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  1. For crying out loud OP was asking name of a bird. Why has it descended into peoples cycling habits or how near Abbeydale Ind Hamlet is to Beauchief or Totley?
  2. Whoever she babysat for should have walked her to bus stop and waited till she was safely on the bus
  3. The driver who let the car in was at fault. What should have happened is he should have moved off and left the other two to move in behind him and the reaction of the road rage driver was out of order in front of his kids
  4. We often taxi share and the people getting out first give us their share and as we are usually the last to get out we pay and usually give a small tip. None of the Mercury drivers have ever asked for up front money or that those getting out pay up to that point. The first time it does will be the last time we use them
  5. Blimey how old is his mum? Mind you one of my cats is over 19 and I've had since she was born
  6. I am not getting involved in this argument but feel I have to point out that Timeh has not posted that much. LOL, check mine out and there are many that have a much higher rate than mine
  7. Why an experienced breeder as opposed to a rescue centre? OP needs to evaluate what constitutes a medium sized dog as the ones they have suggested are SMALL dogs. A med sized dog would be a border collie sized dog and a large dog is such as german shepherd or larger. Small dogs chihuahua, jack russell or miniature poodle
  8. He dunt want it, clearly irony is wasted on some people Bonzo LOL
  9. I worked with Wendy Damms her husband was called Arnold
  10. Won't be a bird of prey if it's green
  11. OP didn't mention motorways but as most motorway fuel stations are located in 'services' areas they usually have toilets close by. Most filling stations in Sheffield are now attached to large supermarkets which also have toilets so not sure what OP refers to
  12. Do not buy secondhand, false economy. Ring Ian he is top guy. We use him all the time
  13. Ring Ian Kelly 0114 2852480 or 07976265034, he'll do a diagnostic for you
  14. When you plug the extension in are you using the same mains socket as when you just plug the trimmer in?
  15. Well I suggest the city planners provide a Monday-Friday service on Bank Holidays then as at the moment the buses provide A SUNDAY OR NO SERVICE AT ALL and the bus lane restriction doesn't apply on a SUNDAY. Talk about double standards and ripping people off
  16. I would have thought that common sense when using a pelican crossing ie. crossing on the green man when children are about is not too much to ask. It's all very well saying it is parents responsibility to teach the children road safety when they see adults ignoring the green cross code. Thats called being irresponsible
  17. That's most helpful ---------- Post added 02-06-2015 at 18:26 ---------- Your instructor should be advising you which lane to use or he or she aren't doing their job
  18. This is an old thread and clearly some people don't know carp from crap
  19. Me neither and if it's not done reight the police can make you remove it
  20. Far too much but you never know when it might come in handy LOL
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