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  1. There's an Atlantean at South Yorkshire Transport Museum at Aldwarke in Mainline livery , open day this weekend.
  2. The South Yorkshire Transport Museum has at least one of each of the "Clipper" name plates that were named by local schools.
  3. Speed limit has dropped to 20 mph on the tram line.
  4. Florist in Hillsborough Precinct , support local shops .
  5. What many people don't realise is that the signal returns to horizontal within a second of the front of the tram passing it , to a casual observer they think the tram has moved against the signal.
  6. Can you just walk in and look around or is there an admission charge , i worked in that part of Castle House.
  7. It's probably a good time to look back at the short history of second generation tram and light rail systems that have been built in Britain since the early 1990s. The first to open was Manchester in 1992 then Sheffield in 1994 and thirdly West Midlands Metro in 1999, it was always thought early on that the Sheffield vehicles were by far the better trams of these three systems and this proved to be correct as Manchester had a new fleet of trams by 2009 replacing all the 1992 vehicles and West Midlands Metro had a new fleet in 2013 again replacing the original 1999 trams. Sheffield are still using trams from 1994 by far the oldest trams in use in Britain. All these systems and replacement trams were financed by Government money as was all the rail replacement that's been done in Sheffield over the past few years plus the seven new trams of which three were for the original system. I can't imagine the government not providing funding for new trams having provided large amounts of cash already to keep the system in good order.
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