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  1. This tram train has been nothing but an absolute shambles from the very beginning.
  2. https://maps.app.goo.gl/F5kTH Was that the building on the right? Behind the old coroner's court? I live on the Wicker and these stories are fascinating to me
  3. I live on Wicker and wondering if anyone knows what it used to be used as? It's a pretty unique looking building and I assume it wasn't built for it's current purpose. https://maps.app.goo.gl/J1aXw Actually if you have any info about previous uses of buildings currently on Stanley Street I'd be happy to hear it.
  4. It's not Wicker or Tesco I just went by it but the smell is strong and smoke is billowing from somewhere around there
  5. Thanks just bought the full documentary from Amazon, looks like we might have a bit of a Flood tonight if the rain keeps up.
  6. Tonight is the anniversary of The Great Sheffield Flood between the 11/03/1864 and 12/03/1864 in which at least 240 Sheffielders died. I was walking along the river Don across from Nursery Street and noticed a bunch of flowers next to the stone memorial. I just want to thank whoever left that beautiful bunch of flowers, because it encouraged me read the memorial and spend some time by the river reflecting on the events of the awful night. So thanks to whoever did that.
  7. If you can't be bothered to take a bag shopping they charge you to buy one. You don't have to buy one.
  8. Genuine question. By black barbers I mean the kind of barbers like on the Wicker where all the pictures in the window are of black guys, the barber is a black guy, the customers are black...can they cut white guy hair? Is black/white hair different to cut? It's inevitable that somebody will be offended by this question but I'd like to know because these barbers open late and that would be convenient for me
  9. I usually just bung them in dryer on hot but my main issue is with the shirts that I don't want to tumble dry because they're already quite tight and dryer just makes them smaller
  10. I only really wear cotton, wash at 30° but all my shirts and T-shirts tend to come out super creased. Does anyone have any tips, I've seen some online, "don't put in big loads" which I don't - just a few shirts, somebody says vinegar but I don't like the sound of that. I don't currently use fabric softener, would that make a difference?
  11. Why do people send Christmas cards around work, does anybody actually appreciate them? People at my old job didn't like the fact that I never sent out Christmas cards. People who I didn't even talk to would hand me a card (they went straight in the bin), but I think I was one of the only ones who asked about people's plans, what they were doing for Christmas, showed a genuine interest etc. Surely that is more important than writing a cookie cutter phrase on a piece of card. So this is a Christmas appeal, please don't burden the colleagues you don't really care about with unwanted Christmas cards
  12. Shouldn't agree to a journey without the meter going on, that's why they're called taxis cause the fares are calculated with a taximeter
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