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  1. It's been a tough year,so we've done extraordinarily well to finish where we have,but we have given as much as we have got against some massive teams on our first season back,all the players and staff can take a huge pat on the back for the way that they have handled themselves over the season,and long may we continue to progress.
  2. https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/general/news/2017/04/26/431299/100-ways-100-days-trump-hurt-americans/
  3. No,the Prince has instigated it,and at the wrong time,and he's not even explained his plans for the club to fans except for getting to the PL,no plans for how he's going to do it except for 'needing to buy foreign players'.........another wrong step because if he's aiming to bring in players from the EU,they are going to need a work permit once the UK has left,they are not certain to get one,unless they are of a certain standard that will cost a lot of money,plus all the uncertainty of finding targets,lining them up and then having to wait until we see if they get a permit or not...........everything the Prince says or does has been wrong,and being that he hardly says anything,that is some feat.
  4. The Prince has instigated the takeover,nothing to do with McCabe,this is what Wilder is unsettled about.
  5. Was just going to point that out,hardly anybody in the division did noteable business,but the one who looks like they spent the most went nowhere,Leeds. Most of the business was loans,because clubs do not want to let players go in January,and the clubs wanting to buy pay over the odds to get what they want because sellers know they can up the price. Plenty thought we had done well in January,me included,but it didn't work out. SHEFFIELD UNITED‘WILDER DESERVES HUGE CREDIT’ – HAVE SHEFFIELD UNITED DONE THE BEST BUSINESS OF CHAMPIONSHIP CLUBS IN THE WINDOW SO FAR?
  6. Unfortunately,We got Wilson,McBurnie would have been nice,Wilders choice though.
  7. From what I read,they are reacting to what he's doing,his actual policies and actions,and his personality............in a word,everything. And there's more: https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/general/news/2017/04/26/431299/100-ways-100-days-trump-hurt-americans/
  8. Well,they are the people speaking,so you are getting it straight from the horses mouth,if that isn't enough for you,I can't help you more.
  9. The squad is getting older and players will need replacing next season,we will most certainly not get a flying start like last season,the league will be stronger.The old adage of 'if you are standing still,you are going backwards' applies,that means that investment needs to be at least maintained,or improved,season on season.I don't think it unreasonable for the board to up the 2MIL plus that Wilder had in January,to 5MIL plus in the next summer window,neither are big amounts in this division,but I think Wilder would go for it as being a sign that things were moving in the direction he wants,then it would be up to him to do the business which he couldn't do in January.
  10. I hope McCabe asks him why he did what he did with the money and why he brought in players who he rarely played,and also what about the good business other clubs did with similar or worse budgets. Now for next season,I don't know what other Blades think,but I would like the Board to make around 5 MIL available and raise the wage structure,and hope Wilder can come up with the goods.He has to be trusted to spend bigger,we need it to progress next season and give us the chance of another go at the play offs,if Wilder doesn't get something like that assurance,I would back him to walk.
  11. With the wrong managers,Wilder got it right,same players,got rid of some,brought some in for peanuts,wins division by a mile.
  12. We didn't need to spend big money to get out of the pub league,Wilder already proved that.
  13. Wilder is possibly looking for a way out because of boardroom uncertainty and the possibility of boardroom meddling in future,not because of what happened in January,Wilder made the mistakes in January,not the board.
  14. My point is that there is business to be done without spending millions,good business that gets results.Our rivals are getting ahead of us on and off the pitch if we are not getting value for money in our recruitment and they are,which happened in the JTW. While Wilder has worked wonders with these players,McCabe can point to the JTW and ask what happened to the money,and the players brought in,when players like McBurnie and Tomlin were available if we were more savvy in our dealings and got on the track of these players and others like them. Whether Wilder stays or goes,this has to be looked at in the next window and beyond,we need to sharpen up there.
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