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  1. Ticketmaster very hard to get tickets booked,can be very annoying so watch out
  2. They have cctv on the passengers but why can"t the drivers be checked using it,they would not like it,and would any Driver stop at bus stops if there friend or someone they knew was on the Bus,i Bet they never would,buses never use to be like this and its go so bad,that there that many people with cars on the road in Sheffield,and its the Bus Companies fault,for not being Reliable
  3. We want are Bus Service Improved Quicky,because you can never get to the place you want on time,because of the attitude towards bus passengers by the bus drivers,you want to get some where and you catch a bus on time,then all of a sudden the driver pulls into a stop for a cigarette or a rest then your way behind the time,but if the bus driver knew someone on the bus he would definetly not stop like they do,it just shows the people in charge are not checking up on these drivers correctly,and the Roads in Sheffield full of cars because of there is not Trust at All in or Bus Service at All,we never had this before so why do these Drivers getting away with it to often,just had this today,driver stops outside the Crucible for 6 minutes then gets to Queens Road and then stops for another 6 minutes,just wish they realise people want to get home
  4. At least we will have a new song to sing at Hillsboro " The Only Way is Up" if things go right for the manager in charge,or Down Down Deeper & Down if were in a Status Quo
  5. Just walking about or packing the shops shelfs
  6. Wilder will not be happy with that display,not many chances for there strikers
  7. Radio Sheffield had the subject about a Sheffield man losing £4500 with Amazon Prime,he got a call about Amazon Prime,which Amazon never do,but the person caught out didn"t realise this,and they got hold of is bank details so lost is money,just had two calls this morning and i knew it was fake as Amazon do not call you at All,so warn everyone not to answer these calls
  8. BBC Radio Sheffield announced this morning,after the review of the Bus Service in South Yorkshire 60% of people are not pleased how the Bus Service is run,and something needs to be done to Improve it at Last,We have been saying this for ages,but nothing ever changed,Will we finally see something changed to Improve it or not?
  9. O.k we are in a bad spell right now and the Buses in Sheffield have really been cut down,so for people who are working,it as been hard to get there on time,like i have to get from Herdings to Ecclesfield,and use the First Buses when running normally,but the earliest bus i can catch is the Stage Coach Number 1 bus,o.k i have to thank them for running buses,but then the Number 1 bus drivers seem to work to a Timer at bus stops and this can be very annoying when your trying to get to work,why?do they do this First thing in the morning then after that never work to the bus times,if they had timers in the day time then drivers would really be in trouble with there bosses at work,Why? do Stage Coach do this is so wrong for the sheffield public
  10. "WERE ON THE ROAD TO NO WHERE" Chansiri is just down grading the Club,and knows nothing how to run a football club,no manager he as choosen seems to be right,and seem to fall out with players there sort to be managing,Monk as got to go now or the fans will stop going to watch the club,and the next 3 matches will be hard,and we could end up being relegated without the points reduction looming
  11. BREAKING NEWS,MR CHANSIRI,as just signed a player so Deadly in China Connor Virus,he saw him Flu down the wings,as Chansiri knew he would help him out making Hillsborough empty with is stupid pricing of matches
  12. Tom Lees seems to have lost is form and deserves to be ever dropped or sub regular,if i was a Man City fan i would be very angry how the team play,looking like a side who wants to keep hold of the ball and want to walk the ball in the net,if they had old Deko someone to cross to,they would have someone to head the ball home as they can"t with Aguero.and that is why Liverpool are mile ahead of City
  13. Monk as done it again ,brought Pelupessy in the side,what does Monk feel he does in the team is just amazing,this is one of the reasons the fans want Monk out
  14. Wilkinsons might want to move into the Tj Hughes store
  15. Hutchinson v Rooney would have been alot better than be low par Bannan who needs dropping now,Tom Lees lost it,our midfield players are to small and weak,but why can"t Monk switch Iorfa to midfield,as he is good on the ball and tackling,and looks like a Carlton Palmer type of player,just can"t wait to see what happens at the end of the season and a big clear out is required of our money grabbing players who have lost the attitude in performing in front of these super loyal fans
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