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  1. prince al

    Who next for Tory Leader/PM?

    Boris should not win, he would be a disaster.
  2. prince al

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Yes Radio 4 takes some beating.
  3. prince al

    Jo Brand - Hate Speech vs Free Speech

    I doubt if it will influence a nutter, not many listen to radio 4 after the Archers.
  4. prince al

    Years and Years - BBC1

    It’s rubbish!
  5. prince al

    Best charity shop in Sheffield

    Apparently Oxfam are good employers.
  6. I doubt if this is a deliberate act of treason, more like an error. Highly embarrassing even so.
  7. If you are homeless and are struggling to find a meal, I doubt if much time is spent on how to live ethically.
  8. Please could you tell me what you are all arguing about.
  9. I think the comment that MM is only mayor who’s name can be remembered in 30 years is very disrespectful to the previous servants of the office.
  10. This is really a discussion that is going nowhere and any more time spent on it would be pointless.
  11. prince al

    Who next for Tory Leader/PM?

    Pompous prat who plays the bundling buffoon to gain your trust. I sincerely hope that he doesn’t triumph.
  12. prince al

    Dejphon Chansiri to buy Hillsborough?

    Great idea!
  13. What a sordid affair! Chris Wilder and the team deserves better.
  14. prince al

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Give over now. Do you think they were discussing the deregulation of the subsidised bus service brought around by Margret Thatcher?

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