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  1. Boro 0 - 6 Owls The great escape is on Derby 0 - 2 Birmingham
  2. We can do this, just keep winning every match until the end of the season Roonys Derby to lose all their games and we stay up
  3. It's not over yet for relegation we could still get 12 points If Huddersfield and Derby lose all their games Wednesday could leapfrog both Which would mean Wycombe, Rotherham and Derby/Huddersfield go down It's not the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog
  4. The brutal and unpopular truth is that Sheffield is not a big enough city to sustain 2 clubs One big club like Leeds and Newcastle and you would get 45,000 at each game and a team that could make it in the prem Sadly Sheffield probably could not maintain 2 championship sides for a long period of time
  5. Rotherham won Doesn't seem right that Wednesday will be in league one while Rotherham Barnsley and the blades will be in the championship But we are where we are
  6. Wednesday don't really want to be in league one for too long, it's not the right league for a team like Wednesday
  7. To be fair united went down to league one and they stormed there way back into the Premier league Can't see why Wednesday couldnt do the same They just need a "yes I can" mindset
  8. Could be a win, lose or draw game for Wednesday, that's how I see the result
  9. As the saying goes, taking part is more important than winning
  10. My mistake Back to the days of 7 - 1 defeats by Arsenal and god forbid a 6-1 humiliation by Leeds United on live TV with former players getting hat tricks Not even a comic dive by a blonde haired forward could save us now
  11. I can remember the good days, 2-0 up against Manchester United within the first 6 minutes on boxing day. Those days are coming back
  12. Wednesday we all knew in the old days are back with a bang 5-0 win again
  13. Didn't realise the owls had not kicked off when I looked at scores Great result I can only assume Darren has given the team weetabix for breakfast and fed them some steak for lunch
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