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  1. On my only trip out last week I noticed that most of the shops on Kilner way had a window smashed. Probably opportunist criminals.
  2. I actually have an agreement with the site management that I can access the recycling centre once a week because its medical waste that I get rid of. The council have said I could have a weekly collection but to save them money I told them that I’d get rid of it myself. So hence the agreement with the management. Still even though I have said agreement I was still not allowed on the site because of the new ruling.
  3. Yes Im fully aware of this but I visit weekly and I’ve never had an issue but today the rules have changed because of the virus.. Apparently now added to that rule,NO PEOPLE CARRIERS allowed on site until further notice.
  4. Any people carrier no matter if it can fit under the barrier have been stopped from entering the site. No reason given what so ever so I’ve emailed a complaint. The lady on the phone just kept repeating no people carriers allowed on site, so I’m guessing she’s not been told the reason’s why.
  5. I phoned them earlier and they said yes it’s a new ruling until further notice
  6. I often have to go to the tip to dispose of my medical waste and always have to pip my horn because it’s too big to go under the barrier. Yes the transporter is/was a minibus but now It’s modified with a winch and a ramp, so the back row of seats have been removed. As soon as I pulled up to the gates two men (recycling centre workers) approached and one of them told me about the new ruling. I did notice on longly Avenue west just up the road from the tip several piles of rubbish probably dumped by people driving people carriers.
  7. It’s a new rule because of the covid epidemic. I drive a vw transporter. The thing that got me the car behind was a taxi (Hackney cab) packed full and he was allowed through. I only had 4 bin bags !!
  8. Just to let you all know that people carriers are not allowed on site. On my only trip out for the week I decided to take 4 bin bags to the tip as I was passing, but because I drive a bigger car ( I have to so that I can get my wheelchair in ) I was turned away. Before I went out this morning I made sure to look at the website to make sure it was open and noticed nothing at all regarding these rule changes. I wasn't on my own I also had my Carer with me. I feel I’ve been discriminated against because I’m disabled and have to drive a bigger car.
  9. It’s just been announced that the NHS are looking for volunteers. I want to volunteer so how would I apply?
  10. Shhhh stop telling people. This is/was a hidden gem.. 🙄
  11. Obviously it’s only accessible on a dryish day 😜
  12. It’s great weather for fencing companies. I for one will be calling for some new fence panels tomorrow
  13. That was the original plan. So they’re going ahead with it. I noticed someone turned the parson cross hotel into a shop last year,it lasted all of two weeks.
  14. Just being nosy but does anyone know what it’s being changed into. Noticed driving past this morning lots of work being carried out on it at the moment and I was just curious (nosey) .
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