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  1. If the blades can sneak a 1-0 it would be an ideal platform especially with the top teams around the corner
  2. Get an early goal, then shut up shop 1-0 win, another 3 points in the bag
  3. And yet there are still people saying Bullen isn't the right person for the job Top of the table Regardless of who the opponent's were Wednesday still got the 3 points
  4. They lost though Something united didn't I think there are lots of positives from today, look at Norwich and how they adapted to the premier league
  5. 7th in league? Favourite for relegated? I don't think so
  6. This match is a chance for south Yorkshire to show the country what fine, educated, well mannered football supporters we have.
  7. Reading unlike Fulham are not favourites, Wednesday only beat a naff team last week
  8. So Barnsley are in town on Saturday. By all accounts Barnsley did well against Fulham last week and beat one of the favourites for promotion So expect Barnsley to bully their way past the owls Owls 1 - 2 Barnsley
  9. Another win and who is in charge? Think there is a pattern emerging
  10. Having said that could be a good tactic should the owls get to the playoff finals Report a Derby player (Derby likely to be in final) for some word, get that key player banned for the playoff finals and Wednesday get to the premier league
  11. I think we have to be concerned about some of the away fans who could be visiting our beautiful city Barnsley, Birmingham and West ham, Chelsea are like animals when they come to town Our cultured city will be turned into a sea of foul language and uncultured oafs every Saturday for the next 9 months
  12. My predictions Owls - mid table humdrum, around 9th (Can't see the owls swooping into the playoffs) Blades - to suprise people, finish top half of table Barnsley - relegated Rotherham - automatic promotion Huddersfield - Bottom half of table Doncaster - Playoffs, but lose in final Leeds - champions and promotion
  13. Seethey What was the scoowah at the united Barnslee match?
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