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  1. prince al

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    Well done dusty millers! So pleasing to see a minnow club doing so well when the opposition has contributed to its existence.
  2. prince al

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    It’s absolute madness to even consider allowing safe passage back to the uk. Please stay where you are.
  3. prince al

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    The Government should do the decent thing, fly the whole family out to be reunited with her.
  4. prince al

    New Irish Bar for Sheffield.

    Oh no. Not another parody of an Irish bar that you can find in every resort.
  5. prince al

    Sheffield Wednesday's Advertisement Revenue?

    I think that it’s quite a bit of money, but not enough to run the club.
  6. prince al

    Ipswich v Owls

    A Brucie bonus!
  7. prince al

    Toilet roll man - why no statement

    Can’t argue with that sensible reply, thanks.
  8. With the impending High court SUFC control wrangle in mind, why has there been no statements of intent from the protagonists ? Never understood why anyone would hand over approximately 50% of assets to someone for seemingly nouthing in return?
  9. prince al

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    Seems genuine, pay up Camelot!
  10. prince al

    Gary madine sufc bound?

    What a pair, Madine and Ched Evans.
  11. prince al

    Graffiti in Sheffield.

    The scribble that lowlife impose on the city is dreadful! Banksy? Definitely not!
  12. prince al

    Sheffield wednesday v preston

    Looked like a different team. Absolutely fantastic everyone played well,especially Hector, Onomah and Reach.
  13. prince al

    Foxhill road. s6 5by Unsafe steps

    If you think you think that the steps are unsafe, you have obviously carried out an assessment. Therefore do not use them.
  14. prince al

    Owls Forum with Chansiri

    Great post. The cretins who insulted the Chansiri family are trash.
  15. prince al

    Owls Forum with Chansiri

    What’s happened to Mr Toilet paper?

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