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  1. If anyone receives a ticket on Sheffields poorly maintained roads including markings reflecting restrictions challenge them I today have challenged mine in a face to face hearing and win hands down and over the weeks running upto this I've noticed bus gates, give way markings, outside schools hardly seen no stopping zig zags seriously faded which of course doesn't help the children there suppose to protect in the area through poor management of our tax's and road tax paid to Sheffield city council. The council submit and stupidly amount of wasted paper in a mini bible format to try and over power you and bully you into paying as your going to lose tactic well no there wrong and so is there attitude towards maintenance of road markings and so I sent a equally length document submitting my case to show not only from the councils own evidence was incorrect but also that there photos supported there own case to be fowl play so if anyone else falls fowl of a parking ticket on a poorly managed road there's a lot of criteria and under knowledge that can aid in having it voided but beware there's a lot of old wife's tales too. If anyone needs my advise or help let me know in more than happy to help.. Equally why not report using the councils free online reporting your streets road markings if they need a fresh lick of paint and modernise your own neighbourhood roads as the council would rather keep the budgets to a minimum spend to protect there executives huge pensions and pay packs... So if anyone out there received a ticket pre September 2015 from Granville road contest it based on my case and claim back what's yours
  2. A lot of silly answers and a lot of constructive answers...to those saying yellow lines are yellow lines you are wrong and this much i have learned and when i emailed Sheffield council to demonstrate through images a faded legal line and a faded non legal line they refuse to answer or ignore the email why? because they will not respond impartially if they know you have a case against them as they search your email address prior to a response and then respond if they can even be bothered which i think is wrong as a email address can belong to a business or group user not a individual. Sheffield City council operator Ellie looked at my photo and agreed that it wasn't substantial but she said and i quote they will still argue it. this also said outside bramwell lane there are double yellows on john street with no closure on the end hence non conforming!! free football parking!! and outside there very own office on the moor in the HMRC building there are equally faded double yellow lines that run into a official pay and display bay and directly on the corner entrance to the hotel loading area!! so do 2 wrongs make a right? one idiot I noticed posted with reference to a drunk person but then know the facts before making a statement so ridiculous as its people like this who suffer and bow to poor regulations making fat cats fatter. I have a friend in London who is a active traffic warden who to tells me that the PCN should not be upheld and is aiding my case. so any more comparisons would be appreciated...clever dicks please just observe
  3. Philli I think your mistaken here this is not parking this is considered dumping... but I know exactly what your saying..lol
  4. Hi Yes i fortunately managed to photograph them much to there disappointment i'm sure it will be and thanks for the web link I shall take a look into it
  5. no none whats so ever either side of the road but apparently there not required for double yellow lines either?
  6. Last year I was issued a parking ticket for genuinely unknowingly parking on Double yellow lines based at the top end of Granville Road. I contented this as they was not visible enough to notice and with large sections incomplete also. 4 months later Sheffield council in there wisdom then decided to repaint them after a call from a local areas councilor expressing there lack of marking visibility. 1 yr later Sheffield council are still pursuing me for this ticket despite painting them but previously claimed that if the average person can notice them then they are considered fine? so what does Sheffield council consider the average person I emailed them to ask what is considered in the eyes of the council a faded line but except able quality and whats a faded but not excepted quality and if the could supply images to support fair and unfair..guess what they tracked my email address first before answering the question making it a bias opinion and could see i had a case open and so i was fobbed off. does anyone have a experience of a tribunal with Sheffield city council for similar parking issues or have a case than was won and on what grounds/logic that I can use as supporting evidence for my case. as whats not fair is that if i had not taken my own pictures pre-repaint I would have been left with no evidence of the poorly maintained lines with over 1 meter of line missing too. thank you people.
  7. Next time ask him to do you a star jump if he's so desperate.. And then say there you go I've just found you some more change as his pockets jangle with coins and then say any chance you can help me for helping you!!..
  8. When they ask for some change as they have lost there wallet and all the way from such as Doncaster I just say I know how you **** 1ng feel I'm trying to get back to Narnina,would you help me buy a wardrobe if I help you find your wallet... The amazed faces I've seen doing this gives them a funny yet polite answer to there supposed worries. Turn there problems around with humour I always say fake or otherwise as if they are genuine making someone smile always helps and if there fake it will just show to them your not the only clown on the street that day!
  9. There are a lot of free Facebook pages for the Sheffield area listing all kinds of free stuff if this helps
  10. I personally think the moor has to many dark and seedy areas like the cash converters corner of its even still there housing all the lay abouts then further down the toilets that smell like most shop entrances after the weekends over, there's no hole in the road randomness to it anymore just concrete and have a go business's with a few big names thrown in trying to capture any action that may kick off. Long and short it needs a serious face lift to fetch it into the 21st century I'd suggest flatten anything over 50yrs old (not pedestrians) and rebuild and throw in some random sculptures neon lighting and a entire length of the moor glass roof to convert it to a semi indoor shopping feel and to not have so many off shot side roads to as said before seedy dark streets. That's just my opinion.
  11. Does anyone know of any good child minders who are flexible on days as well as hours? My daughter is very active and must have a large playing space and not just a small pokey front room please. Thanks all.
  12. I was present at the time and it very disturbing and speaking with network rail and police in site it actually wasn't made clear from the cctv if she was bending down to get something or walked out and I do think rather than worrying about the drivers pay rate we should focus on both the elderly lady and her family as well as the driver for who they are not what there about to financially receive. Seeing staff picking up body remains from over a 30 metre length of track could not of been nice for those also. So let's all read this and realise just how lucky we all are and have a thought for those involved please people. R.I.P
  13. John Lewis every time and they price match from the high street, and there customer service can't be beaten in my opinion.
  14. Hi My business on end used Adwords in the early days and now has a great organic ranking through just driving large volumes of traffic to the site relevant or otherwise and within just 6 months of tweaking the sites content alone and title tags, and image tags vs a 10yr company on the same market score of 71 I've achieved 78 which let me tell you was no easy doing but not so difficult at the same time just a little time consuming but then if your using analytics well it is a lot easier to monitor too. So my advice is research your target competion and see how well there site ranks and then aim to beat there SEO report in the modifications asked of them and there site...and save £'s meanwhile optimising your site for Adwords then launch onto Adwords.. Just my opinion and has worked extremely well for me good luck with your business venture.
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