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  1. Hello, I’m looking for advice/ideas, please. My poorly elderly and disabled parents - with very very limited mobility - are being visited by Social Services (so Dad tells me) to see if there are any things /services they need to make their lives easier. However, we don’t know what they can offer! Does anyone have any ideas? You know how older people “just manage” limping along, when there is in fact a better way they can live their lives.
  2. There are areas I don’t go to in town, because they are dirty, dingy and with unpleasant people who put me on edge. People who are on drugs, drinking on park benches, groups of yoofs watching and waiting for an opportunity. There are places I enjoy going to in town where I feel safe and it’s clean. So I suppose I’d clean and repair the run down areas, and put more police/security/PCSO’s around. I’m not sure if there’s a solution though tbh.
  3. Woah, I certainly don’t go to The Wicker. Abbeydale & London Rds all the way for me. Less pretentious, better choice and good value.
  4. I’ve got a notice of a bus lane violation at 9am on New Years Day. I’m really cross. There was virtually NO traffic at all on the roads and it was a genuine mistake; I assumed (stupidly) that the bus lane wouldn’t be ‘working’ in a bank holiday. I’m cross because my actions had absolutely no effect on anyone at all and I’ve got a notice to pay £30. So whilst the rest of the family were sleeping NYE off, I was taking my daughter and doggy to the seaside for some wholesome fresh air! NYD always feels like a Sunday to me, I suppose. I was kind kind of hoping there were no buses running so I could make a point to the Council.
  5. Thanks, I knew someone on here would come up trumps. 🙂
  6. Hi Does anyone know if the buses were running in Sheffield on the morning of New Year’s Day 2019?
  7. Have a look at Francine’s Community Shop on Fb. It’s based at Attercliffe and helps victims of Domestic abuse.
  8. Hi I've got a silver-metal pendant made by Jason Designs Ltd, Sheffield England. Does anyone know about this firm? Looks like it's from the 1970's.
  9. On further research, this only applies if they have been suspended from the HoC, not a political party. Shame.
  10. How long has he been suspended now? I think if it's three weeks there has to be a by-election.
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