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  1. The Owls midfield is so weak no one there tall enough to head the ball,but switching Iorfa to midfield might solve the problem, he"s got loads of paste and tall in the hair,we need another Carlton Palmer like player and Iorfa is the player who works hard like Carlton ,then Bannan can player higher in midfield,Give him a chance Monk
  2. The Number 1 bus is supposed to leave the bus stop outside Sports Direct at 10.30p.m ,i waited outside the Old market since 10.15 p.m and nothing came so walked up to the Sport Direct an nothing came until the Number 11 First Bus came at 10.45 p.m,loads were stranded because no Number 1 bus came
  3. Last Night just shows how bad our bus operators are there was no Number 1 bus from Ecclesfield to Herdings at 10.00p.m,so loads were stranded in town thinking how do i get home from work,loads of people can"t afford to pay for a taxi to get home from town or even Ecclesfield,and the next bus would turn up outside Sports Direct at another half hour,there is no use ringing up and complaining as we get the same old bull**** from the bus companies with silly excuses
  4. Gayle pulled up saturday with a hamstring injury so keep away from him
  5. Monk must have been pleased with the attitude at Brighton so why should he change the side too much,will miss Fletcher or not? that what everybody will be thinking
  6. Now with Fletcher out for 10 weeks ,we definetly need a striker quick,Lee Gregory as been linked with The Owls,if i was Monk i would get him in today,or the fans will be very worried facing Leeds without some striker who can head the ball in,as the ones we have are not strikers good at heading the ball in from crosses
  7. Loads were shocked this morning getting on the buses to work,and the price increase,First & Stage Coach must thing that everyone gets a wage upgrade every year so are allowed to put fares up,but loads do not,if we saw some improvement in the bus service then we might be happy paying more,but nothings been changed for ages,why?can"t we top are bus cards on line to speed up the trips we make,as Monday seems to be the worse day with nearly everyone renewing there cards and some Drivers taking ages with there touch screen,so nearly always late for work
  8. Did not seem to miss Bannan in midfield,as the others were really trying hard to shut Brighton down,young Right Back had a superb debut,when Fletcher pulled is leg down and waved straight to the bench,we thought he would have damaged is knee and out for a long time,but monk says he is o.k now,like to see the draw on Monday and who we face next
  9. With Such a unreliable bus services we have in South Yorkshire,we seem to get a fare increase every year with no signs of any improvement in the reliability in the Service,Hope the Council in Sheffield can take over the services of First & Stage Coach and bring the prices back down again
  10. No Fletcher again ,are we going to sell him or not ?or is he still ill
  11. Why can"t we top up our cards on line instead of by the driver,using paypal might be a better and quicker way of top up our bus cards.so hope First & Stage Coach would bring this idea running in the near future
  12. The fans you to sing "Were on the Rhodes to Know Were" but is hat-trick yesterday just shows why we signed him in the First Place,as he use to score goals like that against us, Monk is now getting more crosses into the box for our strikers,and its really working,no stupid passes across the field between the defenders,that use to be so annoying under Carlos,so more direct kicking up the field,if we wouldn"t have thrown the stupid points away in the last 4 games we could have easily been in the top two
  13. The Cards people used on Buses might be easier than tickets,but the Bus drivers are taking that long to put on there touch screens that its really making buses more later on the Bus Times,and Mondays can be the worst day of the week when people have to Renew there cards to get to work,and the Drivers are taking so long put the right the correct codes for the cards to work,tickets was a lot quicker,but a bus conductor on a bus might help even better,with them renewing the cards instead of the Driver,do the drivers really get trained to use the touch screen panels as some take that long,just one person getting on a bus can now take as long as 5 minutes to get there tickets
  14. Why are we just a 80 minute tream,play well for bit,then panic everytime the last 10 minutes,Bannan should not have played if not fully fit even though he set up the goal for Fletcher,Rhodes & Fletcher played well together as he as more paste than Nuihu,Harris does try alot but just wish he was abit younger plus shoot more,Monk took Harris off and Murphy who as been a Flop an deserves to go back to Newcastle,Hope Monk can change the team with some signings in January
  15. How did Forsteri miss that so easy chance,then they go up field an score,that is what annoys the Owls fans
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