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  1. The shop in Crookes is called Hillsborough Electrics.
  2. No access from Holme Lane into Bradfield Road, possibly for pavement widening.
  3. You can see the logic in closing Pinstone Street, due to a row of shops with a footpath only down one side of the street distancing would be difficult and the highway itself is fairly narrow.
  4. The tram franchise isn't up for renewal until 2024.
  5. There seems to be no buses between Middlewood and Oughtibridge.
  6. Any truth in that Middlewood P&R is closing on Monday and the SL1/A becomes a 57/a to Hillsborough Interchange?
  7. There's an Atlantean at South Yorkshire Transport Museum at Aldwarke in Mainline livery , open day this weekend.
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