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  1. Hi. I would consider taking a few refresher lessons, 10 years is a long time to not be driving. I guess if you know where your going, then it’s not so bad, but let’s say your trying to find a certain road in the city centre, can be a bit confusing if your a bit rusty. Anyway, take care and safe journeys.
  2. Can’t beleave, you lot all fell for it!!!.... it’s April Fools, it’s just a wind up!!!... 😂... oh... wait.... seriously??? They could not agree on anything again????
  3. Banking and financial do make a massive part of our economy, but is it not something we already do very successfully on a global level? And continuing to do it, but with more limitations cannot be appealing. At one time, we had 6 banks/building societies within walking distance, I guess they gave real people, real jobs... now I have to internet my bank or speak to them on the phone, and they pretend to be UK based, but there clearly not. We lead the world in high precision engineering, high value, bespoke products, but again, many of these use equally high precision machines, and are not labour intensive products. We sold out our manufacturing base, we have limited natural resources, we have closed the mines, our infrastructure is not great (what happenslend to HS2??) and by crastrating our financial sector, I am scratching my head as to what we are going to be trading? i know we have a booming tourism sector, but can’t really point my finger at anything else, that can’t be (like in the case of Honda) be replicated elsewhere with apparent relative ease.
  4. I was just wondering, considering what companies like Honda can do at the stroke of a pen, if we did leave Europe anytime soon, as a country, what are we going do interms of securing these new trade agreements. I am not sure what it is we are going to be offering to trade? According to the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS), the services sector is the largest sector in the U.K., accounting for more than three-quarters of the GDP. The service industry in the U.K. comprises many industries, including finance and business services, consumer-focused industries, such as retail, food and beverage, and entertainment. Manufacturing and production contribute less than 21% of the GDP, and agriculture contributes less than 0.60%. In the past, Britain was the rightly considered the engine of the world, but now, are we not more the like the user manual in the glovebox?
  5. If an MP is affiliated with a party, and felt they had the conviction to leave the party, as they no longer beleaved in the position of the party Interms of Brexit.... would it not be equally right to apply those same convictions to the public who voted for them to peruse a Brexit in their name, if they no longer where in the opinion that Brexit was in the best interest of the country.... then they should resign from there position as an MP... and let the public vote on possibly electing an MP whom is able to deliver on there wishes.
  6. I just can’t see them making a success out of leaving, they are constantly back biting, back stabbing each other!!!
  7. Leave or Remain...... just think for one minute, if we did actually, somehow manage to leave, can you seriously imagine the MPs we have at the moment actually running the country??? I dont think they could agree agree on a single thing!!! The way they have handled Brexit, each with there own agenda, it would be an absolute disaster!!! They cannot seem to agree on anything!!!
  8. My deepest sympathies to all those innocent people effected. I read in the news it was an “accident”. I don’t beleave it should be seen as a road “accident” the people who where running away from the police knew forwel they where putting lives of others at risk. I beleave it should be treated as murder. If somebody goes charging round with a knife, and bumps into somebody, it would be seen as murder. If somebody charges round in a car and hits somebody, it’s reckless driving?. If you kill somebody as a result of of a deliberate action that knowing puts other people at risk, then you should be equally ore paired to face the consequences of your actions. An eye for an eye. I have always been against capital punishment, but the older I get, the crueler the world seems to be getting. I beleave there should be equal and measurable justice for the victims and there families.
  9. This reminds me of a story in news a few years back. There was a car crash, the car went into a ditch, and it was a busy road. Everybody assumed the police where aware, and I guess the police assumed somebody was dealing with the recovery. Anyway a few days passed, and nobody bothered checking inside, to find the driver was still inside and badly injured, and she later died. If there’s a crashed car that looks like it’s been left, the police usually put a sign on it, confirming they are aware. If there’s no sign, I would guess they are not aware.
  10. Hi, just reading some of the posts. Pye Bank School has reopened as Astrea Acadamy. My young one has just started there, the very first class. Much of the old school has been renovated, and looking at the stonework, it really leaves you in awe at the craft work, to say “they don’t build them like that anymore” is an understatement. It would have been criminal if they had knocked it down, but a guess there has been so many equally beautiful buildings knocked down in Sheffield. Anyway, the old school is alive and kicking!!! And often wonder, if walls could talk, them walls could certainly tell a tail.
  11. Heard on the news that there was a lot of trouble at Fir Vale School, and it had to close early. Things must be really bad, and considering most schools have only been back a few weeks since the summer holidays, it’s a poor sign for the future.
  12. I thought it cost around £5000 every time the helicopter gets dispatched. If the figure is roughly correct, that’s nearly five people’s council tax for a whole year!!!... such a waste of money that’s so hard to earn.
  13. Hi. From the accounts I have heard, they do take a very hard line on anybody working for another firm. I think it all came to ahead when UBER launched. If you do want to work for another company, you could go truley self employed and get a hackney, that way you could work for City and do a bit on your own.
  14. Several shots where fired and victim has a leg injury... if it was targeted, I think they should have gone to specsavers!!
  15. Calling people mugs is a bit harsh? There only paying for parking.
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