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  1. Can’t see any remaining games getting played.
  2. Sounds like the EFL clutching at straws.
  3. This season should be scrapped now because of the Coronavirus.
  4. Curb your enthusiasm is the market leader at the moment.
  5. Ha ha love it! Brian the Miller is so irritating while Brian the Blade is entertaining.
  6. Enough is enough! Mr Monk, it’s apparent that you are incompetent and clearly unable to succeed in the task at hand. You have reached your level. To quote the famous words, “in the name of good god go now” and allow the next chap enough time to keep us up.
  7. Are there any facts for this speculation?
  8. If Sheffield Wednesday think that last nights performance was o.k. Then god help us. Forget the money, Sheffield Wednesday are the equals of Manchester City. Once you start accepting that performance, pack it in. Would Blades fans accept that performance? Forget the result, it’s the mindset.
  9. I didn’t realise how poor we have become. By the way, we were lucky to get nil.
  10. Why can’t we keep it tight every match, instead of giving them goals start?
  11. Are the defenders not well? They look as though they coming down with an illness, either that or they had been out on the razzle.
  12. Time to go Monk , this is unacceptable.
  13. If he loses the next 2 games, he must go.
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