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  1. Each stop has it's own approximate time but for example there is know where inbound between Middlewood and Shalesmoor to stand waiting for the clock.
  2. I don't think it's a good idea for trams to stand waiting 3/4 minutes blocking other traffic, there are a large number of stops on street running sections.
  3. I think what's sad is that the staff won't be able to have a few last days serving customers that they've known for years and to be honest I think John Lewis stinks they're not showing any consideration for the staff {to call them partners is a joke].
  4. How can you pass 3 warning signs and think they don't apply to you.
  5. Still no access from Penistone Road , traffic very heavy around Bradfield Road.
  6. No access to Hillsborough corner via Bradfield Road or Owlerton Green from Penistone due to road works.
  7. There's still a fair amount of the rails that have never been replaced.
  8. Wilko on Bradfield Rd have a bin.
  9. As someone who takes just a passing interest in Sheffield Wednesday, no new manager signed or likewise with players seems odd and wandered could Chansiri sell the whole site at the end of the season for redevelopment or is there something that wouldn't allow this to happen ?
  10. Very good coverage of Cow Molly Farm and milk delivering around Stannington in thick snow, probably ran for about 5 minutes+
  11. 2 news features in Sheffield Star.
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