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  1. Does anyone know what’s happened on Hatfield House Lane near the Lane Top Club. Lots of police and emergency vehicles and an area taped off
  2. My cat has gone missing from Sheffield Lane Top, she is mainly white with tabby markings and has a really bushy tail. Please keep a look out for her, she's microchipped :(
  3. Police have taped off the road from the shops below the White Horse on Halifax Road down to near the Argos, not sure why but lots of police there and the traffic is getting congested. Better off avoiding the area
  4. I did it myself, not too difficult, saved myself loads.
  5. Yes I did but don't suppose they will be caught
  6. Beware the shed thieves are in action at Sheffield Lane Top
  7. Barnsley Road is closed between the junction of Homestead Road and Deerlands Avenue
  8. 2 of my uncles worked there, Terry and Tony Thornley, sadly Terry passed away 6 years ago.
  9. Im in S5 so will keep a look out when walking my dog, you could put her on the Dogslost website
  10. Does anyone know if Shiregreen Comminity Center are doing a Panto this year they usually do one in December but not seen anything advertised this year
  11. Shiregreen community centre do one every year, they are doing Sleeping Beauty this year
  12. Just trying to get an idea of what price I might be looking at, thanks for the reply, maybe they arnt worth the price whatever that might be
  13. Does anyone know how much Costco are selling Acti friers for, ive phoned Costco but because im not a member they wont tell me
  14. Sorry to hear this lady is missing, Im at Lane Top and will keep a look out, and will also spread the message around at work, my work mates come from all over Sheffield and beyond
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