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  1. The Cards people used on Buses might be easier than tickets,but the Bus drivers are taking that long to put on there touch screens that its really making buses more later on the Bus Times,and Mondays can be the worst day of the week when people have to Renew there cards to get to work,and the Drivers are taking so long put the right the correct codes for the cards to work,tickets was a lot quicker,but a bus conductor on a bus might help even better,with them renewing the cards instead of the Driver,do the drivers really get trained to use the touch screen panels as some take that long,just one person getting on a bus can now take as long as 5 minutes to get there tickets
  2. Why are we just a 80 minute tream,play well for bit,then panic everytime the last 10 minutes,Bannan should not have played if not fully fit even though he set up the goal for Fletcher,Rhodes & Fletcher played well together as he as more paste than Nuihu,Harris does try alot but just wish he was abit younger plus shoot more,Monk took Harris off and Murphy who as been a Flop an deserves to go back to Newcastle,Hope Monk can change the team with some signings in January
  3. How did Forsteri miss that so easy chance,then they go up field an score,that is what annoys the Owls fans
  4. Why doesn"t Monk try putting Iorfa in midfield with Bonner & Lees at Centre Half,as Iorfa seems to have some pace and loves running forward
  5. Looks the South Yorkshire Bus runners are trying there best to make people late for work then end up being sacked,cutting bus times to much just make it a lot harder to get to the place you want to,then when no bus turns up you stuck in a tango,and not everyone will pay taxi fares to get to there destination
  6. Like to see the team selection from Monk now most of the squad is fully fit,will he chose Fletcher with some quick player working with him,or stick with Fletcher & Nuihu,most of the fans prefer Forsteri with Fletch,like to see the Centre Half choice as most players in this position are playing well,so just can"t wait to see what Monk goes with
  7. Stage Coach & First do not seem bothered at All about there South Yorkshire passengers,Loads were stranded in town again last night with the Stage Coach Number 1 and First Number 11,not going on there general route to town,and no notices or poster telling consumers that they had changed there routes,loads waited outside the old market bus stop but both buses never came on that route,as the 76,98 and 97 did so why didn"t the Number 1 or 11 come on that road seem very odd,there should have been note on the bus stops telling consumers they could not do there regular route,so people will be not stranded getting home or to work
  8. Murphy today as really got to show to the fans he is really bothered about playing football,as is attitude as really been bad since we took him on loan,Reach deserves to be dropped,Tom Lee back for Bonner will seem odd but might need a rest
  9. Morrisons at Ecclesfield is really bad,but as soon as you get pass there the roads seem clear,not many buses about and the driver on the 76 bus,said not many drivers about as there suppose to drive for a 4 and half hours but today loads have drove more than 6 hours,like to see what its going to be like in the morning?
  10. Will Monk bring Tom Lees back in defence even though Iorfa as been playing very well,will two up front be choosen or not,as Nuihu played o.k the last game,but it better playing a tall striker like Fletcher with Foresteri or Winnal with him,lets see what Monk goes with
  11. How can Gary Monk replace Barry Bannan for Atti Nuhiu,we control of the midfield until such a stupid decision was made by Monk,after that Cardiff got back in control and what did Nuhiu do when he came on hardly anything,,Monk will really regret this stupid choice and the fans will be very angry with Monk by throwing away 3 points instead of gaining just one
  12. Fletcher seems fit,just like to see who Monk plays in midfield with Hutchinson suspended,will it be Bannan & Kieran Lee back together and will Tom Lees be back?
  13. The Only player that did not seem bothered was Murphy,just wish we had is brother with us instead of him,deserves to be dropped if he doesn"t change is attitude
  14. Bullen loved playing Fletcher up front by himself,so will Gary Monk change the tactics and how we play,certain players took it easy under Bullen ,like Bannan & Hutchinson who really deserved to be dropped,so will Monk crack down more on players not playing up to standards required,so will like to see is first team selection tomorrow
  15. Gary Monk the New Owls boss,hope Bullen still at the Club
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