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  1. West Brom will be a very tough game,as the should have beat Leicester the other game,if it wouldn"t have been for there defender kicking the the ball off the line about 5 or 6 times ,so hope we do play with right attitude to win,plus the other results finally go in our favour,now were out of the bottom 3
  2. Danny as got to stop Beadle playing out from the back,Top Premier clubs might be able to do this,but we have defenders that might be good at battling but skill wise not very good at All,Paterson seems to bring out the best of is teamates when he is playing,Stoke on saturday is going to be a very important game,but hope Danny stops making silly mistakes
  3. Like to see who comes in for Bannan,now letting Byers out on loan might be the wrong decision
  4. GENTING CLUB,Massive screen and nice bar for Drinking in
  5. Everyones been happy with £2 cap on bus fares,but now in January were going to get another price on our Poor & Unreliable Bus Service,Hope we get another protest now about the poor bus service and some action taken to stop First & Stagecoach putting up prices all the time,but we will get more cars on the roads now and less people wanting to catch buses now because of the bus ticket prices going up,so buses will be less reliable again but do the Bus companies realise this no they don"t
  6. Hope Mr Chansiri as not told the new manager that because Johnson & james were Darren Moores signings and he didn"t want them,not to pick them or give them a chance in the side
  7. Still can not believe the new manager doesn"t seem to see that Johnson & Reece James on the left would make the better in the attacking area,hope things get better now after this encouraging display
  8. The weakess position in the team as been in the side since John Sheridan & kieran Lee left the club,a attacking midfielder that loves scoring goals,o.k Bannan might do it now and again but he is in the side to create chances and he loved it when Kieran Lee was is team mate,we keep signing strikers buts its a midfield player that scores freely to the pressure off our strikers,but no manager in charge does not seem to realise this
  9. Tonights game will be a new era at Sheffield Wednesday,with a new manager in charge,and the fans do not know the Style of play the new manager wants to bring into the club,with a few additions to the squad,and some players the fans have never seen or heard about before,the fans at home always like the attacking style of play,and with new manager use to be a winger he might want this in is team,as we missed getting crosses into the box for Smith or gregory,hope Byers this season is not injury prone and can proof himself to take the pressure of Bannan,still need some more players in,with a attacking midfielder who can score goals,so come on wednesday ans wish you all the Best
  10. Why? can"t the Bus compansies fit some Speaker System at the Bus Stops to Alert people when the buses are nearing there Stop,an tell the people to get there Cards or Money ready to help the Drivers out,as loads just stand there with nothing ready and can"t even find the purse or card when the get on the Bus,which can be very annoying indeed
  11. Palmer might want to stick up for is mate Darren Moore,but Mr Chansiri as made is choice about removing Moore because of is Greedy demand for more money,Mr Chansiri does not like being pulled down and wants more praise for saving the Club with Investment
  12. Got to give him a chance,but what coaching staff does he have?,and what type of players will he bring to to club and looks like he likes attacking style of play,if he can bring in some young talent in and make us better,but if things turn out bad Mr Chansiri will be wanted out by the fans
  13. Xisco Munez is the new boss in charge
  14. Mr Chansiri as finally come out with a Statement for the Reason why Darren Moore was sacked at The Owls,ans when you have a manager who thinks he deserves better income,then any Chairman at any club would want to finish business with the Greedy manager,so Mr Chansiri seems to have done nothing wrong,as Moore could have lost is job after the Peterborough away game,but Chansiri stuck Moore and o.k got us promoted,but why did Moore thinks he deserves for money?
  15. Open talks with Dean Smith is on the internet now,a good choice for a lot of fans
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