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  1. The yellow route has to fit into conveniently within the TT route which has to fit within Northern Trains timetable and the blue route within the purple route. on top of that there are 4 reverses at cathedral you can't look at one route in isolation.
  2. Yellow tram route frequency reduced from every 12 minutes to every 15 minutes from Monday 26th July.
  3. No bad injuries and Tramlines probably answers your concern for little publicity just another accident to the media.
  4. So you think they should provide trams each evening which would mean many trams missing on future days to get people to work and other essential journeys, tram drivers hours are limited just like bus and train drivers you're not living in the real world.
  5. Tram 105 collided with skip lorry at Bernard Road crossing no reports of injuries.
  6. Supertram must feel that to employ a large number of staff on Tramline specials is wrong when this would mean these would then be unavailable to operate trams at other times on the network, some journeys are likely to be missing during today and throughout next week, drivers are limited to how many hours they can work.
  7. Are they sometimes queing to get in at weekends?
  8. How safe does it feel regarding people respecting the rules at Meadowhall.
  9. The depth of news and other stories is much better in a newspaper than anything online.
  10. The Star is'nt even a £1 today , all I can say is every morning there are massive piles of newspapers for sale in shops and by mid afternoon they've almost all sold.
  11. Tried 2 newsagents in Hillsborough today but no papers had been delivered, anybody know why?
  12. Those 6 points Wednesday gave Rotherham didn't do them much good .
  13. Each stop has it's own approximate time but for example there is know where inbound between Middlewood and Shalesmoor to stand waiting for the clock.
  14. I don't think it's a good idea for trams to stand waiting 3/4 minutes blocking other traffic, there are a large number of stops on street running sections.
  15. I think what's sad is that the staff won't be able to have a few last days serving customers that they've known for years and to be honest I think John Lewis stinks they're not showing any consideration for the staff {to call them partners is a joke].
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