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  1. Yes you can’t shift around the petrol station on Archer road. Biddies clogging the road up trying to top up. Move your vehicle on you idiots and return later!
  2. Great post! Yes I understand that attitudes should be challenged and I have stumbled across good films.
  3. Not everyone is talking about Jamie. Not really in my peer group conversations. Not my thing but good luck anyway!
  4. Build a new better micro pub, no hooligans allowed.
  5. Should be made to rebuild it. Then knock it down.
  6. Changing rooms with Laundrette Lowellyn Bottom.
  7. Is SUFC goalkeeper Verrips playing for Hungary tonight?
  8. Not being funny but if we can’t beat this non league outfit then it’s time to pack it in.
  9. Thanks to Burnley f.c. for the loan of their excellent keeper.
  10. I hope this doesn’t happen on this forum.
  11. Jeez! Where did you get that keeper from? He’s worse that the last clown you had between the sticks!
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