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  1. I think the 39 only ran during the summer via the Snake pass.
  2. I am not aware that the 44 ever went to Manchester, no further than Bakewell.
  3. I think its more important to keep the blue and yellow toward Hillsborough equally spaced and also the blue and purple along City Rd than through the quiet lower Don valley and you can't do both.
  4. From today temporary day time frequency on blue and yellow routes reduced from 12 to every 15 minutes with early finishes on ALL 4 routes, we are told this is due to shortage of staff.
  5. Due to such low passenger numbers, buses are passing stops not needing to stop for passengers to alight or board . They need to stand at time points for time to catch up surely this is the sign of a good driver, what annoys me is when they travel very fast between time points and then stand for ages at time points.
  6. I think I've seen a quality pen department in Debenhams at Meadowhall.
  7. Broughton Road should read Broughton Lane the road is in Hillsborough.
  8. I remember it as a child and that's over 70 years ago and they also had a men's wear shop next door I think that closed in the 70s.
  9. Observing in Hillsborough there are more people on the trams than the buses and the trams are more frequent than the buses.
  10. The timetable will be exactly the same as it would have been if coronavirus had never happened.
  11. From 25th July blue and yellow routes return to pre lockdown timetable but blue cut back to Sheffield station due to track replacement BL2 bus service from city centre to Halfway. No purple trams and TT every 30 minutes.
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