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  1. No the Bridgemaster was fleet number 525 and is currently preserved, but lost track of where its location is.
  2. Why are timetables not adjusted to the staff available . its clearly not a short term problem its been going on for months.
  3. A tramlink bus terminating in Hillsborough covering Widewood/Loxley would be the the best idea.
  4. I ordered my passport via a post office and received the new one just 3 weeks later.
  5. Blue route now terminating at Beighton Drake House.
  6. Why do people keep calling it West Street, It's Glossop Road , quite few hundred yards from West Street.
  7. Tram train now suspended and yellow terminating at Tinsley/Meadowhall South.
  8. Tram train service to Rotherham and Parkgate withdrawn till Tuesday morning due to flooding threat.
  9. Yes it was you just paid the driver like on any bus and stopped at most bus stops.
  10. The hourly White Rose bus service to Leeds was withdrawn due to lack of customers who transfered to the faster more frequent rail service
  11. Unbelievable you don't know that it's HENDERSON'S RELISH. THE w word isn't spoken in Sheffield.
  12. From day one of Supertram I've felt that Cathedral should have been a three track layout, there's no where away from outer termini to stack a tram.
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