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  1. My daughter who is 10 nearly 11 (year 6) goes to after school club which is held at school in a class room. It started at £5 from 3:30 to 5 (I pick up at 4:30.) This then changed to £6 then £6.50 and now £7 flat rate. In the last couple of years. For an hour and 10 minutes that she is there she just sits in the library playing on the computers. There are toys out for the kids to play with but she’s to old to be playing dressing up and it’s usually manic with the younger ones running round. I think the £7 is a bit on the expensive side for what she gets and wondered what others pay for a service like this.? Or what going rates are for childminders?
  2. There are proposals to move the bus stop currently located outside Asda at Handsworth on the council web site, The congestion that this causes in a morning is horrible and has been for a number of years. There is an email address to tell them what you think and it does say you will be kept informed of progress. I have emailed and also asked for the yellow box to be extended to cover the bottom of Richmond park road while they are at it as im fed up up people blocking the inside lane pulling out onto an already blocked outside lane. Also the people who think its ok to beep at me for not moving from the lights on Handsworth Road inside lane when the buses and cars are already stopped forcing me to park on the yellow box , you seriously need to read the highway code. There are proposals to also build a costa coffee and a KFC just behind this bus stop with the entry and exit road being just across from Aldi on Richmond Park Road that will also create more traffic/rubbish 16/03764/FUL | Erection of a two-storey building including 3 No. units at ground floor level including café, restaurant and hot food takeaway, (one with drive-through facility), an assembly and leisure unit at 1st floor level also car parking and landscaping | Land At Junction With Handsworth Road And Richmond Park Road Sheffield S13 8HL https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/sheffield/home/roads-pavements/bus-route-improvement-schemes.html roll on more rubbish!
  3. I have the same problem with people lane drifting on the park square roundabout. Going from the parkway towards the train station. It's not like there isn't enough room. At least once a week. It's pure bad driving! I also hate the morning rush on the park way. Why do people feel the need to drive to the very very end of the slip road from the mosborough bypass and push in. Driving past many ample gaps to join the parkway. I never ever let anyone in and have many hand gestures. It's just rude!
  4. I really hope the council do listen. There are plenty of people shouting about it. I bought a carpet from the carpet shop this year before it became wilsons carpets and I was moaning to him that I struggled to park to go to his shop. He said he rented the car part to the car sales for £5k a year and that the owner of the land was in talks to put a KFC and costa coffee there and the car cleaning place. That should make the traffic better!! (Not) Iv not seen any planning applications yet.
  5. I too have complained to the concil through the web site on Monday and heard nothing. What an absolute joke. They should be towed away! Keep complaining and so will I and they will have to do something eventually. ---------- Post added 19-11-2015 at 23:48 ---------- Does anyone know if they have a number you can call to complain too at the council? I could only find an email which is clearly useless!
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone could explain the new school grading. My son attends handsworth grange and has just done a test in maths. He got a new grading score of 6. He is 13 and i can't find any info as to where this new grade sits with the old grading system of 6a,b,c 7 a,b,c etc. I do check his progress when his reports come in to see how he is doing but iv no idea now it's changed. Is a 6 good? Age related? Doing poor? His past reports were good. Help!!
  7. I used to live on Lord row. My mum used to work at the dog track that the block over looked. I remember waving to her from the bedroom window when she used to appear from the ground floor. That was around 1980.
  8. It's what ever you want it to be!. If you don't want to read it or comment move on....,Personally I'm not bothered the more the merrier. As for the traffic. During rush hour its quite busy there so good luck getting in and out of that car park.!.
  9. its the old hazelwoods place where the metal fence has been put up for the last year. ---------- Post added 23-09-2014 at 18:26 ---------- saw this one too for the old toilets further up the road 14/02645/FUL | Alterations to former public convenience for use as a hairdressing salon | Public Convenience Handsworth Road Sheffield S13 9BG
  10. 14/02460/FUL | Erection of retail unit (Use Class A1) with associated car parking accommodation and landscaping works | Former Hazelwood Foods Site 159 Retford Road Sheffield S13 9LD ---------- Post added 23-09-2014 at 18:12 ---------- sorry. :-O convenience store.
  11. So now morrisons have put planning permission in for a convenience store on handsworth main road. so that will be 3 supermarkets on a mile stretch of road. Gonna be busy with traffic. According the the plans submitted to the council. If approved it will be open 7am to 11pm and has lots of backing from the industrial estate behind it. No wonder the bungalow next to it is up for sale!!!
  12. Phones 4 u has gone into forced administration. As reported in the last hour. 6k job losses.
  13. Someone tried to snap the lock on a friends back door on Bramley last night too. While he and his wife and kid was in bed!!. Between 1am and 6 am!. It was anti snap but it didn't stop them trying.. Be careful folks!!
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