have plenty of money If you are worried about heating costs why not go to a warmer country, we are planning to go to tenerife for 3 months during the colder months I did vote tory, a true blue But I do care about those around me
  8. I don't think so, those fans are mega tough I know of a Barnsley fan who is an expert in ky reera tudo, the aincent oriental noble art of bone breaking. He offered to give me a demonstration to show its effectiveness, which I declined. I wouldn't advise blades to go in that end, some very dangerous fans in Barnsley
  9. The cost of energy and gas and petrol is soaring but people shouldn't be worried I've got £200,000 in one of my banks and I reckon I could find £800 down the back of the sofa, so I think people are worrying needlessly I think the solution to rising prices if just ensure you have more money Ensure you have more money going in than going out and if you are worried about petrol prices, buy a electric car, they only cost around 40 thousand quid, a bit of loose change really
  10. Two great teams that should not be in league one Bolton are on the up, so I'll say owls 1 -3 bolton
  11. Friend of mine is a Mansfield fan and is actually a teacher, which is hard to believe He has Manfield to win
  12. Not be a good day for the owls a massive upset on the cards and total humiliation. Mansfield 5 - 0 Owls
  13. Couldn't beat a team of meatballs which incidently have lost about 6 previous away games? This is not good
  14. Went to the betting shop and there was a magpie in the tree, so I gave it a salute before going in for good luck So I've put a win for Wednesday on this, 3-0
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