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  1. rogets

    Swansea v sheffield wednesday

    Fans need to protest We need 35,000 fans at every home game between now and end of season to wear a blind fold at the games The message to the board would be "we are not paying good money to watch that dross"
  2. rogets

    Swansea v sheffield wednesday

    The manager has no tactical nouse Hopeless
  3. rogets

    Swansea v sheffield wednesday

    Like a game of cat and mouse Jos has once again proved himself to be a tactical genius 1 - 0 up at this point
  4. rogets

    Blades v west brom

    Barry Gibb scored West Broms goals
  5. The route to us being in EU 1) tax the citizens especially working class heavily 2) pay key people with the money taken in tax 3) put those key people in positions of power 4) the key people put remainers in other key positions of power 5) brexiteers get more sidelined in MSM (ie farage) 6) as time goes by the education system gets to work on the young ensuring they form the correct opinions and thoughts 7) the older voters die off 8.... the younger educated by the system voters get to voting age 9) wait until 2020s 10) rerun referendum 11) people vote to remain in the EU Game over
  6. rogets

    Blades v west brom

    Reverse physchology
  7. That's very deep and too much for me
  8. rogets

    Blades v west brom

    It's over mate, look what happened at Rotheham
  9. rogets

    Blades v west brom

    Cracks starting to appear in blades, all downhill from here Blades 2 - 7 west brom
  10. rogets

    Steve bruce on his way to swfc

    I'd like to see Chris wilder and Paul Warne take joint charge of Wednesday
  11. rogets

    Sheffield wednesday v rotherham united

    They don't like it up em Rotherham out bullying the owls As predicted
  12. rogets

    France is in chaos .

    Things are getting worse in Europe I can't see us getting to the moon in time to escape This world is a mess
  13. rogets

    Sheffield wednesday v rotherham united

    What I meant was that the blades themselves are known for a bit of the rough stuff, but Rotherham out roughed the blades a couple of weeks ago And let's not forget only two weeks before the owls put on a nervy display against the blades
  14. rogets

    Sheffield wednesday v rotherham united

    They kept decking the blades players And that takes some doing
  15. rogets

    Sheffield wednesday v rotherham united

    A bit of rough house tactics from Rotherham won't be to the liking of Sheffield Wednesday Not even the blades could out battle the millers, who players spent most of the recent game on the deck For this reason Rotherham to bully their way to a 3 - 1 win

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