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  1. I'll just chuck them in the bin over the next few months. They're too heavy to go all at once!
  2. I have a few pro VHS tapes I don't need, but I don't know what to do with them. There are a few Avengers (60's series), tapes and Babe - can't remember what else.
  3. I've googled it until I'm tired of it and none of them answer their phones and they don't get back to me when I leave a message. My hedge is rather tall, but it's very accessible. I'm still calling people, but no replies today. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
  4. This isn't sounding good. I need to have things delivered to me and it's getting to a point where deliveries will be refused if I don't get the hedge cut... but I can't get the hedge cut! I used to do it myself, but after two operations on my hands, I can't do much anymore. I occasionally break bits of small twigs off as I walk down the path and that's all I can do by myself.
  5. For nearly three months I have been trying to find a gardening service that will cut my hedge and hopefully do some other work I need done over the coming months. I have several different problems with the people I contact. Some don't return calls, answer emails or look at their own websites. I've flooded them with requests for a quote. The ones I have actually managed to speak to always say. "Sorry love, I don't do that part of Sheffield." When I ask if they can tell me who does, they have no idea; fair enough, but who does? One said he knew someone who did, but he's stopped now. I have delivery people tell me they had a hard time finding me because they didn't know there was a house here. I ask them if they know of any gardeners - I ask lots of people, and nobody knows. Even if they did, I'm starting to wonder if anyone would answer the phone or call back when they say they will. What's going on? Is this a no-go zone?
  6. I need a gardener to do my 9 foot high hedges... with 11-12 foot trees growing in it as well. I've been looking for five months with no luck. Three have disappointed me so far with promises of visits and quotes, then never showing up or having the decency to call. If I ever find anyone, I have a lot more work which needs to be done, but due to the expected cost, want to do a bit every two months. I'm in Parson Cross.
  7. Too bad we don't have any police to stop things like this. When there are none to be seen, anything can happen.... and does.
  8. For over a week now, I've had an affectionate black female cat hanging around my yard. She has a dark collar with a dark green bauble on it. She eats everything in sight. She's obviously spayed - the male cats just chase her away. The area in question is Wordsworth Avenue and Colley Road. Somebody must be missing this lovely cat.
  9. Amazon Description: Linx 12X64 - 12.5-inch Tablet with Detachable Keyboard Intel Atom x5-Z8350 / 1.44 GHz (1.92 GHz Turbo) Quad Core Processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, Windows 10 - LINX12X64 What I am looking for is a cable to go from my Micro HDMI to join to VGA. Wouldn't that be right? But where can I buy one in such short time? My presentation is in London tomorrow at 1:00!
  10. I need to connect my tablet to a projector for a presentation tomorrow. I just wondered if there was a different set of connections leads I could use if a direct connection isn't available, i.e. a micro HDMI to USB - multi USB hub - USB to VGA. Anything! I'm grabbing at straws, I know. ---------- Post added 11-03-2018 at 11:20 ---------- Alarmingmark: "Says 5 at hillsborough....2 at Rotherham and 1 at drakehouse" What i t says and what the facts are vary greatly. As I stated, I went to the Hillsborough store and they had none. A waste of 3 hours from my busy day.
  11. What area of the city is he in? He could try attending activities at one of the local forums - Parson Cross, Fox Hill, Southey Green, etc. I just checked out the Parson Cross Forum and they have the following weekly session: Mind Body and Soul Socialsing Group with a difference When Tue, 20 March, 10am – 12pm Where Parson Cross Community Development Forum, 56 Margetson Crescent, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S5 9NB, United Kingdom (map) Description A weekly social group with a difference. This group meets weekly at the Forum and take part in a variety of activities. BUT it also offers the opportunity for you to meet up at other times to socialise together including *going out for meals, *walks and even the *theatre if you all fancy it. (*additions cost) Call us for more info on 0114 3279727 or email louise@pxforum.org
  12. I'm in a spot and need a micro HDMI to VGA cord for Monday. Can anyone suggest somewhere in Sheffield where I can buy one? I tried Hillsborough Maplin today with no luck and according to the online search, the city centre Maplin doesn't have them. Is there something else out there that I should look for such as a micro HDMI to USB and then a USB to VGA? Just wondering....
  13. There are good low calorie cat foods on the market. My cat has the opposite problem. He's too thin. We took him to the vet and discovered that he's hyperthyroid!
  14. There will be a table top sale at' Friends Together', 311-313 Middlewood Road in Hillsborough, from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM today. It will continue over the weekend at these same times. We hope to raise money for equipment for our students to use. Items for sale include glassware, books, DVD's, vases, picture frames, puzzles, games and many other items, including handmade cards and crafts which we make at the workshop. There is also a selection of baked goods including chocolate fudge brownies, gingerbread bunny biscuits and scones. There will also be lemon drizzle cake and iced buns with an Easter theme. FRIENDS TOGETHER: Our aim is to enable people who need extra help to lead a more fulfilling and inclusive life. 311-313 Middlewood Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield S6 1TG http://www.friends2g.co.uk // http://www.twitter.com/friends2g http://www.facebook.co./friends2g
  15. Hi, I'm hoping to start a drum circle for adults with learning disabilities and I have very little funding. Does anyone know where I could get some second hand percussion instruments? Thanks in advance for any help.
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