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  1. Thanks everyone great comments, I wasn't to sure how expensive this EGR valve is, dont want my pants pulled down on price. Ive poated this on vaxuhall site and some comment on thier say the same thing, very commen problem with vaxuhall astra. Whats made it difficult is trying to explain such a bizarre fault as it only happens when going up an hill and coming to a stop or travelling then coming to a stop, dropping the var to shift gear and then rev counter drops all the way to cut out. Its deffientley not getting enough fuel to engine to maintain that rev above 1000.
  2. Thanks for comments, yea my gut feeling is EGR as when the car is standing you can see the rev counter drop rev's ever few seconds
  3. Ive looked into this quite heavy now, it was plugged in a system test and nothing came out and garge said car is fine. VAUXHALL web site mention that it could be EGR sensor
  4. Hello everyone, car has been tested and is showing no issues however this problem still is happening. Please link to youtube video to show what happens any thoughts would be a great help ---------- Post added 18-06-2016 at 18:12 ---------- When car is tested, No faults are identified on the machine, which is good news. The garage took the car for a quick run and nothing happened, however when i drove about 6 miles came to quickly stop it cut out. Very frustrating, still no clue to what may be causing this problem ---------- Post added 18-06-2016 at 18:18 ---------- Car repairs have been ECU cleaned, air filter, new fuel filter. New starter motor
  5. No, tried the pedal test and nothing. all checks out ok. What i do notice, when i lift up the hood is the it makes hissing noice, like is struggling to put fule into the engine like it's difficult to spit fule, hence the drop in revs. with this when driving and then slowing down dropping the car out of gear drops the rev counter down then it drops below 1000 rev and drops, having to restart.
  6. Help & Advice needed. When i start my car it sturgles to hold 1000 rev's When i drive and pull up to traffic lights the rev counter seems to drop and the engine cuts out and i have to restart. No problems restarting but i think i could do with a new starter motor and it sounds cranky on kogs for a few seconds. I have no idea why my car is doing this any advice??
  7. I witnessed a conversation where someone was shouting through his window at a passer by as his dog was peeing on council grass in front of his house. He mention he would put something down to stop this, a moment later the old man came out and put down a chemical. I believe he said it was a BIN cleaner to stop the smell. I googled this and it was dangerous to animals. Do you think this right? and whats your thoughts?
  8. It was a side road, not near school grounds. its a single line restriction zone. ---------- Post added 09-10-2014 at 12:51 ---------- Ive contacted the relevant department at the Sheffield Council and won my appeal
  9. I need help on contesting a parking ticket? And what to write? I was dropping my daughter of school this morning on brilymoor road (intake school) and was handed a parking ticket for being away from my car for 4min. The cruel ticket lady said as im writing the ticket you will have it. but did say to me contest it
  10. Thank you for tour comments. Im really looking for a price that someone will be able to pull the photos of my laptop. The laptop to put it a better world is Fecked and you cannot get into safe mode. Please PM if you are up to the job with a price you can keep mylaptop as part of the deal
  11. Hello can anyone recommend a PC shop that is good value for money. I have BAD_prompt_start up and MEMORY ERROR - Basically blue screen of death. I need my photos from laptop. I don't want the Laptop anymore Im about to start calling PC shops and thought id try here and get some advice
  12. After reading comments most of them are rubbish and make no sense and its most likly YOU im seeing. Good luck in your life my prays are with you
  13. Why do people spend so much time in the pub wasting money on beer but not bothered to spend a few extra pound on some clothes, no ill look like a tramp and get drunk Why so you see parents out side school smoking spending £15 on fags but not spend that on your son/daughter and by them some clothes instead. Why do you see people haggle for a smallest thing but roll over when it comes to GAS prices, school fees, housing cost. people's priorities are all wrong these days. People need to change
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