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  1. Thought Wednesday played well Friday night, but failed to finish the game off to their peril. Stoke have some good players, but saying that, Owls 2 Stoke 1
  2. Sunday Brunch is nowhere near as cool or as funny as it’s presenters think it is. Both look shattered as though they have been on the “lash” the previous night. How annoying is the the floor manager who instigates the canned forced laughter at anything. Shame really as some of the guests and the music are interesting.
  3. Eddie Izzard, and his raspberry beret! Patronising prat!
  4. Yep, agree with you on the above cacophony of hell.
  5. Amazing stuff, well done to all involved.
  6. This really is scraping the barrel stuff, that should be confined to the trash can. Its an outrage to public decency!
  7. Listening tonight , Brian the Millers comments are always painfully grim! “Did you see the match Andy? “Did ya, did ya?” “What’s his name played for them, about 40 years ago”. What a sage! Please stop top it now!
  8. Listened to the show tonight. I wanted to disagree with you, but I can’t. Ellie was good though!
  9. Decent article in this months local magazine Grapevine about this chap.
  10. Would all parents living around Blackstock road, Gleadless please ensure that you know where your offspring are, and what they are up to?
  11. After this affair, I can’t see SWFC offering to play Mansfield again in a friendly. Their loss.
  12. What a refreshing change! A football club owner who is also a decent human being.
  13. The over zealous Rotherham stewards should be sacked immediately!
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