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  1. Go onto www.gsmarena.com and you will see the reviews and opinions about theses phone plus loads more,or go onto youtube to see the reviews about the best budget phones to buy
  2. There is a new Bar Opening Monday on June 7th ,The Furnace Bar,outside the old Sheffield Star buiding,been going pass it this week at night,and looks very good indeed,with some outside seating as well,after losing Henrys and the Yorkshire Grey,you can book tables on line,so just can"t wait to see what this bar on offer,so will be calling in on Monday to see what its like
  3. We have not won at Derby since 2006,so hope the Owls players are fully bothered about winning the game tomorrow,after the bad display against Forest,Harris needs dropping after dismal display last week,if we do end up going downing,at last we might see a big clear out of money earners,who have let this team & club down
  4. Its Now we want to see another Cardiff performance from this team,with Tom Lees injured the defence might be better,as he as had a bad season,Hope the players do go out fully to win this game for these Super Fans
  5. Hope Dunkley is fit,with Tom Lees might be injured,Borner to unreliable at the moment,Hope Darren Moore will be o.k
  6. Group of players who have got no heart to save this club,thought they would have been down until Derby lost,Forest game now very important,and hope they can perform like they did with the cardiff game,Borner should be dropped after is display yesterday,Hope Dunkley can be fit to play
  7. Just a amazing result and performance,thought there heads would be down by being sent to the bottom of the League,but really no one had a bad game,and the team at last just didn"t play for the first 45 minutes,they played for a full 90 minutes,Bannan was just Brilliant,and that second goal would be on the tv all the time,if we were in the Premiership,and contender for goal of the season,just hope now this lifts the players heads and do not worry about losing games,Hope Darren gets is Jab soon,and does not miss watching is side again
  8. What a mess Sheffield football is,with the Best Group of fans,Like to see what happens after today if we lose today at Barnsley,will Darren Moore keep is job,as he was brought in trying to the lift these players,but up till now nothing as really changed,as the players look down and out already,Mr Chansiri as got to either sell the club to someone,or bring in a Director of Football in who knows how to run a English football club,someone like Howard Wilkinson who be a good choice,who as been at this club before,there will be more trouble at the club with loads of fans demanding there money back and not many willing to buy a season ticket now,plus what will be the prices of tickets in the First Division?
  9. Pressure on Darren Moore now,after bringing in we have not seen much improvement in the Owls team,Mr Chansiri got rid of Pulis with the same sort of run,so will Darren be sacked soon?we always look a bit better in the First half of games then the second tiredness sets in and we then lose games,if the old players are letting Darren down ,why can"t he give the youngsters a chance,getting ready for the drop
  10. The Premiership is just spoiling football know days,o.k you want to get your club to get there for Finances,but can you really compete with the Top 6 to 8 clubs,Wilder as done a Superb job at United,but as he been unable to attract players to United with the Wages policy?United as been rumoured to bring players in,but they end up some were else,because of the wages these players want,Ollie Watkins was on Wilders list but then Aston Villa was the place he ended up because they were willing to meet is wage demand,John Lundstrum then wanting higher wages but United said no as they didn"t want to change there wages policy just to keep him,if there was a wages gap on football players,then Wilder would have been given a better chance of bringing players in at United,Everyone will be asking what is the termoil between the Prince & Wilder,that made him decide to leave?
  11. Darren looks like a tough type of bloke,but listening to is comments after the first two games ,he seems very soft,he as got tighten up with these players,and drop them if not performing right,shock yesterday when he took off Bannan for Penny,as Penny is not looking bothered how he plays,Darren bring in the youngsters as the old boys are letting you down
  12. Darren Moores got a full week to work with these players,who up to know have let him down,if darrens in ready for First Division football then bring some young players in,to get there confidence up being in the team,as the older players will be on there way soon and how they are playing just shows that
  13. First 10 minutes last night,the players were acting like kids trying to Impress the New Teacher,that is Brian Laws said about the match last night,Darren went for it putting strikers on near the end,but then didn"t think about getting hit on the break,when Bannan was took off,who took most of the free kicks or corners,nobody want to take the corner,but that from Izzy Brown was shocking with the box full of Owls players,Defence now look a bad,and useless with the ball,Tom Lees is useless in passing the ball,Borner is the best on with the ball,but getting on a bit,Darren Moore as got to start giving more young players a chance in the team,but should Liam Shaw be picked when we know he is leaving us?
  14. All the Owls fans will be very eager to see the team Darran Moore picks tonight,as Neil Thompson tried is best but couldn"t seem to get these players eager for wanting to win a game,let one goal in an there heads dropped straight away and then never looked willing to score another goal,hope Darren can lift these players,but also drop those who aren"t performing well,like Bannan,who thinks no else can take a free kick or corner,but some of is have been rubbish,so hope Darren as spoken to Bannan about this
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