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  1. Crown Plaza is good, decent restaurant and they have a free shuttle, whatever you do dont go to the Britannia airport hotel cheap but awful.
  2. he did have a dodgy passport and nobody has heard of any charity that admits to him being a member?? he was in a hostile warzone area without papers and good reason.....hhhmmmmm better lock him up just in case, walks, talks and acts like a terrorist..........its a fair:roll: bet he is:roll: seems like common sense to me?
  3. another keyboard warrior banging the rite on drum:roll::roll:
  4. its a bit like the rules of engagement on the battlefield?? we adhere to the rules and to the letter and the other side????.................well they dont??
  5. family made so cosy whilst waiting by the british taxpayer no doubt? just because they couldnt prove it doesnt mean he wasnt guilty
  6. hes not a british citizen so no i dont really care, if it looks, acts and confers with terrorists then its a pretty fair assumption there are or have something to do with terrorism, just because it cant be proved doesnt make it so.
  7. well there's a surprise go on then enlighten us as to why he should get even a penny????
  8. went to see it last night wasnt really that good after all the hype it was ok but a bit dis jointed, the scene where bond was suddenly flying a plane where did that come from? one minute he was shooting at the range rover next minute hes in a plane chasing the range rover, did he call it up like a cab??story was weak also and far fetched with the long lost family bit.
  9. :hihi: very true, why would they want to stock large volumes with low margins trying to compete with the Aldi and Lidl stores? far bettter to concentrate on their core business which is middle class shoppers that dont mind paying a premium.
  10. view it first and carefully check if you actually touched his car?? whats to say it looks like it from a certain angle but the damage was already there?? check for paint scuffs or bumper scuff colours
  11. interesting article here about shotgun ownership in Austria? is it likely to spread to other European countries and the UK? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3291978/Shotguns-virtually-sold-Austria-citizens-rush-buy-arms-amid-fears-massive-influx-migrants-dealers-claim.html
  12. which makes it even worse, thats prob why she got so much free airtime on the BBC? ---------- Post added 28-10-2015 at 08:08 ---------- which is what i hope will happen although it will probably be put down to incompetence and willful neglect!
  13. i shouldnt think there are many first timers with a 400k mortgage or in fact who would be able to get one? unless you had at least 100k deposit and a min of 100k earnings pa.
  14. i suppose it depends on how its handled? if they let them stay and claim asylum they then i assume can move easier once they have the documents? its not difficult to leave cyprus once they have documents:roll: as you say Cypriots wont want them there so will help them to leave
  15. i am amazed the "women" at the head of talk talk on a Tv interview yesterday seemed to have no clue about pretty much any question that was asked especially if data was encrypted!!! how did she get the job in the first place?? ---------- Post added 24-10-2015 at 16:21 ---------- blimey you sound a little paranoid:roll:
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