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  1. Some great tips in the newspapers Sell your horses, sell your shares We are considering selling 2 of our properties to try to make ends meet.
  2. You have to listen to the experts on the TV when it comes to surviving this crisis. Next season at the footy we plan to go onto one of the cheaper stands where its only £65 per ticket. It's hard going, but if you listen to the experts you get some handy tips
  3. Bloke who lives 3 doors down is driving an Audi A4 on a 2019 plate. He says he will be buying a new car every 3 years now rather then every 12 months as he is struggling with the cost of living Imagine having to drive a 3 year old car In our household we are looking at turning the heating down to 15 degrees if there is a heatwave this summer, this is advise we took from experts on the tv
  4. Some big teams in league 1, it's like being in the Premier league in 2002. Derby, Sunderland, Portsmouth
  5. I think united and Wednesday are like Yorkshire terriers who think they are rottweilers They are not as big as they think they are
  6. I was right with my prediction yesterday What can you say, some big games next season in the championship Middlesbrough, Leeds, Forest/or Huddersfield, Birmingham etc... Teams with real fans so some good games Had the owls been promoted it would have been a brilliant championship season If Sunderland get promoted then that's another big team
  7. Even Steven now Forest to win on penalties
  8. Whoever scores the most goals over the two legs will win That's my prediction
  9. Didn't look good yesterday and I can't see any improvement on the 2nd leg I predict a 3 - 0 win to forest
  10. If United had scored that 2nd goal rather than forest then the blades would have won.
  11. Let's just see what happens by 5pm with the predictions And might I remind people I have been following the local football scene for 30 years
  12. This game like the owls v Sunderland game will be full of passion and probably most premier league teams would like either forest or the blades in the Premier league I think the blades will end up in the final, but lose to Luton at the penultimate match. So blades 3 - 0 forest today
  13. The owls will be playing Forest next season Forest green rovers.
  14. I reckon Darren Moore will be wanting the owls to achieve a little... more... next season
  15. For me where did it go wrong, was it the tactics, was it the defence, some say the wind was blowing in the wrong direction For me, if Wednesday had scored that 2nd goal in the 93rd minute they would have won
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