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  1. Oh dear Starting to regret putting the 2-0 win to Brentford now Should have put 7-0 Im going to lose £1
  2. Surely last night has to be seen as a victory for Sheffield Wednesday? To only lose 1-0? Watford lost 7-0 in the final last year, and Watford have just beaten Liverpool 3-0 So in my opinion Wednesday didn't lose
  3. Owls fans can't complain about lack of goals today Strikers are finding the back of the net with ease today
  4. 1-1 draw today Loads of Brighton fans near the train station looking very mean
  5. Can we just stop with the silly comments It's not funny Even millwall fans are shocked looking at social media
  6. Truely disgusting offensive behavior This is not funny at all I hope the culprits are caught, this is not a joke and offends the decent minded inhabitants of this once great city
  7. They would need the suspect to provide a stool sample
  8. No Yorkshire derbys for you next season thanks to that win
  9. Win this one and united are as good as safe
  10. If united win this then they are as good as safe. One more win after this one? 38 points should be enough to stay up this season
  11. Man City were lucky on that occasion
  12. Good draw for Wednesday But concerned about the first leg being at home I'd have preferred to play Man City away as the Owls are giving some proper hidings on away grounds But as its a home tie, I think Man City will win
  13. Got to be Sheffield Wednesday v Sheffield United Or vise versa
  14. Owls only need to field a few reserves for this one, a good opportunity to rest major players Easy win for the reserves and yts players
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