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  1. To OP, you knew or had a good idea that it was a yellow line unless that was the first time you had ever parked there and it sounds like you were on a mission from the comment about maintaining the roads. If you think a yellow line needed repainting you should have rung Amey. Likelihood is you thought you'd chance it even though you knew so your best bet is to hold your hands up. pay up and put it down to experience. You won't win and it will cost you more in the end
  2. :hihi: ---------- Post added 21-09-2015 at 16:45 ---------- Why is everybody bring so childish and arguing about directions?
  3. Are you having a laugh? There are no trees on Colley Road and the road was fully redone about 6 months ago and there are cracks right across the roda every 6 feet and the road is a at least half a mile long. The reason there are so many problems with roads and footpaths is the crap job done by Amey. The footpaths on my road have been patched at least 3 times since April and there are no trees on here either and haven't been since at least 1955
  4. And he's unfamiliar with the adage two negatives make a positive Solomon so he has said that he believed the council would go round cutting down trees without good reason
  5. Try the main post office in town but you won't get it for nothing I'm afraid. You'll need at least 2 forms of ID too. £10 is quite cheap for this service BTW
  6. Personally I prefer Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. ---------- Post added 17-09-2015 at 21:02 ---------- Bloody daft verses in that other song, if she wants some plums she can bloody buy her own, she's got more money than me. Send her Victorias, I should coco
  7. Bluebell Wood are the best,Age UK are good, most are OK actually except British Heart Foundation who I think are expensive for a charity shop
  8. A memory foam topper is nowhere near as thick as a mattress and anyone who buys a piece of foam thinking it is a memory foam mattress clearly needs help
  9. No they don't. We have a shop bought one which looks exactly like any other mattress. The average price is about £250. If anyone is selling one off a van for £70 it isn't a memory foam
  10. All I was doing was pointing out that you should have read the other posts and believe me I am not frightened to say boo to a goose. You don't know me and I'm not a guy dear
  11. Shared on FB Andy, thieving bar stewards
  12. He put it in a later post and you didn't read it before you commented, reel your neck in
  13. You take your dog walking on a football pitch where children play, I hope you clean it's excrement up well
  14. Bloody hell, it's been there 50 odd years to my knowledge, why didn't the stupid, cash strapped council do it up instead of building another. It's Castle Market all over again and Don Valley Stadium
  15. Blimey, what's happened to Chapeltown Baths then?
  16. Didn't know there were any swimming baths at High Green
  17. That's not bad in the 10 days since the original post, where did he get all that done?
  18. Quite right Bonjon. If they are minors the parents should be brought to book as well.
  19. I'm glad you find it funny, Dave's mum is a lovely lady who would do anything for anybody. Thieving bar steward
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