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  1. rogets

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    Was anything done about all the Blades fans that were in the away end at Rotheham yesterday? After the owls scored they did the "if you don't bounce your a blade" song. And everyone stopped bouncing 30 seconds later. Are the owls recruiting blades fans to fill up the away end ?
  2. rogets

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    Seen the millers play against Leeds, blades and owls By far Wednesday were the worst Rotherham should have scored at least 5 The owls players spent more time complaining and rolling around on the floor.
  3. rogets

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    If Rotherham had a half decent striker the millers would be miles in front The chances missed by Rotherham are crazy If the owls get anything out of this game, even a draw it would be obscene. If the owls draw Steve Bruce needs to apologize to Paul Warne
  4. rogets

    Blades v Reading

    Blades too strong 3 - 0 win to blades
  5. rogets

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    Rotherham to bully the Owls Don't think the owls players will be up for a rough house type game Rotherham 4 - 1 Owls
  6. rogets

    Blades v Boro

    United are starting to slip United 2 - 4 Boro
  7. rogets

    millwall v sheffield wednesday

    I reckon the strikers will be looking to impress so I guess a hatrick for one of the strikers. 3-0 win
  8. rogets

    Owls v Reading

    Reading are an awful team,below Rotherham in the league if that's possible Bruce will be keen for a big win 5-0 to Wednesday
  9. rogets

    Blades v Villa

    If you want to win games then you have to score more goals than the opposing team On my coaching course we were taught that the team that scores the less goals were the losing team
  10. rogets

    Blades v Villa

    At the start of game you would have been happy for an away draw at Aston Villa, they are one of the biggest teams in the championship. Almost as big as Wednesday But this has to be perhaps the worst result of the season. To be 3 nill up with only 8 minutes to go and end up with a draw? If united fail to get automatic promotion then this has to be seen as one of the key games
  11. Doctor Bateman I feel argued the point well on John Humpries show this morning
  12. An alarming breach of security took place at the weekend which should frighten the life out of every football fan The invader managed to evade stadium security and get onto the pitch and get frighteningly close to the managers. Is it time security was tightened at all football grounds to prevent incidents such as this one occurring in future?
  13. Brexit could cause chaos to future transfers within football
  14. rogets

    Ipswich v Owls

    It was a good win for Bruce, however Ipswich are the bottom club They have lost to Rotheham They are certain to get relegated Yes a win, but not a win against a team like Norwich or West Brom But let's not get too critical, this was a good win
  15. rogets

    Blades v Bolton

    Upset on the cards Blades 0 - 3 Bolton

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