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  1. I joined that group about 3 weeks ago but it's not be approved so I can't get in!
  2. We tried Handsworth fish bar, it was nice but the fish was bit of a funny texture!
  3. Hello Just moved to Handsworth and for my job I need daily papers delivering. Does anyone know a newsagents which does this? Also, a good chippy, chinese and where are there baby swings? Thank you!
  4. Well aren't you a treat! Merry Christmas to you too- hope you have a really good one!
  5. I doubt it, I know there are some cameras on that road but not sure where. I'm glad the biker got through ok too, he was angry!
  6. Hello Was wondering if anyone was on Penistone Road at around 4.20 this afternoon. Had an awful experience earlier. Went to get my tyre done at the Hyundi garage, as I was coming out I was waiting at the lights to cross penistone road, just by the Fiat garage. There were two lanes, and I was in the wrong one. I was about to swap, but a bike was in that lane so I didn't. Anyway light went green, me and this bike went and a massive Lorry (the ones which carry 2 layers of cars) came storming through the red light - if I'd have been in that other lane my baby would be dead now - the Lorry would've been straight in the passenger door side and I would be seriously injured, if not dead too. I obviously looked but it came out of nowhere! The bike was a lot faster than me and the Lorry just missed him. It was horrible. Is there anything I can do?
  7. I use this - tastes nice and no need for water - http://www.betteryou.com/vitamin-d/dlux3000
  8. Contact the Sheffield cat Shelter and they'll pop something on their facebook page
  9. Morning Thanks for all the replies. Not sure of the exact date - waiting for my landlady to confirm, but she's waiting on the builders. A few weeks ago she said it would be around 6 weeks, so probably towards the end of the month. In regards to cats, we have a cat who beats her up on a regular basis, but she tends to chase other cats so might not be ideal, unless the cat shows her who's boss straight away!
  10. Didn't know there was a pet section! Please could a mod redirect??
  11. Hi all We are having a new roof in a few weeks and we don't want our lovely little King Charles Cavalier to be in the house during this time because it will be loud with lots of banging. This being the case we need someone to look after her on weekdays. We would drop her off at 8.30am and pick her up at between 5-6. Walking is not essential. She's a lovely little dog and would be no trouble. Please let me know and rates. It would need to be in S6.
  12. There's a couple on Walkley Bank Road, we can hear them really bad when we're in our garden, but luckily we sleep at the front. It's so selfish!
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