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  1. It's your choice. But I am curious why you would want vista back over windows7. Is your new OS missing some features, or are do ou just feel comfortable with what you are used to?
  2. Thanks adam, maybe he'll stop trolling this time
  3. when you get the blank screen, have you tried refreshing the page (Ctrl + R) Do you still get a blank screen?
  4. "You will be in the best possible position on almost every searching" Sorry but that is complete rubbish. Do you work for 1&1, spamming the forums and writing the trust-pilot "reviews"? A solid mix of 1 star and 5 star spells one thing imho. Fake reviews, for a poorly rated company. As for google submission, yes you submit once, and control the google index bot revisits using your sitemap.xml and robots.txt, and monitor issues from webmaster-tools +bing equivalent. As for SEO, to boost your rankings, read the other thread on the forum. But in general, genuine G+ reviews, facebook likes, tweets and genuine relevant backlinks are the main way to get better results in search engines, and it takes years of work depending on the industry sector, and the niche aspect of the business. In general niche businesses are easier for SEO as less competition. Opening a 1&1 site and getting page one on google. I've heard some whoppers in my time but seriously... To the OP the offer is still there, free forum setup and hosting for your site as a good will gesture. I can also offer a free subdomain if you don't want to pay for a domain name.
  5. Hmmm... that's not what I expected at all. Chrome is not as memory intensive as firefox, but it could be chrome addons. It could also be as unbeliever suggests a virus, or your anti virus. Having said that I use yahoo for one of my mail addresses and I'm sure I had a similar problem in the past. My issue was simply to do with the amount of programs I had running as I remember, I had many tabs open.
  6. I can only give you my opinion on Kaspersky. There are plenty of well documented links between Mr Kaspersky, Kaspersky labs and FSB (the new name for KGB). Some just see it as here say and rumour, but the Russian government has passed laws allowing them to snoop domestically and internationally. Seen as Mr Kaspersky has not fled Russia as many other internet entrepreneurs have, suggests to me all data on machines with Kaspersky has back doors to the Kremlin. These links to kaspersky were documented well before the Ukraine / Crimea crisis. Maybe it's all just scaremongering, but imho Russia has a cyber weapon it can use with plausible deniability on it's hands in the shape of Kasperky Labs AV. The proof is in the pudding though, if malwarebytes picks up a trojan or virus that kaspersky didn't, that would certainly be all the proof i needed to say Kaspersky is not what it claims to be. Some in the hacking community certainly think kaspersky is a back door to millions of PC's https://twitter.com/Dinesco/status/616465401942114304 The slowing down of a PC can be relatively harmless bottlenecking of the system, but it can also be a symptom of a machine infected.
  7. Sounds like you have some sort of malware. My advice would be remove Kaspersky. Install a free, lightwight AV like clamwin http://www.clamwin.com/. Manually run a scan every month or so. in the mean time in an attempt to cure your current issue download malwarebytes free version, and run a scan. https://www.malwarebytes.org/ No doubt it will find the root of your problem. If the internet is not working long enough to maintain a connection, you will need a USB thumb drive and download via a different pc. https://www.malwarebytes.org/
  8. Have you tried using SMTP authentication? Not saying it will solve the problem, but it's worth a try. You should try ticking that option, and fill out the username as the full email address and add your email password. (or if it has the option click "use same details as the incoming server") Use SSL too, usually port 465. If you have your own domain, and you have access to the DNS/MX records, consider moving your email service to zoho.com They offer 10 x (5GB each) mailboxes for your domain. They have IMAP, 2FA, calendar, tons of other features and pretty good webmail too. If you get referred to them you get an extra 5 mailboxes (5GB). They also have a migration service to move all your old emails to their mailboxes.
  9. Virgin are the best choice in most cases in my opinion. I've worked for virgin and plusnet. And although it's all on case by case, generally virgin are more reliable. That's just from my perspective. Hope it works out better that your last connection
  10. Click the link above. Do you click one of these icons before you get to yahoo? If yes which one. Because it might be worth trying another one, by installing it. I'm going to take a guess, you click the blue "e" to get to yahoo?
  11. So... is that 1 banana for each 1000 people?
  12. Pinders might be able to help. Alternatively instant print are online only printers based in Rotherham, they do 60 x 40 on PVC for £22. They will also proof the photo first and tell you if the output will be of sufficient quality. + 24/48 hour turn over from order to delivery. https://www.instantprint.co.uk/posters/60x40 We use them for all our flyers and business cards. They are pretty good quality and great prices.
  13. Not as of March this year. East Mids trains have a railink mini bus from EMP to EMA. That runs at the same time to coincide with train arrivals and departures. You can also get a taxi, which would be cheaper for more than 1 traveller, but you should book a taxi to be sure.
  14. Thanks again, seems like a mine field... So in your opinion guess the only way for the OP to be 100% confident is to replace like for like. The exact brand and rating. bookmarked... thanks
  15. It could be worse, we could have Russian orthodox monks...
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