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  1. Did anyone go to the Tesco abbeydale road carboot? Just wondering if I should pitch there or at infirmary road.
  2. Now the tooth has been removed the source of the infection has gone. Use warm salt water as a mouthwash 2/3 times a day for a week.
  3. I have a decent amount of working dvds does anyone know any charity or hospital ward that would like them? I can deliver locally from s6
  4. Meerkat movies not eligible at The Light.
  5. Thanks for that whiteowl. I looked on SCC website it says I should receive leaflet with the bin. Hmmmm.
  6. Our brown bin was delivered this morning. There’s no leaflet attached to it or anything been posted through the letter box!!! So when to use it from is a complete mystery!
  7. This evening my husband turned the electric cooker on, a flash of light and smoke coming out the back! He pulled it out to look and could hear a hissing? After some investigating ( and smelling) we could tell the capped gas pipe was leaking. Turned off the gas main called out the emergency gas people ( very nice man!!) who could not repair the fault but has made it safe so now we have no working boiler as gas off till pipe can be made safe and no cooker. So yes Friday the 13th has been a tad rubbish in this home!!
  8. Half price today or on the 2nd July?
  9. Really? What a shame I use this shop frequently. It’s a bit of a treck to the Chaucer one for me.
  10. I use cost co for my lenses. Amazing service and very competitive on price too. I believe you can use the opticians without being a paid member. You can always call to ask them.
  11. I find this interesting. Last week I parked in town in ncp car park.( cheap one at back of Debenhams ) I took my ticket and drove up every level following 2 cars. At the top the first car parked fairly swiftly. The second one took a while, backwards and forwards to get into the space. They are fairly tight. I finally parked and checked my time and it had taken 12 minutes. This was a bit frustrating as I knew that this would now take me into a second hour. If it wasn’t for the fact that this car park is only 60p an hour I think I’d have been cross. I wonder if after you pay to leave the car park on the ground floor they allow you 12 minutes to get to the top level and leave. I think it took me 5 in total as I took the lift!!
  12. Thanks for that link ey up. I’m going to put it into my favourites. I’d googled away and not found That! Cheers
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