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  1. who cares about the industrial noise from Forgemasters steel plant, its good it is still in business and still has orders. It is the east end part of industrial sheffield, it is great that steel manufacturing is still being ordered in sheffield and the 23plus steel plants. It was bad enough people moaning about about the noise of the tinsley/rotherham cooling towers being blown up in August 2008. If you lived in parts of rural rotherham, rural sheffield and rural derbyshire you would miss some noise atleast I would and Im a towny in cosmopolitan throbbin' rotherham.
  2. I think Radio Sheffield ifantastic and always up to date. Yes Toby Foster gets on my nerves sometimes and Steve White, but where is Phil Butler. Paulette is natural and so funny and down to earth, Rony Robinson is topical, open and interesting. If Tony Capstick was still alive I would still listen to him as he was funny.
  3. Does Marti Caine have a memorial stone in front of the town hall, like Joe Scarborough etc. I have not heard anything that she has been nominated for the sheffield-born comediene and charity fundraiser. having met Marti several times either in Scarborough in summer season, in Sheffield out shopping or at a book launch. I went to her funeral at the Cathedral and to the unveiling of the commeration to her and her work. After all we have the Derek Dooley Way (road) in Sheffield, Marti needs to be remembered by Sheffield by naming a building, re-naming a road or a tram. What do you think??????????????
  4. that young woman Amy has been operating for months outside sheffield midland station and no one in authority seems to be doing anything about this, same with regular youths that hang outside sheffield hallam university city campus nightly selling 'smokes' - cannabis. Just where is the Police and the City Ambassadors who dont appear to do much in some areas only talk to each other, but I agree they are important to the everyday citizen in Sheffield City Centre.
  5. Having lived in rotherham (Town) since birth, but lived in other places i.e. Bognor Regis and Manchester. I can say that Manchester is rough in most places, yobbish and the rougher end have attitudes. I lived in Clayton, East Manchester 5 and half years and was a Community Development Worker in this time. Yes I was non-judgemental but at times founds challenging views as a yorkshire man in mancunian-land. Moss Side like Clayton has media raised stories including gun and drug crime, however Clayton was quieter. Sheffield I have known all my life and like Barnsley has social problems, I found that if people had insentives to find employment and be able to claim full housing benefit they would have more aspirations to get out there. Sheffield does have problems and cities, agencies and organisations are ascerting problems. So what do you think..........
  6. I am a regular rail user travelling weekly to work or leisure trips through Meadowhall to Barnsley or to Sheffield. Now Meadowhall Travel Complex is brilliant either Buss, Train or Tram, but why must they pend wasted time and energy looking for people smoking and sit gossiing in the Security office. They should be protecting the public and also assist at platforms when buses are either late or more often dont turn up. Meadowhall Interchange as a whole is spotless and clean, but staff are never that visable and are disaorganised i.e. no real presence or smoking in the car parks especially the female blond women often seen smoking somewhere. Rotherham interchange is well run, and as for Barnsley great staff who are friendly and know the services. As for Sheffield Pond Street interchange, well why do they keep changing it and just what is the point of regular face lifts. As for ticket barriers at railways stations, the people they employ are rude, ill-mannered, sweary and gobby. keep the stations open for access without prejudice of being a service user.
  7. apparently its today the 9th july when it opens. Maybe wrong though but dont think so.
  8. Sorry cant spell it. Holland and Barrats and other health/herbalstores stock it but as a cordial, its about two pound a bottle and tastes ok but not like the bottled pop i had as a kid in the seventies. Ben Shaws use to make it, but i dont see their products these days, its all coke and pepsie now.
  9. Dont blame men for not carrying carrier bags, atleast we just get carrier bags from any old shop and not just choose the shop just to obtain a named and posh labelled bag. I see many women with named and labelled bags and i would not lower myself to go in those sort of cheap shops, atleast i shop at descent shops but not for the carrier bag obviously. It is not a sexist issue, not a class or a gender issue, it is a WAG thing, get a life...........
  10. I was saying that even after a year, people are still having problems i.e. they cannot lve in their housese as they are still damp and in poor condition, the floods caused businesses to have dramatic downturns in trade due to their individual strifes including forgemasters, the wicker, sheffield and rotherham centres etc. The real local media coverage was Look North, Calendar and Radio Sheffield programmes and sheffield forum and lets face it the newspapers spoke more of the southern parts of britian than us. I could say a lot, but the forum and its membership will hopefully say more in the coming weeks.
  11. Well I remember the coverage on BBC Radio Sheffield from the night it started happening through to the helicoper rescues at Royal Mail on Brightside Lane through to the week before at Darfield in Barnsley when a typical terraced street was ngulfed in water. As a resident on a hillside where we would not have flooding, my heart went out to those who had been flooded in someway. I do have that Sheffield Forum will feature people's thoughts and opinions of the floods that gripped the national, this maybe sheffield forum but i do hope that other people in other regions of south yorkshire will text their own views of the floods, they should not be forgotten. What do you think???????????
  12. I just been on Adrian Sudbury's website, he says he is so poorly now. I would like to say what a nice and brilliant guy, ill with two types of cancer and still keeping strong willed. Adrians blog is brilliant topical and personally written by an active guy who is terminally ill and has been in the news recently meeting the Prime Minister,appeared on Radio Sheffield, Look North and Calendar talking of his illness and the future. Can I asked of your views of this young man who is staring in the face of adversity..........
  13. Apparently UFO's have been seen over Wentworth village near Rotherham, I think there is another life form but not from outer space. I believe in life after death in some way but if you come back in a UFO well thats brilliant all the way from Heaven. I just just there is a Meadowhall in Heaven because I need to shop and wo knows I maybe be able to buy a UFO to visit Sheffield............
  14. judging by the stink in the past five weeks, i thought blackburn sewerge works had been blown up. I saw the cooling towers today and thought i know they are declining rapidly and really it would be stupid to put funding into keeping them, but i really do hope they pay a tribute to those cooling towers and their prominence in our yorkshire communities and landscape. Meadowhall has never liked the area and its steel city (albeit declined) landscape, the fact that these towers towers are imposing but look at the landscape without them.............
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