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  1. Sunderland seem to have come to Spoil the game from the OFF,and the Stupid Referee in change let the get away most of the time,they went down when ever they wanted.the tackle on Byers should have been a booking easily,and this seem to kept Byers very much out of the game,we thought our midfield was very strong,but Sunderland seem to have control of our midfield players,Not to much for both Goalies to save last night,and Peacock Farrell kept making the fans panic passing about out the back,as the fans knew already the number of stupid goals we have gave away by doing this,lets see know the number of players we release
  2. Darren Moore as got so players decision to make on Monday,should he play Windass up front with Gregory or Berahino also should Hunt come back in for Palmer,so its big decision to make
  3. Could easily see Bannan was not fully fit last night,Hutchinson will be kicking himself about not putting the ball out,we stood off too much,letting there players take control of the game,did not create much for Gregory,Referee gave most of the decisions in Sunderlands favour
  4. Just hope the players have the 5-0 defeat out of there heads,and play like they did against the Mk Dons,with attacking type of play,hope Bannan is fully fit and scores another Beauty that won him goal of the season,Hope Darren Moore as been getting the players trained in defending free kicks and corners,as this is were our team seem to be more weak and concede so many soft goals,Come on Wednesday!
  5. Cards can be o.k,but not everyone likes to take them out while drinking,as they can easily be spiked or lost,so those pubs with card only offer are totally wrong doing this to consumers
  6. Just got over the finishing line,but when DM Took of Lee Gregory,he must have thought the game was safe,but we all know the points they have thrown away by conceding late goals,i bet the crowd were in panic mode in that 10 minutes,we had a good chance to improve our goal difference last night but missed loads of easy chances
  7. At last Darren Moore did not go onto is defending tactics after scoring the first goal at that a cost us losing a lot of ponts this season,Bannan at last put a corner in properly for Gregorys goal,and then the Super 40 yarder was just Brilliant,and deserves the goal of the season award,bet a lot of fans were worried when they found out Hutchinson and Loungo were missing,but the team played well without in the side
  8. Burnley just sack Dyche,would Neil comeback again to help Burnley until they get a new boss in
  9. Just couldn"t beleive how we threw 3 points away,Bannan should have had a hat rick,Lang missed a right sitter as well,having a midfield that can not score regulary could cost the team bad,thought with Darren Moore being a defender himself he would have tightened up our defence but we are so bad with free kicks or corners
  10. Planning a journey with our bus service can be very annoying,so now have to set off a bit early than we use too,as you don:t now,how many stops the drivers are going to stop at,as they are now stopping a lot than they use to,mobile phones have now become so popular that people can"t live without looking at them and bus drivers stop and look at theres to often now,if they have cameras watching bus passengers,then why not on drivers to see how many times they stop and what they are doing
  11. The Sun today showing a video of a woman getting hit with Wigan v Bolton fans,as more trouble occuring nowdays between fans,so watch out for those going to Bolton on Saturday,just wish Keiran Lee was playing to get some applause from The Owls fans,as him and Bannan were Brilliant in midfield and scored some super goals and took pressure away from the strikers,wish we had him now as were missing a goal scoring midfielder
  12. Darren Moore thought is defence would keep the score at 1-0,so gambled taking Bannan off,but will know now,is defence is not very strong at all,Bannan might be the only midfielder willing to score,thought the players had in the heads this was going to be easy victory,so played with no high tempo in the game,which was totally wrong
  13. Can not see no team change tonight.but need more goals to get our goal difference up,play light saturday and it might be another goal feast tonight
  14. The Owls are doing well now and are playing like the team use to play,with midfielders taking the pressure away from the strikers and scoring goals,and no stupid passing at the back,and this is even without Windass & Gregory in the side,just wish we had started off like this,as goal difference could cost the side
  15. More Rubbish advice to Mr Chansiri telling him to fit this type of Pitch at Hillsborough,hope now its relayed with a pitch than can withstand rain,but will Mr Chansiri do this or not?
  16. Just wish Darren Moore would have got the Owls a better strike force,as we don"t seem to have a midfield player who can score regulary to take some of the pressure of our strikers,Lee Gregory seems to be the only one who tries hard to score,Windass is a injury prone player who went fit can score good goals,and will goal difference keep the team from getting into the play-offs,some money know needs spending on a new pitch
  17. Quest last night with Clinton Morrison was very angry with the crowd abuse happening now at games,there even doing this with Black players in there own team,Rotherham fans causing trouble in there last 3 games,but what would Rotherham do if the FA deducted points of them because of this abuse,Owls fans will have been taking the mickey about the women linesman and some idiot thinking it was funny throw something at here,if other clubs ban the number of Owls fans at future away games then it would not be funny at All
  18. Same as usual on top for most of the game,then the last 10 minutes becauase chances haven"t been finished,panic stations into action and worried about throwing more points away,2 super headers from Hutchinson of the line,and injuries mounting up again,but super goal from Byers
  19. Pressing mounting on Darren Moore,and even Carlton Palmer as said lose to Plymouth today and a new manager might be required to get the best out of these players who are under performing,so if Booing today at the match,the fans will demanding a change,so Darren Moore who signed most of these players,better get these players going or the crowd will be very angry indeed
  20. Pressure mounting now on Darren Moore who still does not now is best team to getting a winning formular,Carlton Palmer as said lose to Plymouth at home,and the club will need to bring in a new manager,losing Corbeanu to MK Dons just shows how DM as made a silly decision not playing him regulary,Centre Half and New Left back needs to be brought in,plus a scoring midfielder required as there is to much pressure on our strikers or even a new striker to support Lee Gregory,Yorkshire Live is saying that Darren Moore is so similar to Jos Luhuky
  21. Is it time for a Change?Darren Moore brought these players in and thought they would perform for him,but some of these players attitude as been disgusting,they now seem to have fallen out with DM and seem want to get this manger out by below par performances,in front of these Superb set of fans,Do these players want a new manager in to get the Best out of them,well the last two games just shows they want someone in,but will Mr Chansiri who will be back home now make the decision to sack DM and get someone else in,to give us more chance of getting promoted,and with the transfer market now open,let the new manager bring is own players in,DM with is Urm excuses deserves the sack now with two many draws and not very good in front of the Hillsborogh crowd
  22. Just been on Radio Sheffield that Middlesborough are trying to get the game called of because of Covid & injuries,so the game could be called off soon
  23. Started off attacking minded for first 15 minutes,but with our defenders not being young and quick,hitting them from the half way line caught them out,but it did look a bit offside the first goal,then the confidence went and the players all over the place and heads went down,hope this is Wings last game and goes back to Boro,as he tried all the time at Rotherham but here did not look like a player bothered about keeping is place in the side,DM must now get some younger players in,with a left band and Centre Half were we need strengthening,or even gives some young ones at the club for a chance to prove themselves
  24. Just hope they can keep this run going and with additions in the Transfer market in January,the team might get even better
  25. Mr Chansiri supposed to be at the match tonight,so Darren Moore better get is players he as signed putting up a good performance tonight,as booing at the ground from the fans tonight,is not good for DM
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