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  1. Can anyone steer me to a forum in York like the Sheffield one?
  2. From Herries Rd it went via Leppings Ln, Middlewood Rd and right turn into Holme Ln which was legal at that time.
  3. Anyone know anything regarding the incident mid evening I think regarding a tramcar.
  4. I recently purchased on e-bay a poster advertising events at the Arcadia it measures 30"x10" portrait it said events were daily 2.30 till 11pm ." Something doing all the time wet or fine" admission 6d [2 1/2p] including concert party and pictures, dancing 3d extra was a boast. Saturday 30 June was last chance to see Albert Lyon's Famous SUMMITS. Commencing July 2nd Leslie Conway's SUPER 7 featuring Midge Wood. The poster is in fair condition and is tan coloured with red and black lettering and describes The Arcadia as "The family entertainment rendezvous". Has anybody any idea what year it was?
  5. Was the site of it where I suggested on the car park near Regent Court.
  6. Any information regarding this cinema which was on Bradfield Road in what is now the car park next to Regent Court.
  7. All 4 routes finish around 8pm from tomorrow, passes valid on most bus services adjacent to tram routes.
  8. Beeley wood is nowhere near Langsett Ave its on the other side of the valley where the River Don flows Clay Wheels Lane is the road nearest to it. As you travel up to Oughtibridge its the wooded area on the right hand side of the road.
  9. Did Ribble operate the X48 briefly , I seem to have a hazy memory of seeing an Alantean type bus on Infirmary Road with X48 on the rear blind.
  10. I think the 39 only ran during the summer via the Snake pass.
  11. I am not aware that the 44 ever went to Manchester, no further than Bakewell.
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