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  1. 1295galaxy

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    Hector really let the side down yesterday,and just shows that nobody really wants to sign him up by being to unreliable,tackle on Foresteri should have been a red card,Bruce must now know he as got a lot of clearing out to do with this squad,as the previous managers have wasted so much money on below par players and over packed the Squad instead of selling some players that are not good enough to deserve a place in the team
  2. 1295galaxy

    millwall v sheffield wednesday

    Steve Bruce must soon be realising the midfield needs changing,so they can create more chances for out strikers,and the Owls team needs speeding up,like to see the team Bruce picks for the Rotherham game,the loan players will be brought in to make there debuts
  3. Monday always seems to be the worst day catching a bus early for work,with loads topping there cards on buses,and the drivers not able to keep up with the demand,that is why i would like the option of topping up your card on the internet,drivers now have buses that switch engines off,so slows the journey more,why? can"t First & Stage Coach work with Paypal to make it able to Top cards up and take the pressure of drivers being late All the Time,then more people will have more trust in buses getting them to work on time,1a late again and nothing done to improve the service Why?
  4. 1295galaxy

    How much is Bannan worth again?

    Bannan as really missed playing with Kieran Lee,they were a superb pair together,and just wish we could sign someone who plays like Kieran Lee,an get Bannan back creating chances,if Steve Bruce wants to change the midfield positions,Bannan could easily be worth 6 -8million in the current transfer market
  5. First & Stagecoach should introduce a online Top=Up for Bus passes to help the Drivers out,as it can be very annoying how long it takes a Driver to produce the passes on buses,just wish there were two sets of Doors available on Buses to make it quicker for passengers to get on or off buses when there over crowded
  6. Same old story again 1A bus late again this morning so late for work again,Wish we could sue First for this
  7. Bus fares have just gone up,but the Service we get from First is totally useless in Trust,Use to the 56 or 1A at Newfield Green for 5.06 am for 56 and 5.10 a.m for 1A,but now the 56 as gone,the 1A never gets to Newfield Green for 5.10 a.m with more passengers filling the Bus,suppose to leave town at 5.26 a.m but never makes it on time now,so then the 1A is supposed to be at Ecclesfield for 5.50 a.m but never makes it on time,so making loads of people late for work,Why? can"t something be done it Improve Bus times in Sheffield because there is no use ringing up and complaining because nothing get done,as First always come out with Silly excuses,like the Shortage of Drivers
  8. Just watched a brilliant film off you tube All Wednesday,superb to watch for the Owls fans
  9. 1295galaxy

    Sheffield wednesday to sign 3 players

    Owls could have big clear out with it money earners,rumours Fletcher to Celtic for 4m.Reach to Wolves 12m and will Foresteri be on is way,after is attitude not looking right,Hope Westwood does not go to Leeds or Hutchinson to QPR,we have hold on to players we do not really need for too long now,so a clear out might cut our squad down at last,with some quality young ones coming through
  10. 1295galaxy

    West bromwich albion v sheffield wednesday

    Like to here whats wrong with Kieran,have those first two games caught up with him,or is it flu?
  11. Bring back Porridge with Foresteri behind bars with Fletcher
  12. 1295galaxy

    Middlesbrough v owls

    Lee Bullen must have been very annoyed working under Jos,and the stupid team selections he was making,i bet he really celebrated when he heard Jos got the sack,least he had the sense to go and see Dawson and tell him that Westwood would be brought back in goal,would have like to have seen Hutchinsons reaction when he knew Jos had gone,as when he walked off the other day it but two fingers above is mouth to look like a moustache to take the mickey out of Jos,bet the fans laughing over that,Westwood is a shouting goalkeeper telling defenders in front of him what to do,and put confidence in how they play,Dawson was not like,so the defence were all over the place,Bullen says a announcement will be made in a couple of days,with Bruce away on holiday
  13. 1295galaxy

    Sheffield wednesday v preston

    Just hope now Foresteri gets fitter quicker now Jos as gone
  14. 1295galaxy

    So who now after jos?

    Ex Fulham manager wants a new job ,just read this on the Daily Mirror website,Bruce supposed to be offered 2m to take the job,but it might not just a manager we need its a Director of football him to advise Mr Chansiri not very good in knowing how to run a english football
  15. 1295galaxy

    I'm not one for people being sacked..

    Instead of just a New manager we need a New Football Director or Advisor to help Mr Chansiri,as he might be good with money but not so good was is required to run a football club,as is last 2 choices of managers as not work out,someone like Brian Laws who knows what is needed to run a club might be o.k

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