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  1. BBC Radio Sheffield announced this morning,after the review of the Bus Service in South Yorkshire 60% of people are not pleased how the Bus Service is run,and something needs to be done to Improve it at Last,We have been saying this for ages,but nothing ever changed,Will we finally see something changed to Improve it or not?
  2. O.k we are in a bad spell right now and the Buses in Sheffield have really been cut down,so for people who are working,it as been hard to get there on time,like i have to get from Herdings to Ecclesfield,and use the First Buses when running normally,but the earliest bus i can catch is the Stage Coach Number 1 bus,o.k i have to thank them for running buses,but then the Number 1 bus drivers seem to work to a Timer at bus stops and this can be very annoying when your trying to get to work,why?do they do this First thing in the morning then after that never work to the bus times,if they had timers in the day time then drivers would really be in trouble with there bosses at work,Why? do Stage Coach do this is so wrong for the sheffield public
  3. "WERE ON THE ROAD TO NO WHERE" Chansiri is just down grading the Club,and knows nothing how to run a football club,no manager he as choosen seems to be right,and seem to fall out with players there sort to be managing,Monk as got to go now or the fans will stop going to watch the club,and the next 3 matches will be hard,and we could end up being relegated without the points reduction looming
  4. BREAKING NEWS,MR CHANSIRI,as just signed a player so Deadly in China Connor Virus,he saw him Flu down the wings,as Chansiri knew he would help him out making Hillsborough empty with is stupid pricing of matches
  5. Tom Lees seems to have lost is form and deserves to be ever dropped or sub regular,if i was a Man City fan i would be very angry how the team play,looking like a side who wants to keep hold of the ball and want to walk the ball in the net,if they had old Deko someone to cross to,they would have someone to head the ball home as they can"t with Aguero.and that is why Liverpool are mile ahead of City
  6. Monk as done it again ,brought Pelupessy in the side,what does Monk feel he does in the team is just amazing,this is one of the reasons the fans want Monk out
  7. Wilkinsons might want to move into the Tj Hughes store
  8. Hutchinson v Rooney would have been alot better than be low par Bannan who needs dropping now,Tom Lees lost it,our midfield players are to small and weak,but why can"t Monk switch Iorfa to midfield,as he is good on the ball and tackling,and looks like a Carlton Palmer type of player,just can"t wait to see what happens at the end of the season and a big clear out is required of our money grabbing players who have lost the attitude in performing in front of these super loyal fans
  9. Was on The Star website last week that they had gone into administration
  10. Tom Lees form as really been bad and now deserves to be dropped,Murphy will be kicking himself with the one on one with the goalkeeper,he should have rounded the goalie instead of shooting to early,Why?do we always seem to play well away from home then rubbish in front of our own fans
  11. Having money might be good for Mr Chansiri,but having no knowledge how to run a football club as not help him with is ambitions,Priced alot of fans out of going to watch The Owls,and the atmosphere at games as not been how it use to be,hope we do get someone new in knows how to run the club correctly,as these loyals fans deserve to seeing this club in the Premiership
  12. Even a Minister in Sheffield as called the Bus Service in Sheffield so unreliable that he is going to report on the Service we get and the changes required to Improve the Service or even take away from First & Stage Coach,and bring someone in that is more reliable & Trustworthy
  13. Fletcher on the Bench,but most Owls fans will be frustrated with Monk picking Pelupessy again when he is useless on the ball
  14. O.K Chansiri gave us financal backing,but he is someone who knows nothing about running a football club,We need a Director of Football install to help the Chairman and who managers the players,some people would not like suggestion of Howard Wilkinson to be the Director,but he would really help to get the club more stable as he knows how to run a football club,even Alan Biggs had a list about this on twitter,feel sorry for Monk with the squad he is working with players thinking there better than the others,hope a big clear out is made soon,and Monk allowed to bring in a new coaching team
  15. Hope Monk plays the players in the correct position,as Foresteri was placed on the left and suppose to replace Harris but seem lost,Bannan might be rested tomorrow as he seems to have lost is form,Monk should start to give our younger players a chance as the olders ones seems to have lost there form,the crowd tomorrow will not feel confident in winning this game so the atmosphere will be very quite,like to see what happens if they fall behind early tomorrow
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