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  1. Space is obviously a factor and you'll be surprised how much fishing tackle you can get in a Peugeot 406 estate:D
  2. I am so happy with that car, it's 15 years old. Wonder if OP has ever had a good car? ---------- Post added 27-07-2015 at 12:10 ---------- :hihi::hihi::hihi:
  3. Woo hoo - it's just gone straight through it's 6th test
  4. A car is to get you from A to B reliably and economically. It is not a fashion statement. Renaults are **** anyway. Ours never lets us down. Yours on the other hand fell apart. So whose is best?
  5. What a load of cobblers. There are still bargains. We bought a Peugeot 406 for £1600 5 years ago. It passed 3 of the 5 tests and starts first time every morning, it has never failed on emissions or bodywork. If advert says cheap I'd have thought it was worth more than the asking price. Has OP actually ever been to see any of the 'old bangers'?
  6. Let me know when it comes out, I'll be your first customer your eminence
  7. Think summats happened on Spital Hill
  8. Goodbye Mr Chips the original was a classic. Martin Clunes is a great actor but Robert Donat stole that part ---------- Post added 07-07-2015 at 13:59 ---------- Classic pieces of British acting are Leslie Howard in Pimpernel Smith and James Mason in A Star is Born.
  9. James Mason or Robert Donat ---------- Post added 07-07-2015 at 13:16 ---------- Female: Patricia Hayes for Edna the Inebriate Woman or Julie Walters
  10. Well we were in town on Leopold St when the EDL came and there was no bother
  11. I was thinking same. If he was 15 feet in front of arctic how did he get pictures on his dash cam? ---------- Post added 04-07-2015 at 18:43 ---------- PCSOs are volunteers as far as I know and don't get paid a salary
  12. What phone do you have now? Carphone warehouse do trade-ins on your old phone and you can keep your sim card and old number
  13. Don't the shops open till late in M/hall and weekends
  14. I agree with Francy missing would make more sense than gone which implies he's died
  15. There's one in Meadowhall. I think it's near Oasis
  16. 1. The post was in May 2. The OP is fully aware they were in wrong 3. They just wanted address not a lecture or an English lesson
  17. No problem, hope you manage to find like minded friends and have a nice time on your trip
  18. You would be better asking the Mods to move this to the Intros and Celebrations instead of the I'm bored section
  19. Why don't you have her neutered?
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