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  1. They all should be handed to the council to be rented at a small cost to a local resident. Then they can be monitored and kept in good condition, so this situation never happens again.
  2. Can’t believe people discussing ending the employment of a loyal servant like this. Disgraceful! 4 out of 5 years have a success. Schoolboy fan, ball boy, player, manager.
  3. What intrigues me is how does Bielsa get his message across when shouting from the touch line when he can’t speak any English?
  4. I’ll take ten more games like yesterday’s now, awful as it was.
  5. Vulgar, obscene and disgraceful display of wealth.
  6. Don’t forget Steve Cotterall. A usual old favourite name on the managerial Merry go round!
  7. 1980? 2:1 win Ticker Taylor Spider-Man Mellor.
  8. Blades played well other night against Manchester United but met Man U on a good day, apart from the first goal debacle with Maquire, Henderson. Rashford was different class supported by Pogba, Martial and the defender. If Blades play like that for all the rest of the season, they will easily beat the drop.
  9. Worst bunch of spineless players that I have ever seen at S6. Are you sure that we can’t draft any of the Wednesday ladies team in? Or what about the Young Owls under 11’s?
  10. Maybe we can draft some players from the Wednesday ladies team to play?
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