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  1. Owls to be put to the sword tomorrow Stoke 6 - 0 Owls
  2. Absolutley shocking Also need to point out, the old fella was a United supporter, so that may have been a reason nobody went to help . That part of Sheffield is very much owls territory
  3. Old fella was clearing snow from the road where we live, and he was out there for 2 hours. The worst thing was, not one person went out to help him. Neighbours are shocking who live on our road, this country has gone downhill
  4. It could happen, a great escape 4 points out of 6, there is hope The owls are not yet doomed Get 40 points out of 60 over next 20 games, that is 50 points and safety
  5. I hear that Burnley fans were singing "your going down, with Luton Town"
  6. Warn kept Rotherham in the championship against all odds. Warn kept Rotherham in the championship against all odd
  7. A result that is bound to cause raised eyebrows among championship fans up and down the country. Great result for the owls
  8. I'm 64 and I remember walkley from my younger days. There were no cars, people used to get around on horses, things were very different
  9. Might I remind you that Lecester are top of the league and the owls at the bottom. Even Rotherham united have got twice as many points as the Owls
  10. I need to drive Yes get cars off the road, totally agree But not my car off the road
  11. They need to do something to get cars off the road, I am sick of being stuck in traffic jams Too many cars on the road
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