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  1. prince al

    Hull v Blades

    Can’t see Blades slipping up. Well done Sheffield United!
  2. prince al

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Forgot to mention the impressive Palmer, a captain in the making. Well done lad,!
  3. prince al

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Looks promising for next season. Cameron was excellent, FF was unplayable and Hector and Lees continued their fine form. Fletcher looks rejuvenated. Yes if only Boyd could recapture his pace.
  4. prince al

    That West Yorkshire Outfit v Sheffield Wednesday

    A win for Wednesday as the pressure will start to show on L**ds.
  5. prince al

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    A cooking show that you can’t view? It just doesn’t make sense.
  6. prince al

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    I’ve heard that’s a common belief, how else do dealers reconcile their diabolical deeds.
  7. prince al

    Sheffield teams wont be both in play off final

    Oh no, please don’t tell me that spaghetti doesn’t grow on tress!
  8. prince al

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    I hope that I’m mistaken but listening to radio Sheffield recently, I think that the tedious debacle that is clueless is returning.
  9. prince al

    sheffield wednesday v aston villa

    Extra spicy as Villa sacked Bruce earlier on this season. Pressure on Villa.
  10. Please could all local members of parliament resign who have not voted for Brexit today, as you are not representing the will of your constituents.
  11. prince al

    Wilder's success record.

    No doubts at all, Chris Wilder is a top manager.
  12. prince al

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Yes. Good film but the copy I watched was poor. Must have been filmed in a cinema because I could see a little silhouette of a man....
  13. prince al

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    Yes it will definitely mess Look North and Calendar’s schedules up a bit.
  14. prince al

    new football ground at meadowhead

    Not too bothered about the NIMBYs at Meadowhead. What about residents around the Bramall Lane and Hillsborough stadiums, nobody gives two hoots about their sentiments.

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