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  1. It should have been Leeds playing in the premiership Not Sheffield United 😠
  2. rogets

    Who next for Tory Leader/PM?

    All the women have been voted out? Where's the equality? Why not kick a couple of the men out, maybe Hancock and Raab? Put Leadsom and McVey back in
  3. rogets

    Wilder to leave?

    The problem with united being in the premier league will be the closet fans that will flock to the stadium in droves to see premier league football Personally I think 4th from bottom had to be the target But then new closet fans will be demanding for the manager to be sacked if the blades struggle
  4. There is a cat who lives 5 doors away who is repeatedly trespassing on my property. It has no legal right to walk onto my back garden and my garden is not classed as a public footpath There is no reason why this cat can't use the public pavement at the front of everyones homes Another example of the ignorant in our society who believe they can do what they want when they want😠
  5. rogets

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    Mr Fart is a childish wasist. And needs to grow up and get lost
  6. rogets

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    Mr Trump says sexist things and for that reason shouldn't be welcome Bara Kobarner was a better president
  7. rogets

    Euro Elections

    Norwich city didn't win the championship Because Ipswich, Bolton and Rotherham United gain more points if you added up all their points Same goes for Manchester City and the premier league, Man United and Crystal Palace gained more points if you added their points together
  8. rogets


    I hope Wednesday don't become another Derby County type of team Always not quite good enough That must be torture
  9. rogets

    Stoke v Blades

    1 - 0 to Stoke Who also have nothing to play for either
  10. rogets


    £33 minimum for championship football between two mid tabler nothingers. Over £40 in south stand Yet for £30 you can watch Huddersfield get hammered by Man United
  11. rogets


    Owls with minds on summer holidays at Costs Del Sol QPR players thinking about their summer holidays weekend break to Blackpool Both teams nothing to play for 0 - 0 can't be bothered let's get the season over kind of match
  12. Lib Dems need to get inside with the students and gain their trust If they do this they could make serious gains at the next election
  13. rogets

    Game of Thrones series 8.

    I can't watch this programme I don't mind the killings, the nudity, the sexual content and the violence. I'm happy to watch the torture scenes But for me the bad language is too much. One bloke was getting tortured in one of the scenes and the man being tortured said a swear word, I was disgusted and switched channels
  14. Automatic promotion for blades Wednesday just not good enough for playoffs (as usual) Rotherham to go down
  15. rogets

    The Blades are going up!

    Leeds United still drawing against Villa United could do well in premier league Thankfully United aren't in this years championship playoffs as all 4 teams competing are huge clubs Wouldn't like to guess who's going to emerge from playoffs

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