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  1. Agreed, Billy Sharp is more of a threat.
  2. Luongo, Bannan and van Aken also playing well.
  3. No danger. Blades may have had a awkward start but I fully expect them to finish mid table. Regardless of tomorrow’s result.
  4. Time about right, needs fresh faces.
  5. Ugly building makes way for ugly building!
  6. Pointless. Uncheckable results delivered by pompous prats.
  7. Money well spent by SCC, it will return tenfold.
  8. Sorry but Whitbreads bear was awful.
  9. What an total embarrassment to the University of Sheffield who must be overseeing the work as the client, and of course the Principal contractor BAM. If it’s not bad enough for the Weston Park patients, they have to put up with all the noise and dust. Never mind the local residents. Has this debacle ever happened before in Sheffield?
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