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  1. I bet Nick Clegg is laughing his socks off.
  2. Firstly, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Personally I feel as though this in direct opposition to to British value and must be stopped. Let’s see what the illuminati on this forum think?
  3. There’s no need to panic, the players are more resilient than previous seasons. Let’s make the correct appointment.
  4. Was it connected to the Woodseats palace homophobic comments, as reported by Radio Sheffield this morning?
  5. Boris Johnson - Chancey Gardener.
  6. So that you can relax and concentrate on your recuperation without stress, resign immediately Jared.
  7. No I don’t. I didn’t ask for IMO.
  8. Personally I would rather neither was permitted.
  9. Certainly, football is a funny world. I personally think that Frank Lampard couldn’t lace Chris Wilders managerial boots and sometimes looked lost at Derby County.
  10. Firstly I hope Bruce stays. Secondly I wonder what the honourable Mr Chansiri thinks to going’s on in modern football. Thirdly The football industry doesn’t pay you for loyalty, it pays for results. It’s not the fact that Bruce wants to manage his boyhood club, it’s the timing. SWFC could be left in a desperate situation. Professional Integrity is what’s at stake.
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