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  1. Bullen as learnt working from Steve Bruce using wingers instead of the going straight down the middle,as teams had learnt how to stop the Owls scoring,we use to be a team with wingers as we seem to miss Ross wallace with is goals and crosses,Reach use to be a winger but now seems to roam about in the middle or wide,Bruce saw this is that is why Harris and Murphy were brought in and blend in the side already
  2. Sky now is just damaging football with Clubs going over the Top with Valuation of players and the wages they get,how can Harry Maguire be valued at 80m-to 85m,more lower clubs will be finishing soon not able to pay there player wages,Some thing better be done soon to control the money being spent or we will end up with just one league Football,Trevor Francis was the First million pound transfer,how can Lucas Joao be worth 7 million,o.k we were first happy when Sky first moved into football but there making it worst now
  3. Tom Lees must have been so glad var is not used in the Championship,or it would have been a easy red card and penalty,i bet he was laughing with the players at half time,Good birthday present for Sam scoring a Brilliant header,we still miss a big midfielder in the team,but could Hector sign he would good a holding midfielder,Top of league when most of the pundits picked the Owls to get relegated
  4. Thought John Sheridan might have been mentioned in the list,o.k he trying to get better but seems to struggle and working under Dave Allen at Chesterfield will be hard for him
  5. Just can"t wait to see the different times games are going to be ended with VAR ,we use to final score but theres going to be loads of delays with var being used,like to see the first penalty save and the striker not able to put the ball in the net once the goalkeeper as saved it,hope this season something is done to improve shoving in the box when corners are about to be taken
  6. Just read that the Spurs manager a come forward with a manager he as told Chansiri as a good candidate for the Owls job Nestor Lorenzo is the name,but we really want someone who knows what is required to manage in the English leagues
  7. Giving Bullen the job might put wednesday in problems,because if things start to wrong for Bullen and he ends up getting sacked,then the Owls will have nobody to help them work with the players,if no manager does not be successful in the boss position,that is why Bullen is so important at The Owls
  8. Just hope Mr Chansiri does not use the same advisor who chose Jos as our manager,Who ever this advisor was just showed he knew nothing about English football,worse choice Mr Chansiri ever made,just ask Lee Westwood that an he would definetly agree with that,nearly made this Brilliant Goalkeeper leave The Owls
  9. Town centre was packed everywhere and the atmosphere really buzzing,just wish it would be like this more,so i bet the pubs made loads of money last night,even the Green Room run out of lager
  10. We definetly do not want Tony Pulis to be our next manager,so boring like Jos was,Lee Bullen deserves a chance,as he knows all the players and speaks honestly,not like double chin Brucie,who can"t manage Newcastle today ha ha
  11. Bruce is a .anker,The double chin knobhead as gone now,can"t wait to see is first interview on Sky,and will he ever apologise to Mr Chansiri and The Owls fans,Hope everything does not work out right for Bruce and he ends up back on T.V with Play Your Cards right and says he favourite words to the Newcastle fans "Come On Down"
  12. Hope the F.A can step in and stop managers resigning when ever they want,Bruce does not seem to be a honest manager after resigning from Two positions now,Hope the Newcastle fans turn against Bruce,and doesn"t last more than a couple of months,Bullen should be given a chance as a manager with Waddle or Palmer to help him
  13. Sky sports just over reporting after what Bruce said after the game yesterday,Bruce can go if he wants with loads of other managers available to step in,but can"t see Ashley wanting to pay between 5m-7m for Bruce
  14. 3-0 up The Owls,where is Foresteri? 3-1 now
  15. Chansiri banned Sky and the others away from Hillsboro,Bruce would be under more pressure at Newcastle and with Ashley the Chairman would they be able to bring in Top Class players and how many Geordies would want there money back from Ashley if he does chose Bruce,instead of a happy atmosphere at Newcastle it will be a upsetting one,once things start to go wrong for Bruce
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