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  1. Good post mate. Expect to be called mad or mental or some other childish names.
  2. :hihi::hihi: Bless you mate. Your adorably naive. Yeah he did, with supplied arms from us and America, that was ok, we let him do it. What America didnt like is when he switched to selling oil in Euros (petro dollar, look it up) Same with Gaddafi. He was about to switch selling oil from dollars to gold dinar and looked what happened.
  3. America supply ISIS for crying out loud. Tell your gov to stop funding terrorists and then using said terrorists as an excuse for a land and oil grab. Its disgusting! ---------- Post added 03-10-2015 at 20:46 ---------- We didnt liberate Kuwait. Do your research. We invaded a modern educated country with a rich history and a diverse people because their leader (the same leader America supplied poison gas to to kill Iranians and Kurds) decided to sell HIS countries oil in Euros, Not Dollars. Dont even try to say it was for any other reason because you would be wrong, or lying im not sure which,.
  4. :hihi::hihi: The yanks are doing it because its part of Americas agenda. They WANT the middle east in chaos, They NEED Syria to fall. I mean how do you expect them to destabilise Iran if Syria is still around? Iran is the target, Syria, Assad in the people of that country are just in the way.
  5. Well if they blow up no hospitals and kill no doctors i reckon they will do ok. ---------- Post added 03-10-2015 at 20:12 ---------- Or we could just leave them alone, stop funding and supplying ISIS and other groups and let them get on with their lives. Western interference is the root cause of all this. Make no mistake, America and its allies have blood on their hands. With Russia in on the act we could soon have blood on our noses. Dangerous times ahead.
  6. Wasting your time Denlin. Even after a clean up AND a polite moderator request there are still those who just cant help themselves
  7. lol. Ey, enough with the sarcasm and get looking. Now consider yourself told
  8. No can do. It wont last long before its deleted. I can send you in the right direction though. Look for Stephen Adrian Smith and his connections to Westminster. You find him youll find what you are looking for. One word of advice. Dont use a mainstream search engine. You wont find much if anything of any worth. On this one, Google is not your friend.
  9. Good riddance. I NEVER take delight in anyones death but this piece of work, ill make and exception. Before anyone gets too upset, remember he was a supporter of P.I.E. If you dont know what that is Google it.
  10. I know the type you mean. They are total scum!!! lol
  11. Its Timeh, not little and theres plenty of people on here who do that already. ---------- Post added 03-10-2015 at 15:40 ---------- Bloody hell, please dont tell me you actually believe that do you?
  12. Ooops, no sorry i messed up. Hey , i could be in the American military lol Ill fix it now. ---------- Post added 03-10-2015 at 13:21 ---------- The correct link http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/10/aid-workers-killed-air-strike-afghan-hospital-kunduz-151003043052500.html
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